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  1. The thing about this question is you're asking about alts, but the issue really has nothing to do with alts. It a human psychology drama about victim and abuser personality types, with a victim who needs to figure out how to shake the victim personality type. So you'll probably feel I'm way out of line and rather rude in posting what I post below, but if you don't maybe it will help. I hope it does. Somehow or another, something attracted that person to you, and made them stick. But one thing to consider there is that it appears to have been one RL person. First of all, AR every alt you
  2. While the OP's needs have been met, for others reading... This is the prime benefit of renting on an estate, like Caledon; you get whatever theme the estate owner is selling to. Mainlanders will never have a full assurance of a theme around them. Ideally on mainland you want to make or buy a good skybox design to theme. I've purchased ones that look like spaceships, minarets, japanese homes, floating rocks, skyrise condos, and so on. Some people even rez a platform the size of their lot and put grass and rocks on it, and a nice little house. You live in the sky, at some height above 1000m w
  3. If you make a group for yourself and one alt (the alt need not be premium), and donate your land allowance to the group. Then buy land with 'buy for group' (an option under about land at the bottom right). you can buy an additional 10% more land. So premium accounts really get 560m of land, not 512. For $5 more, you get a total 1126m of land, not 1024.
  4. If the bed is modify, just edit it, go into contents, and pull out the sex animations. And remove any reference to sex from the name or description of the bed. Smart furniture makers would include an option to disable the adult features, like the @Home TVs have.
  5. Mine is accurate and free. You can get it on my land in fietzo (see sig for cafe - click teleporter there to go to shop), or at Sarah Nerds, or you can get the script out of the forums here and drop it into a z-size 1m prim: The script is here: https://blogs.secondlife.com/thread/9772 I measure prim height - your actual height. Most meters measure agent height. If you stand inside of my meter and use it, when it resizes itself, assuming you and it are on the floor and neither or you is partly below the floor... when it resizes itself, it will match itself to your height. The factor
  6. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/necropost Verb Infinitive to necropost Third person singular necroposts Simple past necroposted Past participle necroposted Present participle necroposting to necropost (third-person singular simple present necroposts, present participle necroposting, simple past and past participle necroposted) (Internet) To post, as on a forum, to revive a long inactive discussion thread.
  7. Irene.Muni wrote: If that script exist, use it is against the TOS . ^This. Its not hard from what I hear. Most estate owners know the info. But trying to get that info, using that info, or relaying it on to someone, is a good way to get your account deleted.
  8. I haven't heard of anything like that directly. I just happen to read about 4 or 5 other forums devoted to SL, and a few rabbid blogs, and have seen some of the issues that pop up in places like this filter over to those places. Sometimes to good effect, sometimes not. But if there's a third party rating system anywhere, I don't know of it. But then as I own mainland, I never thought to go out of my way to look for it either. The best I can say within the TOS here, is to hit up google and see what comes back. .
  9. One very fast way to find it. At ground, rez a single prim and sit on it. Edit the z-value of the prim to 4096. That's the maximum height. You will be carried up there with your prim. You might have to hit the escape key to get your camera to go up there too... Delete the prim you were on. You'll start falling. Sooner or later you smack into the roof of the box, or pass it by. If you pass it by, hit fly ASAP, and remember your height (if you have a flight feather, just fly back up from there until you reach it). - Assuming you lack a flight feather... then when you get to ground, do
  10. That's another aspect to some third party forums too. If you go in there and start defaming one of the actually reputable estate managers, people will call you on it - as good reputations also get around. So its a place to go if you have a legit issue (which we'll assume the OP does), but anyone reading this thinking they can off of LL's space just to trash somebody should think twice.
  11. Yeah if this person is willing to screw over one tenant, and a long standing one at that... he's not going to be trustworthy with any tenant. Can't mention them here, but there -are- third party forums that can be used to discuss the event in full detail. And to find out about the reputations of different estate holders if for some reason going mainland is not a viable option.
  12. The Lindens are very very very unlikely to be willing to help. This is why people need to consider buying mainland. There's a -lot- of it out there right now. There are reputable estate managers out there. If yours isn't one of them, leave. Unfortunately... I really don't know how to go about finding which ones are reputable. About the only one who's reputation I know speaks for itself solidly around SL is Caledon. Outside of that... you're going to have to hit google and look for reviews, ratings, or whatever is out there.
  13. The serious answer to this is to ignre that spam. Are you sure it came from your item and not your partner's item? Check your chat log if you keep one to see which item was chatting. - check to see if it has a feature to disable such a feature. The brands of these items I am aware of, xcite and sensations, do not to my knowledge even have such an ability in their scripting. So it may be time to switch brands if you can't figure out how to disable an unwanted feature. You can also edit the item, and under tools, reset its scripts - if you really want to keep that particular item but it
  14. Dr.Dahlgren wrote: Ah yeah, right... Well, my alt had protected sex but still got an SLSTD and his parts fell off. I think he would have rather been pregnant, count your blessings.... Boys and their toys.
  15. This is just one of those things... Rather than use a system whereby the lindens could rez water on your lot, or rather than putting the pool just outside so your lot - so that they could unlike the water and make it phantom... they just plopped it down there as one big linked build... so that the water has to be solid... The easiest way to avoid that would have been to have the pool's water linked to a different root prim than the rest of your home, and that whole separate link system made phantom...
  16. Ravin.Draconia wrote: While I'm not sure, I think you can get the DPW to do some stuff for you. Maybe not a river, but perhaps a pond or something? Check the Knowledgebase for the Department of Public Works Ponds are easy to make btw. Look at my plot in Voidicus for an example (Voidicus/1/1/1 - take door that says exit if that puts you in the club in the sky). Neirbors on the sim behind me and to the west of me also use similar ponds. If you depress some of the ground enough, linden water will appear. If you're too high up for that, as is my case, you make two layered prims and put i
  17. If you are exactly the right altitude, you -CAN- change the texture on the land by raising or lowering the elevation. Parts of my Fietzo land are like this, but most of it is not. It seems to automatically adjust when it crosses some particularly z value. But this is not from grassy to snow. Rather, there is a general theme to the textures, and a sublist based on elevation within that. What happens to me is that it goes from grassy to rocky with grass. But on other sims, there is snow land that is lower than my land - thus my observation that within a general theme, there are specific sub text
  18. Radars are not always accurate. I've been seeing a lot of people on my adult sim that the radar says are near me by the number, but are out of range for camming to. When I've ever finally found someone, they were nowhere near where the radar had put them... This seems to be a recent issue for me though. Since the last server update, Emerald seems to have trouble tracking some of the time.
  19. Technically this is also a criminal act on his part. Cyber stalking. The question then is whether your local police will take it seriously, or the San Francisco Police (who have juridisction as LL's is in SF). Because if they do, they will crack open his account like a hammer against an eggshell and somebody will be in jail... Cyberstalking has led to RL stalking and violent acts in the past, so police have no excuse ignoring it; but that doesn't mean they will pay attention... I managed to stop my own cyberstalker some years ago by outing him publicly on a forum in front of his employe
  20. There are some people who I have chosen not to interract with in world due to the poltics they've expressed in forums (and I mean expressly, rather than implications both sides might make in a debate. If you expressly declare a certain set of political ideologies)... - But that's it. I don't take the arguments and discussions in world. I just tell myself "there is a person I could not get along with, no matter how hard either of us tried." I leave it at that, and simply don't bother them. I'd probably leave if I landed somewhere and found one of those people there, just because I'd feel awkwa
  21. Just look up some case law on why you have to click an 'accept terms' checkbox now rather than tearing through some random paper glued to the shrink wrap like it used to be. Its not really guessing.
  22. Daria.Afterthought wrote: Wrong. And people click "I agree" by engaging in the IM and "I disagree" by not engaging. Ignorant consent = Passive consent. Maybe in Red China, but not in the USA. Need active consent to waive a right in the USA.
  23. Abuse Report her. You can't share them unless you get EXPRESS ACTIVE CONSENT from the party waiving their right to keep it private. Like this: A: gossip, gab, gossip, gab, gossip. B: OMG, I so have to tell C about that. Can I? A: Yeah, go ahead and copy the chat log. - If you don't have that, you don't have consent. Break out the abuse report function.
  24. Deanna.Moonwall wrote: what actions by this female avatar could be considered abuse? Its only abuse if they're on a Frankenbarbie: over 6', DDD-boobs, hips at 0, waist at 0, torso length at 0, leg length at 100, arm length at 0, hand size and foot size at 0. Bling everywhere, and blond... and it doesn't matter if its a man or woman playing that AV. (I wish it was abuse...) - But if that were actually abuse, 90% of SL would get AR'd.
  25. I've been standing next to a friend and she 'went offline' according to that monitor while we just kept on talking to each other... Glitches happen. But some people will uncheck the box if they're not feeling social but are online anyway and don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.
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