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    Fitted Mesh Is Here!

    @Unfriended: Fitted mesh is just as picky about your shape as rigged was. Its going to take mesh makers a little while to reaize this and continue to use the standard sizes as a "starting point".

    - Its just its no longer the end point anymore.

    @Akimuto: Anywhere you can buy anything else in Second Life, people can sell fitted mesh - if they so choose.

    @BRandee Hammond: 2009 called, they miss you. Its now 2014.


    Fitted Mesh Is Here!

    At least one fitted mesh product is alreasdy on the market.

    Fitted Mesh boobs from vString.

    You can demo them, which will show you some of what this will do and how it will work in SL for other products.

    Try using the shape slider for breast size, cleavage, and bouyancy - all of which will now effect them. And um... avatar physics also effects them, for some rather vibrant results. :P

    - What that tells me is the same thing could be done with bikinis, blouses, and t-shirts, and I'm sure this market will take off very fast given... teh interwebz...

    If you could apply avatar physics of the chest to an attachment in a different location then the dream of male avatars in SL since 2003 will finally come true. :P


    On the serious side... its not perfect and textures will map a little quirky if your shape is too far from what the designer used - so for body parts you'll need to keep an eye for MOD products you can adjust the texture scaling and position of. This won't be a concern for clothing though.

    It will solve miracles - if your shape is too far different from what it was built with, you'll probably have issues - but to know what those will be we'll need to see some clothing hit the grid...

    Anyone know of any fitted mesh clothes on live yet?


    Oh and... expect LOTS of comlaints from Firestorm users. Their viewer isn't supporting it yet nd I see no date on their website for when they will... they see your fitted mesh item stretching off to coordinates 0,0,0 of the sim, which for mesh boobs can look rather hilarious...




    Q: What are your goals for your new position as VP Marketing at Linden Lab?

    A:   What I really want to do here is help the Lab figure out what the “X   Factor” is going to be for Second Life. When I was working on games, I   always tried to choose a single idea to focus on and bring out, an X   Factor that helped people get into the game and helped them discover  all  the rest of the possibilities there. If I can help bring that kind  of  focus to Second Life, I’ll be happy about how I’m doing my job.



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