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  1. Selling quickly as I'm purchasing a larger parcel soon .  Ideal for those on 1024sqm tier ($7) with your free 1024 and 10% group bonus on top. This 2128sqm parcel will bring you in just under that 2253sqm maximum with 730 prims to play with!

    Situated next to protected roadside on Route 8 in - Sutekh http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sutekh/239/231/42

    I might well negotiate reasonably for a SUPER QUICK SALE, but you'll have to be quick and reasonable ?


  2. 8 minutes ago, Chic Aeon said:

    But you don't NEED to bring them in separately.  That was my point. You can bring them in all at once LINKED and they can EACH have up to 8 materials. If you can do that in Blender, you can certainly do that in Maya (one would think :D )  I suspect that you didn't get to the end of the video and that's OK> 

    But we each do things our own way. I hope yours works out for you. And hopefully this will help other folks that find the thread. 



    I do "NEED" to bring them in separately.  It's a large build and the difference already between uploading a linkedset and uploading each object individually is @40 LI and that will only rise as I add more on.  I'm well aware of material limits to each object, but that has nothing to do with this situation, which was about aligning individual objects inworld IF I have to bring them in separately.

  3. 28 minutes ago, OptimoMaximo said:

    I made myself a python routine in Maya to extrapolate LSL script compatible data, write it down into a script to import and that does the job for me (and the counterpart LSL scripts to make this possible in SL). Demonstration video using quickly made objects. It's tuned to reassemble builds sim-wide, so you can rebuild single buildings, then make a whole sim scene with those buildings within Maya and reconstruct the whole sim from the previously rebuilt single buildings too, with absolute precision in location and rotation.

    If you're doing it in Blender, you may want to try and make your own version of it. What you need is to extrapolate quaternions (rotation) for objects, and their absolute location in the scene, assuming that 0,0,0 is the box you rez things from AND that every object has its origin point set to geometry center.

    That looks to be exactly what I need, now and in the future!  Can you clarify something.  In Maya (I'm using 2018 btw) I can select all the objects of a house say and run the script and can I then upload each of those objects separately into SL and drop them in box and get the same result or do I have to upload the object as a linkset?  It appears that I could upload separately (with no model changes obviously) and it would still reassemble them and what if I were to run the script without some of the original objects included for changes on the fly inworld?

    Genius little script Optimo you've definitely got my interest and nearly my L$ ?

  4. The alignment cube is nothing to do with textures or materials.  It's about accurately aligning your objects inworld e.g. making sure the walls of one room align exactly with the walls of another room if you're not going to import a whole house as one linkset but bring in each object separately.

  5. 40 minutes ago, arton Rotaru said:

    When importing linksets, it's essential that you have a separate physics object for each mesh object in the dae file. And those physics objects have to be named properly in your modeling software, to get them assigned to the correct mesh counterpart by the importer.


    Damn do I feel stupid.  Went back and looked and saw that the physics model for the alignment cube wasn't named properly and that on some exports the cube's physics model wasn't even attached/linked to an object's physics model in some cases.

    Thank you Arton for solving my brain fart.  Lesson learned, don't work late into the night and if you do then lay off the gin and tonics!  ?

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  6. 21 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    One important tip there: round off the sizes and locations for all elements at least to the nearest 2 mm, preferably to the nearest cm. If you don't, they will never line up properly in SL. If you do, aligning the elements should only be a question of typing the right numbers into the position fields. I prefer to do the math for this but you can also nudge the parts mm by mm - or possibly use Firestorm's elignment tool.

    Also, keep in mind that Blender from significant vertice drift. So the last thing you do before exporting, is check that all vertices along the joint lines and the vertices defining the total size are all in exactly the right position.

    Thanks for quick reply ChinRey.  I do build to scale and to a grid and everything is rounded to whole integers, I use Maya by the way.  I'd imagine that FS's alignment tool would be useless as it can only align to the extremities of X,Y,Z and therefore can't help if you want to align to something within those extremities.  You're correct that "doing the math" is an answer even if a long and tedious answer to the problem. 

    However, my question was about this cube alignment process, which is at the most 3 copy and pastes per object for a perfect alignment except for the fact that it's breaking the physics models and whether it is a viable process and if so what I'm doing wrong with it.  If it isn't viable then I have the workaround I mentioned previously to fall back on or as you suggest, do the math ?

  7. I'm building a very large and complex shaped house, which at the moment is made up of 7 separate objects and will likely increase further and it has many curved surfaces that have to be accurately aligned together when assembled inworld.

    So far on the beta grid I've just been eyeballing the alignment to check build quality and physics models etc, but as I progress further away from what I'll call my anchor object (first object imported) that I started aligning subsequent objects to any discrepancy in the initial alignments is telescoping out to larger misalignments further down the assembly process.  This hadn't bothered me so far as I had read in the past of something called cube/box alignment where each mesh object is imported as a linkset with a common single cube that you then make the root prim and set to say X:10 Y:10 Z:10 and as you import each object you set that root prim to the same coordinates then delete it and everything should align perfectly, which it does.

    However the problem that I've run into is that it is breaking all my physics models.  First of all for ease I used just one common cube for all the mesh objects set to 0,0,0, , but inworld as I imported pieces that were further away from that location the cube was outside of the bounding box or rather the bounding box that was dictated in the original object and it broke its physics model.  I slapped myself for not realising that would happen beforehand and then gave each object its own cube but nestled within each object's bounding box and each cube was a set distance from the previous one so that I could easily replicate the offset inworld.  Once again though, for whatever reason the physics models were broken and I ended up with convex hulls even though the prim option was there and enabled.

    My only workaround at the moment is to use the method above to get everything inworld and correctly aligned and then import the objects again without a cube and copy paste them to already aligned objects' coordinates, which I guess will work, but is tedious and obviously more expensive once I import to the main grid.

    So my questions are, does the cube alignment system really work, if so what am I doing wrong and is there an easier or better way?  I did search the forum(s), but I couldn't find a similar topic or the original thread/post I recalled about this process so thanks in advance for anybody who links/points me to some.

  8. Second Life and even Sansar are still way behind the curve on gaming graphics.  Substance Painter is indeed a fantastic application, but using it for SL is pointless as 95%+ of what it can do cannot be used in SL and that is,in the end, all the good/nice stuff. There is though nothing in Substance Painter you can do, in relation to SL, that you can't do in Maya/Blender/3DS/PS/GIMP.  As long as SL/Sansar only support diffuse, normal and spec maps then Substance Painter (for SL use) is a Ferrari propped up on bricks.

    I use Maya myself and the only advantage that I've found by using Substance Painter is that it can do an AO map a bit quicker and easier than using Maya's own AO bake and I guess you have the utility for making all your maps in one place; bar baking your AO onto a diffuse in PS/GIMP later.  As someone said earlier you have to make a choice of who gets the dirty end of the stick and baking in spec highlights should be history and superfluous by now and is catering for an ever dwindling base and makes your textures look funky and off in a lot of Windlights and to a lot of users.  If you still want to do it though there's a dirty work around using Substance painter's baked light filter.  A You Tube search on "substance painter baked light filter" should find it for you though I'm led to believe that the "dirty" end of it is that you have to screenshot resulting maps and align and blend them in PS/GIMP.

  9. Lori Paramour wrote:

    Provided that the hundreds of thousands of "Syrian" refugees don;t turn out to be more than 10-15% ISIS and start a major civil war withing the US and Uncle Barry doesn't declare Marshal Law ans suspend the elections:

    The -3%er no chance

    Fiorina will go

    Bush will go

    Trump will go and 85% of his supporters will go to Cruz

    Carson will go and 60-70% of his supporters will go to Cruz

    Cruz and Rubio head to head in debates, Rubio loses.

    Cruz grudgingly gets nomination.


    Hillary get's indicted but fix in in and DOJ won;t take it to trail.  Career FBI investigators get pissed and leak all the evidence.  DNC forced to turn to Biden.  Biden and Sanders a toss up for the whackadoodle primary voters.  

    Sanders squeaks by and the DNC are left with no choice

    Head to head debate between Sanders and Cruz. Cruz kills him and Sanders sounds just like what he is, a far left crack pot that should be in a loony bin on thorazine.

    Sanders scares the hell out of the Republican and independent voters and they turn out en-masse.

    Cruz is next president


    I am a PhD Candidate in Political Science and an Associate Professor of Political Science at an Eastern US College. Which has a very well known political think tank for which I work as an analyist. Both of which shall remain un-named.

    Be happy to provide further updates as the situation warrants it



    You were wise to keep both your identity and that of your think tank unnamed because that was a terrible advert for the political analyses of you both.


    P.S. Don't you have to already have gained a doctorate to be an associate professor or professor in an academic field?  It seems somewhat odd to be studying for a doctorate in a field where you have already been given the grade of associate professor.  

  10. I agree with Aethelwine, DMCA has been used more as weapon than as a shield.  I've had to fight two DMCA complaints on You Tube over Fair Use, which took the complainer 5 minutes to write and in one case 0.01 secs to write and forget about with no loss to themselves and took me 3 months to rectify.  In the first case although I had no financial gain I was accused of stealing revenue from them.  What transpired was that a bot used by the complainer actually searched for their material [made by owner of said bot] on You Tube and when finding similar material reported it to You Tube as IP theft.  It literally cost them nothing to send out this trawl bot and DMCA thousands of people, not just me.  My crime?  I cited a lyric from a record in reference to a scene in a game clip I recorded in the video description.  Their music wasn't in the clip or referenced any further, but the bot generated a report to You Tube and they took  my video down within 2 hrs and then all the onus was on me to prove I was innocent.  

    Within 3 days I gave YT all the proof  they required and they put my video back up only for it then to be reported again by the same bot and taken down again by You Tube and I was given a second strike warning by You Tube.  Those in the know will know that a 3rd strike means that your whole channel will be taken down and killed.   So trying to avoid this I wanted to make actual voice and written contact with You Tube so that if I counter claimed again and the video went up again the bot wouldn't kill my account.  After 3 months I got a written assurance that if my video went up again then reports from that bot or that user reporting against me wouldn't kill my account.  To this day, even with that reassurance from You Tube, I haven't put that video up again in its original format or accompanying text for fear that the bot has tagged it in some other way.  DMCA is not working as intended!

  11. Well I'm guessing I'm throwing this question out because if I finish with "discuss", as I have in the past, some people get their panties in a twist.  However, I'm pretty sure that a lot of us back in the day who campaigned to have this slot as a "General Discussion" slot so that people would have an area to espouse their views about anything that was either current or upon their mind,might have an area to do so, might now be sorely disappointed at where our efforts ended.  This was supposed to be a place where free minds could argue, debate and heaven forfend disagree with each other.  A place of comedic interaction, if necessary and a place of condemnation, if required.

    I used to enjoy this area as a place where a friction of ideas might happen, where I was exposed to differing and well argued opinions, from all ends of the spectrum and upon many subjects; Pep & Scylla? What ensued was on occasions fractious, hurtful, funny and enlightening, but all of this spectrum was, to an enquiring mind, rewarding and fruitful.

    Now though I see that this forum page, which we battled for even to exist, has now turned into a proxy Q&A where LL can dump their responsibilities upon the generally good willing and socially avaricious.

    Therefore, is it not time for a change and for the present occupants to discard what they were given and formally ask LL that this forum of open speech and ideas be officially termed "The Q&A Forum" so that noobs can see a place to go to and seek out people who would rather do that than anything that might upset them?  Because, I think that all of us can agree by perusing these forum threads that this is no longer a general discussion forum and therefore it should be renamed to what it portrays, a Q&A that generates hyperlinks to other forums or articles.  At the very least it should be renamed to  "s h i t  that bugs me in SL!"


  12. Innula Zenovka wrote:


    What you're asking is to be shown how to use a method I'd use only if there's really no alternative, because it's complex and the end results don't usually justify the extra effort.  


    I totally agree and as I just said to Maddy I fell down a rabbit hole instead of just doing the correct thing and going back to the model, which I shall do this evening.

    It was interesting though ploughing through all of yours, Rolig's and Void's posts over the years concerning this subject and led me to wonder why it's not possible to import a new pivot point for a object into SL or even have a script that could relocate it inworld.  I can see how it might cause problems interacting with existing scripts/objects, but surely that could be overcome by having two identifiers such as "prim centre" and "rotation centre".  However, as I have undoubtedly proven this field of expertise is beyond me.

    Thanks for your help Innula.

  13. Madelaine McMasters wrote:

    A lot of hard work

    Good luck, I'm glad it's you doing this and not me! I've got windows to paint here in RL.



    I think I would rather watch the paint dry on your windows :matte-motes-big-grin:


    Thanks anyway Maddy.  As I said earlier I've fallen down an intellectual rabbit hole pursuing this with what I thought would be a quick workaround for a 10 minute job that I should have done in Maya/Blender, but curiosity has led me this far and now no further.  

    /me grumbles off

  14. Thanks Maddy that's clarified that for me (honestly) so I thank you for that and I edited it and tested it and all is hunky dory, but it advances me no further than the Paskis door script that I'm already using.  What I need is to be able to link all three together yet only have the lid and hinge rotate.  

    I extracted some knowledge while reading through all the various posts elsewhere where it said that I need a script function that would identify the linked parts in my mesh to be rotated so that the bin container, in this case, would remain stationary while only the lid and hinge revolved in sync.

    I'm guessing that's the code that I need to hammer into Innula's script?  If so what is it, where is it and can I just add it in or does it need to be integrated by somebody who knows what they are doing i.e. not me.

    And once again thanks to all of you.

    And to anyone reading this in the future, just build the offset in the model.

  15. This is what I should have done yes!  But fools rush into doors that suddenly don't open as intended!  As I said in my post to Rolig, I've drawn myself into this thinking I would easily find a script to save me the time to go back and do that.  I am a very good example of a bad example I know.  :matte-motes-bashful:

  16. If I had a dollar for everytime I've read yours, Innula's or Void's posts on door/lid rotations these last few days then I would be a happy and moderately more richer man. :matte-motes-big-grin:

    So this is an example of my lameness in understanding LSL re Innula's script.  Where in this do I change from a 90 degree rotation on Z to a 70 degree rotation on X when I don't even see 90 or Z in the line where she comments it's a 90 degree Z rotation?  


    integer intSwing =90;rotation rotSwing;vector vOffset;default{    state_entry()    {              vector size = llGetScale();       vOffset = <(size.x*-0.5),(size.y*-0.5),0.0>;//open away from someone standing in front of face 2 -- that is, in front of the prim -- hinged on the left.    }    touch_start(integer total_number)    {         list l = llGetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POS_LOCAL,PRIM_ROT_LOCAL]);         vector v = llList2Vector(l,0);         rotation r = llList2Rot(l,1);         llSetPrimitiveParams([PRIM_POS_LOCAL,v+(vOffset-vOffset * rotSwing)*r,         PRIM_ROT_LOCAL,rotSwing*r]);         rotSwing.s*=-1;             }}

    P.S. I would agree that it would be simpler to go back and add in a plane to move the origin, but I did want to explore this avenue for what now seems a masochistic intent.

  17. After trying to meddle with numerous example scripts and reading numerous posts of people wanting a lid rotation script I am throwing myself prostrate here for help.

    My problem is that I made a mesh pedal bin weighing in at 1 LI, but I paid no aforethought to scripting the lid opening thinking that I would just drop a hinge door script in.  However, as many before me have found, and the smart people here already know, this is far from ideal or good practice.  The door script I used meant I had to break up the mesh into 3 parts, which increased the LI to 3.  Also, if I was to go forward from here using that script (a Paskis door hinge script) then I would have to package the item as a coalesced object, which again is not ideal.

    I have tried to use various example scripts I have found on the electric interwebz to no avail, as looking at them for me is like trying to translate Manadarin while drunk and I only feel competent in one of those aspects.

    So can anybody point me to a script where I can clearly see the lines/language where I have to change the values to make the rotation work how I want it to or even point me to Marketplace product, which will do the same?

    So what do I want it to do?  

    The picture below shows the model as it presently is and I've colour-coded it to represent the various parts with Yellow being the root prim, Blue is link 2 and Red is link 3.  Ideally I want to rejoin yellow and blue as one object and have the lid rotate around what is now yellow on the X axis and raise up by 70 degrees with a simple Touch to open and close and smooth animation.  Barring that then any script that would enable me to link all 3 objects and not have to package it as a coalesced object.


    Please bear in mind in any responses what I said about LSL looking and reading like Manadarin...I meant it.  Also, if this kind of script is some arcane and closely guarded trick of the scripters (scriptors?) of SL then please PM me or IM me inworld to discuss commissioning a full perms version as I see myself wanting to use this kind of script many times in the future.

    Many thanks in advance, Sy.

  18. I'd keep with nVidia all the way.  They run quieter and cooler if slightly more expensive on a peer to peer comparison with AMD.  Also the majority of games developers utilise nVidia's Gameworks software, which can lead to glitches or screen artifacts with AMD cards, though AMD are trying to quickly compensate for that and catch up.  So I wouldn't change from nVidia for at least another year.

  19. LaskyaClaren wrote:

    Sy Beck wrote:



    Thank you, Sy.

    At LAST. The respect and consideration that I deserve!



    You do realise the sim would be entry only?  I feel that as a caring liberal I couldn't let you be exposed ever again to nasty words so it's best we agree all round that you should be segregated. #caringpatriarchy   ;-)

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