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  1. Haha - was reading your post and thought "It sounds like an echo^^"...but thanks for explaining the miracle at the end. And - since we both stated the same, it's likely to be correct.
  2. Before you start, make sure to set in 3dsMax both: display-units and system-units to meters. 1 unit = 1 meter. Skeleton: don't use biped. It's hirarchy and bone-names don't match the requirements for SL. While the renaming should be no problem, it will be tricky to get the number of bones right. (I.e. you can not remove biped's fingers) - so, simply use the skeleton file that's spread in the forum here (was in *.fbx format, easily to import) Skinning: I suggest not to use Physique. It can be used to skin you object to the skeleton, also the export to SL works. But it might be easier to work
  3. I was also using this workflow, painting on big maps, then scaling them down before upload. Surprisingly I changed that, now I'm always working directly on the map size that I'll upload. The reason is: on a hi-res map you paint untill all looks nice. But, when scaling the image down, the sampling algorithm determines the end result, not the artst. This down-sampling Is equivalent to painting directly on the target size, and then running some kind of blur-filter. So, for me I decided to use the target resolution from the beginning - this keeps me in control all the time, what I paint is wha
  4. This was already posted a few days ago in the german furum section - but it got deleteted (don't know why). About the doku, it's nice and brings back to mind that behind every ava sits a real person.
  5. Jessie, I don't know what viewer you are using. In the LL-viewer it's possible to wear multiple clothing and alpha. Basically, in your inventory right-click the cloth/alpha and choose "Add" (instead "Wear") .
  6. This this was the fastest transscript ever - thanks :-)
  7. Uhm, my fault: looks like llSetKeyframedMotion is not available on the grid yet (or not where I tried it now) - but the theory was good ^^. Maybe trying again in a few weeks when it's rolled out completely.
  8. Guess you got the from http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlSetKeyframedMotion - there's also the explanation :-). The list for the keyframes is a strided list, in it's complete form: [ target_positionA, target_rotationA, timeA, target_positionB, target_rotationB, timeB, ...] . So, the "5" is the time how long it takes to reach the related position/rotation. In the example you have, no rotations are used. It's defined by: [KFM_DATA, KFM_TRANSLATION] ....KFM_ROTATION is not set, thus the strided keyframe list is only [position,time, position,time,...] Actually, for the follower you need only o
  9. It also did experiments with low-budget mocap for a while. The results were never "perfect on pressing a button", the output was still very usable - mostly to have the basic amination to continue working with. My first try was (since I'm using 3dsMax that included the MatchMover software) traditional. Putting on black clothes and attached white ping-pong balls everywhere on me. I got 2 cheap (100$) cameras and recorded my moves with these 2 cams. After the tracking in Matchmover I finally got the anims into 3dsMax for further usage. My second try was with Kinect. The results were less accura
  10. I'd have a look at using llSetKeyframedMotion insead llMoveToTarget. llMoveToTarget can be tricky to handle at all. As I understand it, llMoveToTarget respects the gravity and physics, thus the same code fives different results in different objects - depending on the objects mass.
  11. It's nice to see that development of SL is continuing - this is the best and only what can be done for SL (imo). ...and while beeing busy, it just happens that a T is worn inside out *shrugs*.
  12. I find it impressive that the CEO of multi-million-dollar company comes 'down' to the forums (e.g. sluniverse) and talks with (not only to) us end users.
  13. I'm also no Blender user, but the general way would be to set your rig (skeleton) up to use inverse kinematic. This actually can do what you're looking for. It's maybe a bit hard stuff to learn, but it really saves time when you animate. Described here: Blender:Inverse_Kinematics
  14. Better a honest guy/gal in a simple shirt than a suit wearing beguiler. Judging him only by his actions.
  15. The pic shows the armor in solid color - without texture. Have you considered to use baked textures and transparency for all the small details ? I just ask because the parts look very high poly... Just meant as suggestion. Right now the customers might complain about non-rezzing parts, next valid concerns might be "Omg, the dowload volume it too high.". EDIT: Seeing you updated the picture to a colored version. About how many triangles are we talking ? EDIT 2: Another option is to make the armor 'normal' attachments. Make them skinned/rigged might be not needed if they don't have to bend. S
  16. Marielle Caerndow wrote: You can also manually remove edge-loop from from the high-poly-modell. - Hmm, how would I do that in 3ds max? Just selecting loops and clicking "remove" gets rid of the edges, but the face count stays the same. Sorry, didn't see your question. When you remove a loop, hold the "Ctrl" ("Strg")- key pressed. This will remove the edges and all it's vertices.
  17. Das Problem ist eben, das beim OP die Risk-API ein negatives Ergebnis liefert - dadurch wäre meiner Meinung nach auch der Umtausch/Auszahlung direkt bei LL blockiert. Einen Alt erstellen und dann Geld hin und herschaufeln würde ich nicht empfehlen, das macht die Sache unübersichtlicher und evtl. zweifelhafter...so nach dem Motto: Mal eben schnell einen Strohmann erstellen. Das sind so Aktionen, auf die die Risk-API achtet. (Zum Beispiel wenn man von einem 'riskanten' Avatar Geld an einen Alt schickt, kann es passieren das auch der Alt als riskant eingestuft wird - denn das Gels stammt ja dann
  18. Naja, Gründe für die Risk-API gibt es sicher eine Menge.. Z.B. zahlt jemand mit gekauter Kredikarte ein, und dann wieder auf sein eigenes Konto aus...wäre dann Kreditkartenbetrug und Geldwäsche in einem. Nun werden aber täglich hundertausende Transaktionen in SL gemacht - das kann nicht von Hand kontrolliert werden. Automatische Kontrollsysteme haben dann eben doch gelegentlich eine gewisse Fehlerquote (wie Meschen auch) - das ist sicher nicht böser Wille von LL Virwox wiederum kann am Ergebnis deines Risk-Resultats vermutlich wenig ändern, denn virwox weiß A) nicht was du in SL finanziel
  19. I think there are bad news: it's nearly possible to create such an animation without foot-sliding. Even if your animation look perfect in Blender - no sliding feet - it will not always work in SL. The reason is that animations have the pelvis as root. From here now you rotate the legs. Unfortunately this brings the laws of geometry in: when the legs rotate, the distance the feet move will depend on the length of the legs. Means, you might be able to get an anim into SL with nealry no sliding - but if will only work on a particular avatar shape. Shapes with shorter or longer legs will caus
  20. Hi, die "Risk-API" hat eigentlich gar nichts direkt mit virwox zu tun. Das eine Art Kontrollsystem von LL. Ich glaube sogar, virwox 'muß' die Risk-API verwenden. Wie genau diese API funktioniert, bzw. warum sie manche Zahlungen verweigert weiß nur LL (der Algorythmus ist nicht öffentlich). Beispielsweise spielt das Avatar-alter eine Rolle. Wenn man direkt bei LL Geld tauscht, kann man ab dem 8. Tag 300 USD pro Monat auszahlen. Nach den 300 USD (oder Linden-$ in diesem Wert) geht dann für den Rest des Monats nichts mehr. Du hast jetzt nicht geschrieben, wieviel du auszahlen wolltest, aber ev
  21. This could be, SLAV probably assumed to work in inches (40 inch are roughly 1 meter).If you already skinned your mesh, maybe you can save your skin-data from the skin modifier, then re-create the meshes at right scale and finally load back the skin-data. However - good luck :-)
  22. 3dsMax has 2 different unit-setups: the 'display-units' and the 'system-units'. You say you scaled your mesh to 1.80meters - this is what the display-units show you. But exporters usually use the system-units. So just check in the units setup that you have both, display- and system units set to meters. Also when exporting, have a look what setting you have in the export dialog - should also be 'meters' (although 'automatic' should work). If all the above doesn't help, create a new test-object (1 meter box or so) and check if this works. If it does, but your mesh still fails, have a look a
  23. Times change. A while ago the TPVs offered 100% of the "official feature" plus some extras. Today they still have extras, but miss some 'standard' features: I don't know how far the development is, but mesh-support in a TPV might be only usable if there's also support for multiple alphas-layers. Otherwise people will have to choose if they either wear a shoe-alpha OR a mesh-alpha...not an easy decision :-)
  24. So, when you are premium, you get 512sqm land-allowance - you can own 512sqm land for free. You have 2 choices: 1. you can get 512sqm anywhere on the mainland (you might have to buy it, but once it's yours, you don't have to pay a montly fee for it. 2. You get a linden-home. These homes are 512sqm-parcels with a house on them. You don't have to pay to get this house (no setup fee and no montly cost) but have a few limitations like no terraforming and only a few options regarding the look of the house (you can't delete the house to place your own home)
  25. Arachne, you might find the matching tutorials if you search for "skinnig", not for "rigging". Just as info, the Blender-docs explain the difference between rigging and skinning clearly. Blender:Rigging_and_Skinning I've no idea why people are talking about 'rigged mesh' when they upload it with "skin(ning) weights". In the 3dsMax-help a search for "rigging" will also show you how to create skeletons/bones - but you want 'skinning' (how to glue the mesh to the existing skeleton). Just to lead you to the matching tutorials. Additionally in 3dsMax, you can do the skinning with 2 modifiers: "P
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