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  1. 19 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Interesting.  I wonder why having 10 linksets of 10,000 triangles each is better, lag-wise, than one linkset of 100,000 triangles.

    I'm going to have to test that, as I use a number of linked together items in my builds.

    My current theory would have to do with bounding box physics. If the linked items complicating the math of determining where objects are for collision purposes.

    When you edit things you can set all but the root prim of any linkset to type 'none'. If my theory is right - then doing this would reduce the 'perception of lag'. Obviously that's not the workable solution - but any item in the linkset that doesn't need to be solid could be set to type none IF this works...

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  2. 2 hours ago, Nika Talaj said:

    Everything you say in this post is true, but permit me to dial back the judgementalism just a tad.  SL's users are regular humans in search of diversion.

    My judgementalism is sparked by repeatedly seeing people judgmentally blame the wrong sources...

    Most often the lindens getting blamed... but I have seen this blame directed at "anybody but me" all to often as well...

    It gets further aggravated when people are told how to fix something and openly state things like "I will wear what I want to because it doesn't effect me personally, SL is just laggy because of false things that I incorrectly believe and not because of my choices that are all bad..."

    There is ignorance - which is just not knowing.

    And there is stupidity - which is refusing to learn when the help and advice is offered to you.


    The blog idea you note... it's been done before, many times. And soundly rejected, ignored, denied, etc...

    At this point... almost 20 years into the existence of SL... the excuses have worn out. If someone says "why is it laggy, what can I do?" I'm there for them. Admitting you do not know, and want help - that's a GOOD thing...

    Because lag is 100% in your control. Though that control CAN mean blocking some of your friends...


    But when they blame something wrongly... especially when I see it inworld or on a fashion blog of someone and I can SEE what is causing the lag being worn on them... then I have no patience left.


    - I know my rant started in reply in this thread, but the frustration is really aimed at the things I see in group and local chat inworld all the time, and what I see on fashion blogs... Because it's in those spaces where I see the judgemental incorrectly-aimed blame coming from people after they're shown the causes, or even when they first acknowledge the causes... (such as the endless parade of people with 1-gazillion complexity who first say they know what complexity is then say they don't care, then complain about lag - all in the same comment in chat...)


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  3. I've always assumed this was a made up fear for TV shows so they could have a phobia to give characters without insulting any real world demographics. Though I suppose there are real people who have this - I also suspect they didn't exist until some TV show triggered the notion that it was something one could fear in them, and existing stress/anxiety found a target.

  4. 21 hours ago, jamiesizzle said:

    I now at this stage in the game Linden is not about to improve or fix anything but let's face it, this is clearly on them, and they clearly don't care,


    It's not.

    People in this "game" are running bloatware viewers like Firestorm, using art quality 3D models that are hundreds of thousands to millions of polygons. Most 'games' are in the low tens of thousands.

    The worst offenders are popular mesh bodies like Legacy and Belleza, and some hair brands.

    It's insane.

    It's also not needed. Bodies like Regallia have proven you can have the same quality of animation, shape response, and clothing fit on as little as 30,000 triangles. Other furry brands have shown similar or even better optimized results. Regallia is a "furry" body that can wear and fit all human clothing. It would be a human body if not for having paws on the feet.


    NO 3D APPLICATION can keep up with that in real time...


    And actually, Linden Lab has repeatedly given us the tools to fix this stupidity of the users.

    From Complexity, to native-BOM with NO Onion layers (none of that HD crap merchants are now doing), to linkset scripts, to countless improvements in the rendering engine. They keep on trying, and the users keep ignoring them and rudely complaining about it.

    The users will come in here and complain about lag, complain the lab does nothing, ignore ALL the things the lab does, and then get angry when told how to fix it and have a lag free experience WITHOUT even sacrificing quality...


    So NO...

    NONE of this is on them.

    It's ALL on us.


    SL's users, as a general whole; are a bunch of tin-foil hat wearing whiners that refuse to take their medicine and scream in denial of the facts.

    It's like someone getting a new car, REMOVING the seat belt and the airbags and the brakes, and driving into a brick wall at 60mph then complaining the car was made badly...


    ps: Since we're in the Linden Homes forum, an example from here. The scripts in the newer homes are a single script controlling all the customization. It's why the walls and floors are touch-response. And yes... I'm calling myself out as the example - because I complained about this. It's there as a lag-reduction measure. They chose region performance over individual user entitlement. They made the right call - folks such as me complained. I stopped complaining though - once it was explained with detail.

    - one problem we have with 'denialism' is many people have had things repeatedly explained - shown solutions - and they then ignore and refuse the solution and keep complaining about lag they themselves are causing themselves and those around them to suffer...



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  5. Before going down that path you should stop and think about why someone would rent a plot there from you?

    Do they even need land? Why does someone need land? Are you sure about your reason? How can you address it for them?

    If they need land, why would they not just get their own? What is special about yours that they can't get on their own?


    Your question just reads like you don't have a business plan yet - and that's a very fast way to lose a lot of money.


    Almost ALL people that "rent" land in SL to think about even these most basic questions... so their plots go unrented for months or even years at a time, they lose a lot of money, and eventually leave SL and post some comment somewhere saying SL is dead all while the average number of people logged in at the same time here is around 45,000-52,000 - similar to MMOs like Final Fantasy or World of Warcraft. And all while other plots of land have waiting lists to get in because they did think about 'what am I offering and why would someone want this' and came up with solid good answers BEFORE they started paying money for that land.


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  6. 1 hour ago, RowanMinx said:

    Yet the second seems to be ALL about restricting personal freedom.



    The perfect storm of western bias reflecting back upon itself.

    Before 2020 - face coverings and turbans were the western world's "mark of shame" against mostly Islamic countries (which is darkly funny as Turbans are worn by Rastafarians and Sikh, but not generally by Islamic people).


    A lot of this 'anti-mask' panic is likely driven from a trained reaction to hate anyone wearing something veil-like.

    Some EU countries even going as far as criminalizing face-coverings under the dog-whistle of 'secularism' to hate what was really hatred / bias.


    People have used the 'face covering' as a dog-whistle against middle easterners to such a 'panic' extent that... when suddenly told to cover their faces - for a secular reason... the reaction of panic is still there, minus the "reasoning"... and it just fuels a rage they themselves can't even fully understand...

    So they're just latching onto things that... still vibe with hate-based norms... and then ranting incoherently because they're grasping to put it together... and what we're seeing is a step towards anti-secularism which in some places was even drive by 'secularism'... (or rather, hate pretended to be secularism, and now the 'action item' it called for... has been reflected back against secularism/science).



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  7. I distinctly recall Apple Fall having a 'these are the last gatchas we will ever sell' sale about a year ago.

    Is this like the furniture store I used to live across the street from that had a 'Going out of business clearance sale' for about 5 years straight?


    To-topic I would need to think, but I find 'what's next' and Apple Fall products often work well in the same space. Theme depending - Sometimes the exact opposite is true as Apple Fall feels like 'New England' to me and What's Next feels like "this is the stuff a boomer grew up with" - which sometimes means London or San Francisco instead of New England. 😉

  8. 14 minutes ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Dance animations, especially good ones, are expensive.  This is because it takes quite an investment in time and equipment to create good dance animations...several thousand RL dollars.

    This is a good point.

    When you shop dances - at higher end brands you will often see information on the actual dancer that did the motion capture performance. Some even link to the social media of that dancer so you can see them in action. Some shops even link to videos of them doing the motion capture. That's not always final proof of a good end product - but it's a heavy weight towards quality.

    - Look for that kind of information when shopping for dance brands.


    There are huge catalogs of free and discount dances out there... this is why so many of the clubs you go to have a danceball with the same poor quality animations in them. A lot of these dances are older than my account - and were made 'by hand' with tools to move the avatar or by manually posing a 3D model in something like Poser (because many of them are even older than Daz3d Studio - which is also a way some are manually made now). Ie: no humans actually ever did those dances - and now that we have motion capture... it starts looking obvious. You can notice if you watch that some of the most common male dances, have the male 'at an angle' to the ground... like he's about 5-10 degrees 'off' of standing up straight... Once you see this, you cannot unsee it...

    - I'm extremely visually and motion triggered... I find myself often moving my camera to keep males out of camera view when dancing because those old animations disturb my 'sense of place' so much... It's always a super welcome sight when I see someone on a motion capture dance and can keep them in view. 😉



  9. Quality dances do tend to be expensive - so Akeyo's price for a loaded up AO is likely not that high once you consider what's in it.

    I didn't like how large the scripts in some of these things are. Not sure how big Akeyo is now, back when they first went to that web thing it was over 3mbs and using a huge amount of script time - enough that some regions gave me warnings on teleporting.


    I put a FREE chat based AO out a few months back. It's on my marketplace. You put the dances and the script and a config notecard into any editable prim you are wearing or have as a HUD (I keep it in a HUD attached prim dragged off of my screen, as it's chat based and so nothing to click).

    - It is a full AO script, that also includes the ability to load multiple dance styles with full lists of dances each. In my own copy I have about 100 dances in there and am only using 58kb and nearly no script time.

    If you like clicking buttons you wouldn't like this, everything is run with commands to a chosen chat channel.

    The firestorm built in AO is also great - just make an 'AO' you name 'Dance - style' and put dances into the 'stand' section. Firestorm's AO has some glitches as it plays animations rather than sets your state's animation - so it can 'hiccup' sometimes. But otherwise it's better than a high script thing blocking part of your screen.


    Are you also looking for quality dances? I highly recommend 'Paragon' - I think they show up monthly at one of the popular events, that one with a name that always reminds me of uber...? But you can probably find them inworld too just searching 'paragon'.

    - Just keep in mind that dances are pricey... Most shops are 300-500L per individual dance, with a discount when bought in packs. If you go cheap - it often looks cheap... (I have found very good dances from a chop before that was selling them for about 15L each - but that was before Bento...)


    My AO that I have for free does NOT come with dances or animations - or it wouldn't be free... 😉

    - It's whole goal is to help convince animation sellers to stop using old style 'play animation' scripts and update to 'animation state' scripts... which is a technical point that seriously impacts quality of experience for the end user... but the explanation is... outside of most people's knowledge of how SL works.


  10. Second company has a likely vaccine coming, this time up to 95% effective:



    Biotechnology firm Moderna announced Monday that a preliminary analysis shows its experimental coronavirus vaccine is nearly 95 percent effective at preventing illness, including severe cases - a striking initial result that leaves the United States with the prospect that two coronavirus vaccines could be available on a limited basis by the end of the year.



    Moderna announced Monday that its vaccine can be stable at refrigerator temperatures for a month and frozen for up to six months. It will not require dilution at the point of care, unlike the Pfizer vaccine.


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  11. 20-year old reggae star from the Solomon Islands, Rosie Delmah, on a cover of 'If you gonna lie':

    I suspect most of us forget that nation even exists and don't know it's part of Oceania.

    Here she is again with Jamaican singer Conkarah - they've been working together since 2015;

    A lot of her stuff is covers - hoping to find more of her original work.

  12. My groups were fixed when they made that post saying fixed...

    But today they started acting up. Mostly back to fixed but I noticed I can't see the chat in my own private land group (not that I need to... but my alt can see what I type I can't see what I or the alt types...).


    Still got issues I guess.


  13. 32 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    if you'r a real human being, political opinion means nothing more than that... just a opinion . The total demonising political climate in the USA is intolerance in optimum forma. Totally nuts.

    My lineage has suffered the consequences of other people's political opinions too many times for me to take them as just that.

    I'm part Indigineous South American. It was a politcal opinion that our lives and lands were fair game because we were not European. It was in my lifetime a political opinion that were too many of us in Peru so the government forcibly sterilized women in the very regions my family comes from - the Amazon rainforest highlands above the Inca Valley that foreign tourists love so much.

    I'm part Chinese - and a political opinion chased us out of Asia, and is now taking away freedom from the last people in the part of China my kin came from. It's a political opinion in China that anyone with a political opinion has a mental disorder and should be locked up, unless that opinion is the 'Party' opinion.

    The 'white people' I knew when I came up to the San Francisco area, the ones I often note got me to first see that not all whites were a dangerous threat (they were in essence, the first white's I'd ever known that never did violence to me - which took me 15 years of life to find)... it was an opinion in Germany in the 1930s that they should be wiped out, and millions of them were gassed. My white friends growing up were the survivors.

    It was literally an opinion that started the Atlantic Slave trade - quite literally an essay written by a man arguing that it was inhumane to enslave the indigenous people in New Spain, and that they needed a new supply, and that he'd met some traders who met slavers from the Arab world that said the Africans didn't feel pain or emotion - so were a perfect replacement...

    Shockingly the opinion that Blacks don't feel pain is still common in modern medicine... folks are often denied anesthesia because 'your race has a natural immunity to pain'...

    - all of these were 'political opinions' shaping policy in their day, and some of them still linger with us.


    So... opinions are more than just opinions.

    Violent opinions need to be fought against.


    Some folks love to say "you should all just get along and play nice".

    - You will notice that those folks are almost never the ones paying the costs of other people's opinions... That... is privilege. The privilege to think it doesn't matter, which comes from it never having effected you and yours.


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  14. 19 minutes ago, Sylvia Tamalyn said:

    ETA: And I think you are trying to bait people with the "clear winner" and "monster" comments. 

    'monster' yes - it's an opinion that racists running ethnic concentration camps are monsters.

    But 'clear winner' no. Stating simple facts is hardly baiting.


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  15. 10 minutes ago, Orwar said:

       Yes .. I don't know whether there's such a thing as a script to detect avatar complexity, but a fair amount of venues already boot people who hog scripts. If similar practices for complexity would be enforced at clubs and shopping events, then perhaps people would finally reconsider some of their choices.

    You can detect based on 'Arc' - a number of lag meters do it, including the one I sell. Almost none of them let you sort or ban by it though - because Arc is a metric that is almost completely divorced from reality. I only put it on my meter because people who buy those meters expect to see it, but I then added comments about how pointless it was...

    Oddly, they never updated this function to test complexity instead. But... given that complexity is completely hackable... that's not a major loss. It's fascinating to view SL with Niran's Dragon Viewer and the show complexity option on. He rewrote the complexity formula to be, by his claim, more 'honest' about GPU stress... It's why the lindens put a warning on his viewer - because it speaks truth. And once you see what's really lagging up your grid... it's frustrating.

    All human mesh bodies are bad... so if you care about lag it becomes a sad choice between bad, worse, and deadly...

  16. I get that the conversation this... of all things and advertisement... is making... is what people want to be addressing when they talk about appropriation:

    But it's not where they go.

    The accusation of Appropriation seems to be a distraction from getting to the real issue - which I think the video above goes directly to.

    And it's a dangerous distraction - because accusations of appropriation instead of trying to get us to actually love each other, try to put us into different spaces / corners. That's not just dangerous to mixed people like me - it's dangerous to everyone when we split apart instead of come together.


    But watch the video - it's one of the best examples I've seen of what I feel is the real conversation that should be had.


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  17. On 11/12/2020 at 3:22 AM, Orwar said:

       I have noticed that some creators have dropped Gianni as of late, opting for Jake and Legacy only. Not that I was interested in their garbage anyway, but still, rude.

    Considering how Jake is starting to not be supported by mesh heads (Lelutka as of now, might happen to more soon) - this seems foolish. NOT because Lelutka chose to stop Belleza Support - but because Belleza hasn't had an update in so long supporting it would just introduce problems into the current head and they wanted to focus their rigging on the new standard all other bodies have moved to...

    And Legacy male... I was shocked when I looked into it lag-wise. That body should be banned from the grid... AR'able as an abuse of region resources. Sadly, a fate Belleza Female might also need to share... (and it's still my favorite look, but wow on the lag).

    I need to do that for Legacy female also, look into how much lag it generates that is.


    ps: On the note about Belleza and Lelutka heads not fitting it - this is what caused me to start this thread. I bought my male alt a Lelutka head, and then noticed the neck didn't fit, and started reading people asking about it in the Lelutka group. And as painful as it was I agreed with their response: we support a current standard so we can keep things resource light with all this new rigging we just added, we can't help that Belleza is so slow to update. So I figured I'd ask in here about what to get to replace Jake. 🙂

  18. Triangle Counts:

    Gianni Body + Hands and Feet (demo): 161,370

    Belleza Jake 2.0: 179,961

    Adam v2: 84,216

    Legacy Male (demo): 401,906 !!!

    Adam is the best optimized - not even sure if the brand is still in business because I got him that so long ago.

    Legacy Male is WTF land...

    The other two are similar and if Gianni is good I will put that on my 'to buy' list.


    Belleza Female btw is 521,287 triangles - that's your queen of lag right there. Much as I love the body, she's got so many onion layers on her it makes me cry... Hope we get an update that removes ALL of that and makes each 'breast shape' a different body rather than forcing 3 onions for the sake of 2 options only one merchant I know of supports... BUT that's not this topic - I just put her numbers in to show contrast with Legacy Male in the lag department.

    Maitreya is 176,297 triangles so for people who want that for a male I guess it would work but I never mix male and female bodies and would find the curves visually jarring on a male. I want bishonen - which is not a gender-bend just not a Schwarzenegger build. 😉 More like a normal RL male body. Where I'd like him to have muscle tone, would be more like Bruce Lee - handsomely slim and wired.


    EDIT: Checking to see if I had the current signature, discovered they have 2 male bodies, and the other one, geralt - is exactly what I was seeking. So that goes into the budget instead.

    Also. Adam is still around and got a BOM update - but my alt's current skin is a poor fit for it and they don't sell to that body. It's not the body form I wanted - but I guess that is another 'brand out there still' for the list. And a low lag one at that.



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  19. 1 hour ago, Eddy Vortex said:

    Greg is wearing the Gianni with his torso muscles set at 5, body thickness at 5, and body fat at 1. That's the best I could manage with this body.


    Actually that solves my concerns pretty well. I think I'll re-demo gianni on my alt and do a lot more shape dial tweaking than I had been doing. 🙂


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