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    Linden Lab's New CEO

    Welcome Rod!

    imho: the #1 problem to solve currently, that drives away more newbies, is the pitiful server speed and latencies (waiting up to an hour or more for a burst of data to allow rezzing of the world).

    Who in RL would wait 10-20 minutes to enter a store for shopping? Who would wait 2 hours for a wedding to Rez, and still have it not finish? Newbies see this kind of responsiveness and say, "No way!" and leave.

    SL should offer a premium-bandwidth account which provides 3 Mbps, low-latency (low-delays per packet burst) for US$15 per month; non-subscribers would be limited to 300 Kbps...

    This would mean that shop-owners would see their "monied" customers be able to shop realistically, and would put more investment into SL. It would also show those with "free access" a real reason to pay LL on a monthly basis.

    It would also cover the costs of the additional servers required.


    Good luck, and may you have low-lag in your new office.

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