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  1. Thanks, As much as it pains me, I guess I am just stuck either getting on this thing I don't like any more or losing the money I invested. It sucks, but oh well. I just hope others learn from my mistake of jumping on board with something before exploring all other options. That way they will be able to decide which is better for them before quickly paying for something they may not want later and not get a refund.
  2. Hi,   I upgraded my account to premium and paid to have it for a year. However, I recently found another virtual world that in my opinion is better than this one. I would like to know that if I were to either downgrade back to basic or delete my account, will I be given a refund minus the cost for the months I have been using my account? Also, the debit card I used to pay for the membership is no longer active. Can I still get the refund if I update my debit card information to the new card I now have? Thank you. Take care and be safe always.
  3. Okay, now I understand. Thank you all for your help. I guess then I can just take her off my modify permissions list being it's not what I thought it was. I just figured it would give her permission to modify my inventory instead of always having to unlock my inventory for me to put things where they need to go or to edit things. Guess we always learn something new everyday.
  4. If no one can view the inventory, how are they able to midfy it then? That is one thing I do not understand. Also, I already know how to set up my #RLV folder thanks to my mommy mistress's help with that. Thank you anyway for your advice on that part. I guess your response does answer the question of whether or not someone with modify permissions can add to my #RLV folder with the answer being no. Still the question remains how someone is able to modify my inventory without being able to view what I have in there to begin with. Do you have a link explaining fully how giving modify permissions work and how the other person does modify the inventory?
  5. I just recently gave a friend of mine whom I really trust modify permissions to my inventory. Now neither she nor I know how she will be able to view my inventory so that she can modify it. You see, my friend is also my mommy and my mistress online, and I want to make it easier for her instead of having to unlock my collar everytime I get a new object or outfit. That way, she can just put stuff into my RLV folder herself. Is that possible with giving her modify permissions or would I have to have my collar unlocked for me to put things in my RLV folder my ownself?
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