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  1. I agree, if within the 2 update time frame this doesn't get fixed. This Forum is going to be flooded!!
  2. I don't like Asus anymore they changed over the years. When they brought their cheaper line Asrock, they figured out later, we can put cheap parts in Asus too and make more $$ as well. MSI for Laptops is my choice. They are tough, they just work, I've beaten my poor MSI pretty bad over the years and its has given 0 problems even with lots of abuse. 4080 and 4090 will cost much more, and create more heat. It's all about budget 4070 fits into that and is very powerful and will run SL like a champ. I'd get a 17.3 Monitor with it. Some Options here: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/searchpage.jsp?_dyncharset=UTF-8&browsedCategory=pcmcat1589218509643&id=pcat17071&iht=n&ks=960&list=y&qp=graphicscardsv_facet%3DVideo Card~NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070^storagetype_facet%3DStorage Type~SSD^systemmemoryram_facet%3DRAM~32 gigabytes^child_laptopscreensizesv_facet%3DScreen Size~17 inches&sc=Global&st=pcmcat1589218509643_categoryid%24pcmcat287600050003&type=page&usc=All Categories RTX 3080 model here on sale: https://us-store.msi.com/Laptop-Deals/Stealth-GS77-12UHS-083?filter=21%2C6
  3. I agree Ram-Disk will dramatically improve your SL SL can bring a system too its knees when it runs out of allocated Ram. At that point its writing to Page File and writing to Cache (and if you have not whitelisted its scanning harddrive file). By running Cache in a Ram Disk you alleviate a bottle neck the Hard drive. I can attest that running a Ram Drive especially on a older machine 3-6 years even with a ssd it will dramatically improve sl if you go to crowded places. I run Ram Disk in both my high end PC and older Laptop because of the performance boost and makes my SL smooth and playable. My Lappy below left is Ram Disk right is Harddrive.
  4. Hahahah could have been. For me the Elephant in the room would be. She sounded older didn't she?
  5. Your evidence supports MY claim not yours. "Of this 35% about 8% falls under higher end, the rest Intermediate."
  6. Why are my numbers way off, where does this come from. I only see roughly 35%, where the other 65%??? Of this 35% about 8% falls under higher end, the rest Intermediate.
  7. I think LL needs to poll gather data from all Viewers. If not they are going at it blind here. Making Guesses vs Informed Decisions.
  8. 3 Types of Users Really Pro/Techy - I have a beast and can run it fine, looks great the 60% frame-rate loss is nothing to me. Give me more PBR! Intermediate - Decent machine 16gb RAM gtx 2060+, this FS release is killing my game, things are slow to load where can I find the old FS release! New features yes, but I can barely run this thing. Non-Techy/LowEnd - My brand new machine of 2 years is below 10 fps nothing loads, probably has integrated graphics and 12-16gb ram, was already hammered by SL in crowds and now its UN-bearable. What Market-share do these users hold? Guessing here.... Pro/Techy - 10-15% Intermediate - 30-35% Non-Techy/LowEnd - 55-60% Forum User Posts Pro/Techy - We love it so should you, whats your problem! Upgrade!!! Intermediate - I don't know, things ran good before. PBR looks great but I'm having super hard time here, wheres the old FS at?? Non-Techy/LowEnd - What happened, I can't play at 10fps in a Corn Field, I like Music and Live Singers and Club and to Socialize, I need to Upgrade?!?! I just did 2 years ago! So what should LL do? Poll its users, see where the majority are and make the right decisions. What would I do? Cater to the masses, not the select few, to keep my business afloat. Re-evaluate what we've done here (get a second opinion!). Bring advancements and features when it makes sense to the majority(where all my money comes from). Do not shove a Alpha Release down their throats. Whats the rush? Why gamble so highly on this?
  9. To go with OH God! 88, 220 – 29th March 2009 at 1:28pm SLT – highest peak ever! 60, 068 was the highest peak for Maximum Daily Concurrency – 13th April 2020 57, 746 was the highest peak for Maximum Daily Concurrency – 25th March 2021 55, 737 was the highest peak for Maximum Daily Concurrency – 5th February 2022 53, 567 was the highest peak for Maximum Daily Concurrency – 30th January 2023 53, 016 – 19th February 2024 (so far) And this years numbers January 2024: 52, 063 – 7th January 2024 February 2024: 53, 016 – 19th February 2024 March 2024: 52, 709 – 25th March 2024 April 2024: 51, 785 – 7th April 2024 May 2024: 50, 084 – 6th May 2024 June 2024: 50, 102 – 3rd June 2024 This is a pattern that can not be disputed. So when does the number of users coincide with the non-sustainability of the business model? That number needs to go up, forcing users to buy new hardware is not the way to do it. Bringing new features is a way. But bringing it competently is the way to do it, don't shove it down the users throats. Or you will see the number of non-sustainability, and then its Game Over.
  10. We shouldn't be losing anyone. Secondlife doesn't have that luxury. So SL is saying Upgrade or Go? Secondlife is on its SecondLeg, understandably they need to progress the game along technology wise. But you can do that without losing people and by doing it competently.
  11. I make an addon for this, uses RLV to auto rebake textures, sent you a free one in world, hope it helps. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Naughty-Pleasures-Bake-Anti-Bom-Monster-Attachment/25644561
  12. As a creator I have to weigh... The benefits of diving into PBR. Time will tell if I do. As it is not many offerings in my area. We'll see.
  13. Those were RP/Combat Sims way back 2006/2007 and beyond, name looked familiar.
  14. Yeah I went around SL yesterday did a places search for PBR was only a handful of places like less than 10. Played with EEP, what I did was looked at EEP I bought and did some re-deliveries. EEP looks cool but water is funky, hope they fix that, cause I have big water area at my place. Played with a mirror, in mouselook doesn't work. Luna did you play Nor or Lost Angels way back?
  15. I think PBR textured items look great! The performance is the killer. 2 more updates hopefully runs smoother.
  16. How much Ram? Sl is Ram hog, 32GB min I would recommend. New Viewer is even bigger Ram Hog.
  17. I made a attachment does it all automatically, upon TP rebakes, refreshes attachments, and also changes groups periodically to make sure you're not a bom monster and 99% of the time, neither is anyone around you.
  18. Poor Meatballs never gets to join in the Fun
  19. Tried it, I like it, good options in graphics and has rlv
  20. I have an attachment that I made that fixes that issue. Sent you a free one in-world
  21. I like it, just the cost of the AI Rendering Servers. How cost effective would it be?
  22. I think you are running out of Ram. A quick Fix might be to adjust for more Vram in the Hardware section. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/preferences_graphics_tab?redirect=1#hardware_settings Hardware Settings Advanced Settings (restart required): Override VRAM Detection: Override the detected VRAM on your GPU. Enables the following slider: GPU Dedicated VRAM: Important: use with extreme caution. This must not include “shared” VRAM which is part of the system RAM. If you do not understand the distinction then leave this control alone
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