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  1. I dunno, last time Madelaine spoke to me she told me something to the effect of, I'm worse than Pep and Storm combined because I'm the kind of evil that goes among her kind unnoticed. So I think that puts me in the running .. *waves to the forumites* So this is still a thing huh?
  2. Every single one of my friends here have been quick to take me to task for my bad behavior. What do the troll's friends say to them? I been here awhile now folks. You got anything else on me besides blatantly attacking a well known troll, bully and griefer? Bring it or STFU.
  3. With all deserved and due respect to those who have served ... many, many, many more civilians have paid the ultimate price for no reason other than living in the wrong place at the wrong time during war. Men, women, children, elders .. they were just as deserving, just as human, just as patriotic, just as brave .. and they are just as dead. There is no day for them. F * U * C * K * W * A * R
  4. I guess I don't really care what you look like or represent, it's all about your actions. If it's allowed within the maturity rating then it's allowed by me. The only way that an appearance would be considered griefing to me is if the avatar camped out or constantly made a presence on the property in a way that showed obvious intent of harm upon the property owner. I mean, you can't expect a sim owner to allow you to be a sandwich board proclaiming "This sim is full of crap". But there are just so many freaks here. And I think everyone has a right to literally dress like feces and have one big poopuva night out on the town. Seems like there's always somebody dressed to the wack in every crowd, but as long as they don't act or speak like griefers, they're just freaks .. and we're all freaks. *cough* .. well, at least in the places I hang Shortly after display names hit I had a griefing at a show. I wouldn't have cared that the av was an enormously disgusting old man in a diaper, which it was. And although my suspicions were raised, I would have let him stay even with the display name of TrollLOLol. It wasn't until he bounced around the room knocking artist and audience asunder while typing "Trollololololol" in open chat that he got the boot. And honestly, I would have let him keep going, it was good game for a minute, but the venue owner took action. Just my $.02. But I've never owned a sim or venue and I can't say that I wouldn't feel differently if I did. Maintaining a quality theme and atmosphere is important for survival, it's certainly something I appreciate in a sim. I can understand why one would raise the question. tl;dr? Nice to see some of you speaking at length here, I just popped in to say my "blah, blah, blah ..
  5. Awesome OP Storm. I love this kind of stuff. Nothing to add myself, so much to learn! Thanks to all, keep 'em coming
  6. I've been known to wear hats. Although my bowler is the favorite, I also love this engineers cap.
  7. Informative thread, thanks to everyone for the input. I still cling to Phoenix for the maximum enjoyment factor and I don't think Keli wearing an innertube will change that (I kind of like the look, could you turn around so I can see the back?). But I keep trying V2 and Firestorm, I'm guessing that by the time mesh becomes widespread I'll be ready for the switch. I'm curious about other changes mesh will bring about aside from clothing, anybody got building or object pics to share? And as I said in another mesh thread, if this brings about the demise of the pleated miniskirt I'm all for it. Ps, don't all women have different buttsize shapes for different skirts?
  8. If mesh brings about the demise of the pleated miniskirt I'm all for it
  9. Venus Petrov wrote: Maryanne Solo wrote: Do you think people I actually pay any attention and read your every post? *falls off chair laffing. I hardly think person in question could be bothered joining you in your basement/cellar, true? FIFYme See what I did there?
  10. Personally, I think cool hats is an entirely valid reason for joining a group. But then, I've been known to join groups where everybody is like ...
  11. I've used the Greendot Moneypak through my Paypal just recently. Works fine. The service charge for each card is high though, best to put more on it than you need right now.
  12. I've actually made some awesome new friends since/because of SLums. If I've lost friends I haven't noticed. But friends come and go in SL, anyone I lose over SLums wasn't a very close friend anyways. And thanks to SLums my connectivity between worlds and friend circles is more complete than ever. Still waiting for a few tweaks that will really improve this aspect of my online life. V2 has always run slightly slower on my machine, the new release is the same. I'm not crazy about V2 but learning to live with it. My computer is a circa 1972 Army issue rig made of wood, heavy steel and B2 bomber parts. It doesn't even have a Ram, just a sheep .. actually not a whole sheep, just a leg of lamb I think. So I certainly don't expect the best performance, but it works, and I predict that it will keep working until it breaks. I also predict that my friends will be my friends until they're not, and that people will stay in SL until they leave.
  13. Void Singer wrote: I think you like hyperbole too much the feature is aimed both at social users (who are going to love it) and attracting users from the wider net that have less interest in SL because of lacking social features. nor are the people involved as black and white as you'd like to color them... I'll use myself as an example: I think the feature itself is nice, although I have little to no use for it personally, but I also think it's a bit over complicated, and the defaults are stupid. I have a deep abiding hatred of both the V2 UI, and the several bugs and limitations introduced with it, but I have no trouble running it or any other client, with very little to no problems with lag. Of course I'm much more technically adept than the average computer user, have a monster computer, and an amazingly solid and ISP. none of which makes me better, but they do mean that I have less problems and the ones I do have I can often fix myself. Despite that I'm very vocal on things that are broken, even if they're only broken for some people, but I try to maintain a calm and reasonable tone so that I'm not ignored. And while I'm very light on giving praise, I make sure to when it's warranted, and try to always thank those that provide solutions, LL or users. different departments work on different things, and throwing more resources at any particular thing will not generally help because everything must be tested for compatibility and new bugs. LL already found that out.... yes we had tons of new things being deveolped, but the testing bottlenecks prevented any of that getting out, and the backlog had developers with more time and always second guessing their code making it take longer and become more complex. Sad as I was to see so many devs let go and so many promising projects get shelved, it just wasn't sustainable. the current system is working much better than any of the previous systems since SL went public. more fixes are actually getting made, AND more new features. That said, there is a troubling trend of fix two things and break another, that I'd really like to see an end to. I think they may actually be pushing speed too much, when a slightly slower pace may allow us to keep getting improvements without all the back steps. Well said Void. I just want to add, I run an old, weak machine, I'm a dummy in regards to computers. And yet in nearly 2 years of sl I could count the number of tp failures I've had on one hand. I rarely experience disruptive lag and don't recall the last time I had an issue with sim crossing. This leads me to believe that most of those issues are on the client/user side of things. Complaints about V2? Yep, I've got plenty and I seriously hope that LL continues to work with residents to build a viewer that most residents can appreciate. But LL will never make everyone happy all the time. It can't be done. And those in this thread who are saying "we" didn't ask for this or "they" are happy with this are painting things black and white with over-generalizations. In reality things are much more gray and individually based. To each their own, but don't assume that the mouse in your pocket is an army. And don't assume that "they" are all clamouring for a Linden to pat them on the head. "I" am an individual, "I" have my own reasons for liking or disliking things. Nobody speaks for me, I speak for nobody else.
  14. I'm logging in and headin' to a party. Somebody scratched the address on the wall in the SLums
  15. I stated my opinion. iLove it. But If you want more, I'll add that releasing it during the current G+ controversy is brilliant. You make an assumption that I like Facebook, and although I am a recent Twitter convert, I actually hate Facebook. But I am connected to a whole lot of family and friends there and there alone. I wish it would fail, but the emerging Google+ alternative looks equally evil. So LL has given us a network where sl friends can be connected while not inworld. YAY! Rather than using Facebook or Twitter, I'm happy to be connected through the same company that I log into each night for the same reasons that many are happier to post here in the official LL forum as opposed to other SL related sites. I'm glad that LL went the DIY route. Turn it off and ignore that it exists if you don't want to use it. As I stated, changes are being made, I'm sure you'll get the privacy you desire, read the SLU thread "New Web Based Profiles" for more about that. Most importantly perhaps, is the clear evidence that LL is reacting much more quickly to resident concerns. Two jira's were fixed within minutes last night, has that been the norm? And yeah, I guess you need to have your feed open or be on Twitter to know that Rodvik is listening. But it's a well accepted fact, he's paying attention to the chatter. Give the guy a chance, SL needs to grow, growth can be painful, everybody won't be happy all the time. *shrugs* I'm not trying to change the mind of you or anyone else. I've discussed connectivity, privacy and trust with sl residents for years. I've heard your side and I understand. But in my world, this is progress. In my imagination, doors are opened.
  16. I'll also add .. the feed was where I found out about this topic. Since I don't frequent this forum and Keli doesn't tweet, it gives me another way to find out about her threads. And concerning features and privacy, this is a work in progress. Rodvik has made this clear in his posts. Several changes were made last night nearly as fast as jira's were filed. It will evolve and grow according to user feedback. There is a thread at SLU devoted to this topic where many questions are answered.
  17. iLove it iLove my sl friends and want to be as connected to them as I am to anyone else on the web. I can't wait until we can post pics and links and videos etc. My settings are wide open, no spam yet, if I get spam I'll just delete it and block the sender. So far it's a friendly chat space that I can use when not logged in. Yep, iLove it.
  18. Here's how it works ... I only occasionally lurk in this forum, my forum and blog time has been pretty limited lately. I would never have known that this OP existed .. but Del joined twitter today, gave me a "follow", and upon checking her out, I found her link to this topic. You won't get interesting things like this in your email or IM, twitter is an announcement board, up to the minute, blog posts, new machinima, live shows, inworld parties .. it all gets announced on twitter. And IMO makes for a very natural extension of SL. At times almost like a hand reaching out to lead you inworld, at other times keeping you abreast of the best SL related reading and info on the web. Now as for the OP, I'm not so sure that LL would, even if they could. And I prefer the DIY approach, I want LL to have their own social network, I want the stuff that Void is talking about. Keep it within one company. A merge or buyout of a media giant like Twitter just reeks of outside influence regardless of whose money is involved. I trust LL and want to keep it in the family so to speak. But I agree 100% with Del's vision and enthusiasm towards the place that LL and SL hold in the future. Things may be slow, but this platform is still cutting edge **bleep** to most of the web, and LL is still far ahead of any competitors. And now I'm going back to Twitter, I've always enjoyed Del's writing and once I give her a "follow" I'll always get her links without wasting the time it takes to search this futzy forum for something good.
  19. I agree with Darren, and good tips, ty. I've been at plenty of shows recently where there were 30-50 avs in attendance, and while my old PC may have been lagging, others were zipping around the sim and having zero issues. SL performance ebbs and flows but not enough to worry me, I always assume there is work being done to improve stability and have seen some progress in my time here. And the SL music scene is very strong and growing, not dying .. in fact, it is so strong that if LL closed the doors it would simply move, not disappear. And the truth is, live concerts with strong attendance are always going to test the strengths and weaknesses of both client side and server side performance in any virtual world, been to inworldz lately? Concerts really are the ultimate testing grounds for virtual gatherings. The combination of many avs wearing who knows how many scripts, stream running, group chat and notices, spinning, twirling dancers, particle blasting tipjars etc. It's an environment that will always test your system. And to my knowledge the platform dictates that it will always be so, show me a world where more than 50 avs can hang together with no lag and I'll not only sign up, but give you all my $L too!
  20. Ah! Thank you Sylvia .. I knew I shouldn't have left the house without getting a woman's opinion! /me adds the bunny ears and a fluffy tail .. There, that oughta do it
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