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  1. That is what I am doing right now in Second LIfe!! I have built the Quails, the Robots, and a couple of my own pets, based on minecraft, called MegaPixels. I am working on getting kinks out, and trying to figure out how to "better" they system. I want to use different textures, which is not feasible with that current script, as they "HAVE" to go into a cryocrate, and then it has to be that specific same pet. Which means, a seperate cryocrate for each type of animal, different textures etc. I do notice most breedable creators in SL, do keep their pets "LIVE" nowadays. So I will probably need to fix my script to be able to do that! I love the project though, Ive raised a lot of breedables in Second Life, and now onto being a creator with my own line, and learning!!
  2. I would like to set 4 faces, around the rim, so when I taper it, its like a picture frame and like the colors to change around like this. what is the coding for that. I tried 1,2. It doesnt work and 1:2 and 1;2 etc etc
  3. I want to enable pathfinding, as I am working on creating some breedables, especially in osgrid, pathfinding is off. Those links are old, and no longer available. Is there an update on how to set pathfinding? especially in singularity viewer. thank you!
  4. He meant lost it. I loose mine all the time and its frustrating, you grab all around the screen, and cant grab it when its gone off screen. That is what Happens to me all the time. I came back today looking for an answer again. I lost the edit box off the screen, and I try to drag it back on the screen using the mouse, but it doesnt seem to be found anywhere. I'm trying a restart lol.
  5. You need singularity nightly, that fixes Bento. I don't know why they came up with both versions. But yes, we are using Singularity Viewer (64 bit) 1.8.9 (8419) Feb 14 2021 17:01:24 (Singularity Beta)
  6. If I have a set of mesh doors that pivot on the hinges, but in another house I want to set the "eazyscript 4.0" into it, it pivots in the centre. Can I change the pivot point of a 1 prim mesh door in sl or open sim? They are both similiar homes, different designs made of mesh, with 1 prim doors. I did a house with all the doors working, kitchen fridge as well, windows , doors, but this other house Ive noticed they dont swing open right, to set the script to open position, The pivot point is in the centre, not on the hinges...grrrr...any fix?
  7. I'd like to download MY sounds back onto my harddrive, and use them in OSgrid. I fried my hard drive, all the had work of finding the songs, splicing them, etc, is GONE. I had dozens of songs for my shop, musical ornaments . grrrr. There MUST be a way!! Thank you, Annie
  8. yeah really lame, a few years later (3912 days ) and I'm still looking for an answer for this one, maybe Jenni Darkwatch wants to tell him how to do it from another viewer illegally? lol. Come on, tell us how to upload sounds to our harddrive. I also fried my hard drive and want to upload the sound peices from many songs I put into sl, and made a store with musicals in it, I want to upload and put on osgrid. Hello????? thank you.
  9. is the hud covered over by another invisible part of another hud? that happens too, then clicking on it wont work.
  10. I am trying to do a simple flip hud over, a business card so ppl can see the other side, but these scripts are not working. I have a regular flip prim script but it flips only 90 instead of 180 on the hud, then touching it again, doesnt flip back. But these scripts dont move the prim on hud at all, what am i doing wrong?
  11. I am trying this attached to hud, but it only flips 90 degrees, then doesnt do anything. Do scripts work differently on a hud?
  12. I have had this happen to me before with a swim ao. I would tp to my region and swim, but tp out, and stop. I wasn't wearing anything. Do you know what it was? The ao was dropped on the ground of my land. So you wil need to start searching and hunting for it to delete it, An ao hud dropped on the ground of your region will cause you to animate on your region, even if you are not wearing it!! I have this same problem again and now cannot even find the ao on my land!! Yes this is very frustrating!! And stupid. Osgrid dev team, please fix this so that any ao huds that are rezzed out and left on the ground do not animate us!! thank you, Annie Wulff
  13. I wish firestorm did not have this option and SL would remove it as my boyfriend likes to do that all the time and pisses me off!! However, singularity does not have this option. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......tell firestorm or sl to remove this option from avatars, which i know they can because in singularity, it does not have this option.
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