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  1. Just now, Beth Macbain said:

    Is it possible that it was immediately snapped up but whoever got it isn't inworld right now? 

    So far as I'm aware the land should change to the new owner as soon as it's accepted via the browser, so being inworld isn't necessary (you do need to go to the plot to abandon though).

    I kept checking who 'owned' the land whilst I was there, it steadfastly remained as Linden Gov owned.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Patti Peregrine said:

    Odd...  I have often wondered if houses/houseboats that become available show up everywhere (countries) once they become available.


    And we were such an attractive Welcome too ........ complete with balloons, party hats and whistles! 

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  3. Excellent idea. . . . and one I've been wondering about myself. Perhaps if it's too much added weight to the already overburdened Moles - residents in a street could get together, decide a name and the two at either end put up a street name sign?

    Maybe some bright mesher could make a free universal one available to all Belliserians?

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  4. Today at Hestium from 3.30 till 4pm SLt ..........live on Voice reading from the books of Maxwell Grantly.
    Maxwell is a resident of SL who uses the platform to create his characters and illustrate his stories. The books are a delightful mix ..... being suitable for children, yet with little humorous touches and enough hard background details that will appeal to adults too. He writes and illustrates both books and comic books, and all can be found on Amazon.

    Tonight's story is the first in the series about Maxwell and his little brother Skippy......two orphaned elves, and we'll be outside the Cat & Mouse pub enjoying the scenery too.


  5. Boudicca reads from  'All Creatures Great and Small' by James Herriot. The wild unspoilt beauty of the Yorkshire Dales provides the backdrop to this vivid evocation of the daily ups and down of a 1930's veterinary practice.
    (Readings will take place twice a week - Mons/Weds)
    Followed by two hours of great music played courtesy of Anthony Wesburn - one of SL's most respected DJ's
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