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  1. Agreed, though I am going to go with the brand for now because others choices are even worse. Here is a representation of what you're speaking of: 2.5: 104,178 triangle mesh 2.0: 85,662 triangle mesh - that's a noticeable increase in lag generation. @Siobhin Shippe@Aradia Dielli: Please ensure that in the next update, HD-layers are an optional wearable and not always on - just as Maitreya did with it's layers in 5.x
  2. Ignore that this is actually for a commercial for alcohol, the song itself is one I want to see if I can find the full length version of, if such exists.
  3. Here is my head on Ryn 2.5: Nearly identical to the Ryn 2.0. The only change was that in making sure there was no change... I found out my eyes needed to lower the 'eye bug' setting a bit because in some extreme animations there was pop-through. That was true with the 2.0 as well - I just hadn't noticed it before the update made me test for it... 😉 (I'm trying to make my eyes look 'slightly inhuman', so I'm hitting up against things most people won't hit.)
  4. Here is an alt with Nova on 2.0: And an attempt to make a similar look on 2.5: Notice some changes in the bridge of the nose and I made the eyes less 'wide open' because it didn't look as good when open anymore. I find the upper eyelid crease has to be controlled by editing not your shape, but your 2003 era 'system hair''s brow tab.
  5. If the head you use was released after Fluer (if it's Fluer or Ryn) the 2.5 update doesn't change the rigging at all - so they claim no shape adjustments needed there. If it was one of the others the shape changes radically and... you cannot 100% replicate many old looks. But you can get close. As for HD this and that - I'm opposed to such things on principle. They increase gridwide lag. But at least it's mild and not all over the place like the Catwa update - and the head is still native BOM and lower lag than other major competitors. This is me on Ryn 2.0. I will get a 2.5 rea
  6. This is why when I made my new AO, I made it to work with chat commands and NOT buttons on a HUD. It can be placed in a HUD off-screen, or added into your left ear, or wherever else you want to throw all your animations and the script. And... That's kind of how I do all my scripts to control things - I put them up with a listen and a choice of channel. THAT NOTED... Too many people keep HUDs on when they don't need them on. If you're not in the middle of configuring something, the configuration HUD should be taken off. Other HUD UIs... yes, many of them could use re-de
  7. Hiru actually looks like one of my younger RL Korean friends back when he was in college a few years ago. That's an amazing skin but he's so similar it'd feel weird to see him in SL. This just seems to drive home my feeling that somehow, diversity is better addressed for male avatars than female avatars, despite the fact that otherwise 99.99% of everything in SL is for female avatars.
  8. Yesterday I looked at updating an old male alt. I found that Asian skins were easy to find from 'Stray Dog' which also has a decent number of African skins. In a general quickie search, this seems like one area where the men have better options. I see a lot of male African skin choices out there, and more Asian ones than I expected to given how few I've found for women. There's also an entire flickr group dedicated to just the topic of male skins for people of color (I don't know why it's using this one image as the preview for the link, but that's one example that I think I eve
  9. I can so relate to that... A month ago I culled about 500 images... and now I'm seriously shy of posting to it again... I suspect back when spoiler worked here, they might have been using a different forum software. We've been on this system for years - but there's enough of us around here that were around under older systems for us to remember things from 'the old days'. It would be a nice feature to have.
  10. For a rare moment I agree with you. This thread is a VERY BAD IDEA... Things are likely to get toxic around here for a few weeks no matter which way this goes... and at level of toxic it will be super hard to have good discussion. Even someone like me who, as a political scientist, lives and breaths this stuff all day long and is pretty much the only topic I enjoy... can see right now is just not the time to engage... I will probably fail to avoid engaging... but... yeah...
  11. I can already see that I could take the option on the left and with the right shape dials get some Latin American looks. But these look really nice. Actually I like the Asian skin here more than the one I just bought a few days ago from It Girls...
  12. Those look really nice. I failed to find them when remaking my alt last weekend - tried to go to a new brand but ended up with just another skin in the same brand. Maybe when my $L finally recover from moving ALL my alts over to a new head brand... I will go look at these again. 😉
  13. You miss my first post in this thread? Go look it up. My life has been a repeat play of people calling me out for appropriating MYSELF because I don't LOOK like the label they apply to something due to 'race purity' concepts... It can often literally play in a bounce. I will get called out for appropriating something, and then next person I meet will call me out for NOT doing what the first one said I was doing... often with both of them being extremely hostile about it. I've got almost 50 years of this stupidity aimed at me on repeat. Once you get mixed, these labels just fail
  14. Most of the internet these days is actually on Amazon's cloud servers, in part of in whole. The 'retail store' of Amazon is actually only a tiny part of the larger business that allows them to pretend they're not as profitable as they really are. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is huge. On a scale that is just unimaginable for many people. But because it's not 'consumer facing' the general public has an overall lack of awareness of it It's a good cost offsetting measure for people who go that route because setting up your own servers / renting space in a co-location farm is expensive and g
  15. Not that I don't want to help... It's frustrating that nearly all of the other brands do BIPOC skins by just taking a white skin and applying a hue shader over it in GIMP / Photoshop, and you can tell when you look... I happen to really like both Angel Rock and It Girls so I've been OK for a bit now, but some more options that didn't look like 'Caucasian recolors' would be really nice... At lest with African skins there ARE 2 brands. For Asian the only one I've found is, also It Girls (because Angel Rock's Asian skin is very old and I never liked the feature choice)... an
  16. I demo'd Angel Rock on that very head a few days ago and they work pretty well together. Just a little bit of overlap in one spot - because Angel Rock makes their skins for Catwa only these days. That said - you've basically rejected the two good brands, so not really help I can think of at this point.
  17. It Girls. That's the brand you want to investigate. It's actually the brand they use in a lot of their product images. Well, in that case I dunno. You could try Angle Rock, but I personally find their skins often are a bit ashy: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/76460
  18. As Regalia shows, on around 30,000 triangles total you can get the same detail as these other bodies do. Upping triangle count doesn't help Jack from Jill... it just boosts lag, slows down rendering, and actually slows down animation of those 'wonderful breast details' you note because there's so much more math to do to figure out where each polygon goes and how light and other things will affect each polygon... What counts... Is triangle placement - angle, position, and grouping, such that the 'lines' and edges of polygons best match with how something will deform, making the m
  19. Some forms of inventory manipulation have no confirmation popups on them. It's very easy to accidentally click something and drag it to the inside of another folder without ever seeing that you had even selected it. My preferred viewer also recently had a bug that was moving some of the inventory into the 'lost and found' folder - so there's always the possibility of bugs and glitches. So... Use the field for searching your inventory and see if the thing you're looking for got 'moved' somehow. It happens, and if the cache solution above doesn't fix things, try this next.
  20. And in this new utopian world of the "ministry of cultural purity and proper ethnic conduct standards"; where do I as a mix raced person go? Got a gas chamber somewhere for me to report to for not being 'OK' enough by the very fact of my genetic existence? I know you think you're not in that dark space I outline... but what is the endgame of this mission of stamping out cultural turf for everyone to fit into? That endgame is 'cultural puritanism'... and it's a very dark space to be in. Multiculturalism was a thing for a reason. We need to be coming together no
  21. It's mod. In the furry world everything is always mod. There's about a gazillion kits out there to swap pieces in or out. The sad thing is, ALL of that can be done with a low triangle count and well optimized scripts. Except for the parts of your quote that I put a strikethrough - because those are the things they expect that are actually bad... and don't need to be there... Human AV users are getting ripped off by developers that don't understand optimizing content. 'BOM' was basically LLs saying "OMG WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU NOOBS, here, please at least do this..." It was
  22. This is because it's not just about triangle density - but also placement. Back in the Daz3D art world I remember this kind of conversation over the 'Vicky' model that eventually became the basis of their 'generation models'. Early versions had some points like that kept deforming. Other 3D modelers that got the model started showing wireframes with various lines and arrows drawn showing how triangles placed at the wrong angles or in the wrong spots were causing it to bend improperly. The result is that in future releases, slowly over time, Daz fixed these issues as they came to ligh
  23. Oh yeah. I just meant it a problem for someone with a human look wanting to use it. They'd have to deal with the pawed feet and wouldn't be able to use their skins. And I suspect you're right - the maker of, if not a profesional, at least understood optimizing for 'real time graphics' in a manner similar to game developers. A lot few triangles placed only where they are needed for good animation / shaping and not just 'thrown in to fill up density'... This thing was actually optimized. Is it the best that could be? I don't know - I am not a game graphics developer. BUT I
  24. Triangle counts are facts. You can look at this fiasco yourself in wireframe mode.
  25. They used to do that. Assorted new user islands full of "helpful" people. The problem is that anytime the paid staff logged out or looked to the side, the griefers logged in and took up the challenge... This is of course, a trivially easy problem to deal with... ... ...for a company with even a modest understanding of community management and engagement. But SL was founded by 'libertarian utopia' sorts who... don't think through what happens when ideals meet reality (this is true of all 'utopia ideologies', be the this, that, or the other ism...). So they j
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