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  1. Maybe I missed something. Is it not possible that this person simply wants to provide the look and AO of a child Avatar to another user...not transfer the account. Telling someone, Hey, don't worry about building an Avatar, we havea a few items we will trasnfer/buy for you so that you can RP the child of our dreams. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me and I wish them the very best in their search. Lighten up everyone.
  2. My most favorite thing to do in Second Life? E X P L O R I N G ! ! Exploring new places. Exploring the creativity of others. Exploring new friendships. It is fantastic to come into Second Life and just try to think of some place you would like to visit. Type that into the Search Engine and go! I have been on the Titanic, the Star Ship Enterprise. I have been to Pandora and to a Japanesse Tea Party. Clubs, shops, schools, model homes, and so much more. And the creativity of people when you remove the barriers of physics! To see what homes they create, buildings and shops. It is fantastic! Friendship? I was walking down a wonderful, street looking at the well thought out design, and one hope I passed by had a delightful outfoor garden. I paused a moment was was surprised to be motioned in by the owner. We sat in this wonderdul garden and talked for a bit about Second Life. How neighborly and how much it was evident she enjoyed Second Life. For me, it is all about exploring. There is so much more! I just got back from Mars and an undersea dome. I can't wait for tomorrow! Trevor
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