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  1. I've had at least five HB's come up today. No houses as yet.
  2. So far as I'm aware the land should change to the new owner as soon as it's accepted via the browser, so being inworld isn't necessary (you do need to go to the plot to abandon though). I kept checking who 'owned' the land whilst I was there, it steadfastly remained as Linden Gov owned.
  3. And we were such an attractive Welcome too ........ complete with balloons, party hats and whistles!
  4. I abandoned a houseboat almost 30 mins ago, it's now 7.02 am SLt Mon 24th - and the plot is still standing empty. Plus it's NOT coming back up on my page refresh! Hm, interesting?
  5. I'm standing here by a Houseboat I abandoned 5 mins ago ............no one's take it yet!! Where are you people!?? 😄
  6. That's why I suggested that we do it ourselves ..........the Moles have quite enough to do already
  7. Excellent idea. . . . and one I've been wondering about myself. Perhaps if it's too much added weight to the already overburdened Moles - residents in a street could get together, decide a name and the two at either end put up a street name sign? Maybe some bright mesher could make a free universal one available to all Belliserians?
  8. What a nasty minded individual your neighbour is ....hope it hasn't upset you too much. I can well imagine it might of. ♥
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