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  1. I've neither time nor strength to go thru that thing line by line but the overall design seems extremely inefficient. Using a 6-states state machine for reading notecards via the dataserver seems like deploying a rather large cannon to shoot a pretty small bird. From my experience which is considerable in either life, when software is too complex it usually doesn't work well.
  2. I can't help wondering just why and how a customer support forum would turn into a discussion (rants) page.
  3. I market a rental vendor for Centova streams and most probably can make you one for WHM Sonic. contact me in world or send an email (address is in my profile).
  4. Mulana, as was already pointed out most stores don't have any salespeople on the floor; there is really no need as sales are automated via vending devices, etc. Moreover most sales are nowadays in the Marketplace (at least for me, though I think for many others too). If you want to become an outside salesperson (that is actually cold-calling on business or sim owners with a products catalog in hand then IM me in-world and I'll be glad to talk to you. (Might take a cpl days before I answer)
  5. The reviews page needs to be modified. Under each customer review there should be a section named "Merchant's Comment" as visible as the review itself. Currently merchant's comments are buried in the general comments on the review and many customers don't even notice it.
  6. People you bring in to help you with a specific product line development are not your employees (it would've been an RL administrative nightmare for you if they were) - they are contractors. An SL written contract is pretty meaningless as The Lab would not enforce it and tells you so in the ToS. An RL contract, either written or oral, is enforceable via legal venues but such enforcement may cost you more then it is worth. In any case forms for such contracts are available on-line, just do a google search. If there are significant payments involved you might consider paying not in L$ but in USD via Paypal. Then if the work is not performed to your satisfaction you might have a recourse with Paypal.
  7. You don't need any license to rent out audio-streams. If have a web server, contact your hosting company to find out if they offer CentovaCast Control Panel app. Most do, either for free or for a small monthly fee. If your hosting company doesn't offer this service contact Centova Technologies, Inc https://centova.com to lease this app. (that will cost a little more). If don't have a web server, that's where you start from. You must have one. Upon having the Centova Control Panel installed, go to the Marketplace and enter in search 'CentovaCast Vendor'. That's a unique product that automates renting out audio-streams in SL.
  8. I had one too a few months ago - the first time I ever got one - and it is exactly what other posters said above. An interesting thing was that the relevant purchase was via the Marketplace and The Lab deducted from my account the whole purchase price (quite high) without regard to the 5% commission taken by the Lab on the purchase. I contacted The Lab about it and they refunded me the 5% without further ado.
  9. Basically I do the same thing as is done in RL. There are always bugs in the first release of a complex product. Sometimes they reveal themselves many months or even years later when a specific customer does something unexpected. In any case bug fixes are always free regardless of how many hours it takes me to reproduce the bug, find its cause and implement the fix (and it might take quite a few to put it mildly). New features are usually suggested by customers. They are always smarter than I am and wish for things I haven't even thought about. When contacting me they almost always add that they are willing to pay extra. Sometimes I can't implement their wishes because it would require a totally different design but when I can I release an upgrade and in most cases the price goes up. Existing customers need to pay only the difference.
  10. When The Lab goes from a maximum Lindex fee of 3USD per transaction to 3.5% per transaction with no upper limit, that's SL "inflation." At that time, I felt entirely justified in raising prices on almost all of my products and I didn't notice any measurable loss of customers. But if I did lose, so be it.
  11. We are not talking about defective items (whatever it might mean in SL). It has nothing to do with the subject.
  12. Have you ever heard the word "inflation"?
  13. I agree. Wish my intuition always worked but sometimes it doesn't . So I wish the SL software made those decisions, not I
  14. Yes I do. It's not a consumer product but a very narrow purpose industrial product so not on the first page of the listings but it is there, sells pretty well in its niche. In the substance, when I release an upgrade for increased price existing owners of the previous version can upgrade for a price difference. I always put a notice to this extent in my tech support group. In my terminology "update" is a bugs fix release, there is never extra-charge for an update. "Upgrade" is new features addition. It may or may not affect the price. Depends.
  15. What you saying seems reasonable yet there are complexities in the matter. Consider this: If an item has been listed for quite some time and sells well it would appear somewhere in the top pages in users search. If new features contributing to the price change were added and the item is listed anew it would have to start its ascend in the search pages all over. Not to mention reviews... There are ways around it of course like adding the new item to the related products in the old item listing but it is questionable that the users actually scrutinize listings that much. None of this would matter for most products but what if you have a very well selling item priced at L$12K (and I have such) and new features you add justify the price increase to L$18K. Do you continue redelivery for the original price and lose money or make a new listing and lose sales?
  16. It might feel good to sermonize a simple technical question: whether or not the re-delivery feature considers the listing changes as compared with the listing at the time the purchase was made. Yet it hardly contributes to a meaningful answer.
  17. I don't get many re-delivery notifications but there are a few. One of them was re-delivery of a product originally purchased in 2012. The product price didn't change so I've no problem with that specific re-delivery. But what if the price has changed? Let's say a customer buys a product for L$999. A year or a few years later the customer loses the product and goes to the MP for re-delivery. The product is still listed and has the same name but the price now is L$1599, which is L$600 higher than what the customer has paid. Would the product still be re-delivered? If yes, it would seem a pretty big hole in the re-delivery feature.
  18. It is possible if instead of using the system 'pay' option you make your own scripted 'pay' button which would transfer L$ to a hard-coded seller key. If don't know how to make a script like that, contact me in-world
  19. I've recently received a 1-star review for one of my products. The products has been in the Marketplace for a long time, has many sales and no complaints. Further I have a demo of this product in my in-world store and it has been working in there just fine for years. Prior to posting the bad review the customer did contact me by IM but it was in a foreign language (I think it is Portuguese but not sure). I responded in English that I didn't understand the question/problem and asked to repeat it in English. There was no reply. The bad review is also in a foreign language (Portuguese ?). The product will not work without filling out a configuration notecard. The product box contains a User Manual which describes each configuration parameter in detail. It is apparent that the customer cannot read the User Manual because doesn't understand English. Why the merchant should be blamed for that is not clear to me. I don't have resources to translate my user manuals or provide support in different languages. I flagged the review and wrote a comment relaying about the same as I've written above. A few weeks passed but the review is still there. I opened a ticket with the Lab and (very promptly) received an email response that I should flag the review in question. But it is already flagged. I have dealt with many foreign customers and not all of them spoke perfect English but everyone would make an effort to convey their problem and if they could not they would bring someone who could. Personally I think that reviews in languages other than English should not be allowed in those Marketplace pages that are written in English, while pages in other languages should allow reviews in that language and/or in English. What do you think?
  20. "Just thinking out loud, could tax avoidance be a route?" Seriously doubt it unless the culprit is Al Capone. But even that would be moot because (s)he resides overseas.
  21. @Myrmidon Hasp @CoffeeDujour @Klytyna If I correctly understand y'all, you suggest calling llNavigateTo() instead of llPatrolPoints() and calculate the next destination point dynamically while it's already moving toward the current destination point. Calculating the next point is a simple trigonometry and not a problem of course. We do know when the current point is near via the path_update event sending 0, so the only question here is how much it will slow down while the next destination point is being calculated and llNavigateTo() called again as the movement speed along the circle path may become uneven, with multiple accelerations and decelerations. Yet definitely worth a try. Thank y'all
  22. @Klytina That'd be actually a good solution if the script memory were made of rubber. Sadly it isn't. With a 5-degrees step we'll have to make a list of 72 vectors for waypoints so there is at least 2.5K of memory right there, most probably more. So we'll need to have at least 5K of available memory to just make such list via list methods regardless how list elements are calculated. About pathfinding in general I totally agree with you and would never do a move of a simple trajectory via pathfinding in my own products but that's what I was requested to do.
  23. "Why" is not a question, Lucia the question is "how". Seems I'd have to set an awful lot of waypoints for a circular move with llPatrolPoints(), don't you think? I thought maybe there's some other ways which I don't know.
  24. Does anyone know if it is possible to make an object move in a circle of a specified radius (r) around a specified location (<x,y,z>) with pathfinding methods? Not wander within but make a smooth circle.
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