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  1. GERI01 wrote:

     To have all the variations from all the other resellers, it is then a simple matter of ripping their textures.

    Enlighten me... how would they go about that "simple" process of obtaining ALL the textures from all the other sellers. 

    (hint:  it's NOT a simple process to get all the other textures!)

  2. Red Godde wrote:

    There is the condescending tone I was referring too.

    As it happens, you do not have a better understanding of reality, your opinion is not reality, your opinion is not superior to anyone else's. Step of the podium you put yourself on.

    Red, I tend to disagree.  Penny has made it quite clear that it's her belief that many creators are choosing "no modify" based on misunderstandings and I concur with that.  In fact it prevails throughout SL.


    "The scripts are no mod so the object has to be."  The number of times i've had that conversation in the days when resizers in every prim were prevalant and couldn't be removed due to the no mod object.  Discussing with the creator and explaining would often turn a light bulb on.

    "The sim is laggy so we put the shopping mall in the sky to reduce lag", a belief that proximity of scripts causes lag the nearer they were to the avatar.  (As a test, put Excel in the top right corner of the screen and put a benchmarking piece of software in the lower left... see if the benchmarking software returns a different result if you put Excel nearer to it!)

    "The animations can't be changed inworld so there's no point setting them to modify".  Well yes there is, some animation scripts can't handle long names, being able to change a name fixes that quickly and simply without compromising anything about the animation.

    Best one yet though, a full perm seller of mesh, including the .DAE believed that the format couldn't be edited externally in Blender but only uploaded into SL, believing this was protection.  No, in that case, it was a buggy DAE export function in an earlier version of Blender that didn't include some of the data blocks in the DAE export.  She really didn't want to listen and wouldn't export it in a later version of Blender so I just had to waste about 8 hours manually patching up the file to make it editable - as it should have been.

    Penny is just asking creators to use modify if it's not in conflict with their commercial reasons and not fuelled by misunderstanding.

    Since it was my reasoning that you picked out, as mentioned before, I understand and accept a creators commercial reason but lets not be dragged down silly diversions due to misunderstandings when there is no other objection.  As a creator and customer, I prefer modify and as others have said, if there's a choice between equal products, the one that gives me the most flexibility will be my choice.  It's up to each creator to choose their path, hopefully an educated one.

  3. Gadget Portal wrote:


    Not sure which thread you're reading, but most of the people responding here
    content creators already. It just so happens we have a better understanding of reality than the ones you're talking about, is all.

    Regardless, the permissions system is what it is and although many of us prefer to offer modify to our customers,  as customers ourselves and as frustrating as it may be, we still have to respect the decision of creators who wish to choose the "no mod" route.

  4. entity0x wrote:

    I understand why a customer would love that freedom, but on my end, why bother doing all sorts of stuff, and doesn't this defeat the purpose in the end? If a creator isn't thinking "I'm making cool things" and instead shifts to "make things for ultimate user end use.." when did this change?

    My view is simple but then the bulk of my products are not.  Therefore I consider that the value in the product is the sum of the parts and not one sole element.  As such I expect (and encourage) people to modify, extend or whatever to their will.

    I'm not the greatest texture artist by any stretch but that's just one element of what I offer and so where appropriate, i'll include layered .PSD's, the UV map of the mesh item and where necessary, customisable HUD to help people get their textures onto the item.

    But as I mentioned, textures alone are just one aspect, i've always aimed at any of the system things to be extendable through designed in functionality.

    Yes, sometimes I cringe when I see a solid black texture but then you can apply the same solid black texture to something with normal mapping and advanced lighting and it turns from flat black to luscious latex!

    If someone wishes to make a conscious decision to set their items as no modify, that's their choice and the customers to buy or not.

    What does bug me is the misinformation around when some people make an item no modify because they're led to believe the type of examples in Penny's original post.

    The one I think she missed was "I have to set the object to no modify because the scripts inside are no modify".  Heard that too many times.

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  5. entity0x wrote:

    By your logic, then an inworld 'discount' or 'sale' is anti-competitive (against noone), and is now 'inflating' a price on the SLMP.

    This means LL would need to automatically delist thousands of products today who are doing this now.

    Applying their rule as it stands, you may feel that would meet the requirement, if that's the case, I suggest that you go and flag all those items in the sales where the same discount is not applied to MP.

    I'll remind you yet again, this is not my rule, it's not my fight, read the rules and interpret as you wish.

    At this point, i'm done because you're trying to argue with me and i'm really not interested.  The rules are present for all.  Done!

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  6. entity0x wrote:

    WIth all due respect, this isn't about me, this is about discussing what anti-competitive behaviour actually is, and why I don't believe the OP (or many top sellers who do it daily) are in contravention of this.

    Also any definition of 'inflating prices" does not describe what the OP (or many top sellers do daily) either, or how/why it is anti-competitive in any way and with whom? themselves?

    Perhaps we will now need Dakota Linden to clarify what this means and give examples, and/or improve the wording in the listing to clearly describe what they mean, since both definitions provided do not cover this action in SL at all.


    Do you *really* need the concept of one price is higher than the other explaining to you... if so...how slowly?  The bullet point states it quite clearly, take it up with LL if you need someone to explain it more.

    "Anti-Competitive or Abusive Behavior. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • inflating prices on the SL Marketplace, in comparison to in-world or other e-commerce sites,"
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  7. I have no interest in other sellers, I can read the rules and i'm sure you can.  It REALLY is that simple.

    I don't have to make any statements for the sake of arguing when you're just trying to be confrontational.  The rules are listed for all to follow, it's up to LL to enforce, go flag all the listings fo the merchants who are being flagrant with the rules if it makes you happy, it's not my fight.

  8. VaIentine wrote:

     If a content creator works for days to fine tune a dress texture for a pice of mesh, and the sell it mod, the customer could then tint the dress to be matte black with no detail at all, or change it to a horrible color shade that would ruin the creators texture work.

    Or look at it the other way, the texturising person wasted time making textures that weren't met by the customer need.  What a waste of time! :)

    Other than that, what Pamela said.  None of the texturers work has been ruined, i'm pretty sure the texture UUID and it's representative bitmap is still the same, I suspect that the only product "ruined" is the one owned by the customer but even then, it hasn't been ruined as it's now what the customer wanted.

  9. The one commercial reason that I can understand, is that a merchant can then offer the same item with a different texture.  It's not a model which I support but that's about the only "reason" I can see that fits.

  10. Phil Deakins wrote:


     the OP posted to provide a warning about vendors and Gift button mistakes. The problem may be unique to a particular store or the faulty script may be common in vendors, so the OP's warning benefits everyone here. His objective has been fulfilled to the possible future benefit of all who read it. The OP did everyone here a favour.

    That's the part I disagree with, his warning should have been to advise people to be sure to use the vendor properly and not to make a blanket statement to avoid a scripted vendor gift function.

    Regardless, the root cause remains with the badly written script.

  11. lucagrabacr wrote:

    One of my listings just got unlisted for "inflating listing prices". I have items in my inworld store 5L cheaper than they are on the MP, is that not allowed?

    Look on the bright side, three good things came of this:-

    1. Whoever spotted it actually understood the rules and flagged it correctly
    2. The LL staff member *appeared* to understand the rules and de-listed it correctly
    3. You won't lose much by listing it at the same price

    From my empirical evidence, 1. and 2. have been shown to be rarely the case.

  12. entity0x wrote:

    Hell, I'd almost prefer paying more on the MP anyway, for the guarantee of updates and redeliver options.

    Are you referring to some fantasy redelivery option for customers that doesn't exist or are you saying as a customer, you'd rather pay more for the same product on MP *if* there were a redelivery option?

    There's NEVER a guarantee of updates, if you're referring to the product of course and not the same fantasy updates to MP, those don't happen either.

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  13. Assuming the item is also copy permission, breaking link numbers just means throwing away the broken one and using another, accepting that changing the link set isn't an option.


    Happy to play in the modify permission world.

  14. Suki Hirano wrote
    I come on here warning people to be careful of the gift function in vendor scripts because it's scripted very poorly (which is your TLDR if you can't comprehend it)
     and get flamed, though why am I not surprised, not the first time it happened. Completely idiotic script used for vendor and I get 2 out of 3 posts blaming me for the vendor eating my money. Are you f-cking serious? Have you guys gone outside of your homes for the last 20 years? Ever heard of an ATM machine? Ever did online banking? Have you heard of something called failsafe? Ever heard of UX? If customer encounters in a bug in the system, it's supposed to simply just say "screw it"? If a customer clicks "cancel", it supposed to think it means "continue"? /triple facepalm

    Actually, it's not called a "failsafe", in database terms it's an atomic transaction.  In other words, it cannot be reduced to anything less, the transaction either completes in entirety or rolls back to not having started.

    There, you learn something new every day! :)

    As for UX, this for me sums up everything:-

  15. Suki Hirano wrote:


    Is this for real? We're over 10 years in LSL scripting and they can't script a proper vendor script?

    Even if that's the case,
    why not refund the money if the avatar name is empty or not found
    ? I've seen vendors refund money in sales, so yes this can be done.
    If try to buy a group-only product without group tag, it will refund your money
    . I guess whoever scripted this vendor, likely CasperVend,
    didn't bother scripting a refund option if something invalid happens

    Just a warning for people shopping in places where they use vendor scripts instead of the simple right click -> buy. Don't use the stupid "buy as gift" option, if you accidentally make a typo, type wrong name, or simply leave it blank, you're screwed and won't even register on redelivery terminal. Just pay your friend the money and let her buy it herself.

    Who is the "they" in which the first sentence refers?

    I take issue with this as a general "warning" about gifting.  I agree, it's a poorly written script, I know not all vendor scripts do this, it's a complete logic fail.  Wrong names, yes people do that because of LL's brain dead idea with display names and the confusion that causes for SL residents who seem to sometimes think that everyones display name actually has any account reference.

    I also know that you have a general sentiment of negativity towards merchants.  We've all had our share of poor experiences but also understand that there are merchants who go out of their way to help and understand. 

    There are merchants who don't want your money even for your mistakes, some even go so far as to automatically refund for duplicate purchases, either manually or have the vendor system automatically do it - who'd have thought?!

    Equally there are some customers for whom dealing with them is a pleasurable interaction, as one would expect between friends and then there are some for whom the same cannot be said.

  16. Britney Damour wrote:

    I think the best way to 'test deliver' your own items FREE,is to set the price of your item to 0L$,buy your own item,see if it gets delivered and has all the content in it,and when you're satisfied,edit the poduct/item to the original price you intended.

    On the previous market place,you could test deliver to yourself by clicking a button,but that option is (to my knowledge) no longer available on SL Marketplace.

    I'd prefer to use the existing Test Delivery option against each listing myself.  Setting items to free and then buying them is not really a good idea given that you cannot make a private listing.

    Just use the feature that's there to perform test deliveries :)

  17. MD will do a nice drape but that's where it ends.  To make it "work" in SL, the resultant item from MD needs to be exported from there and imported into a program that can be used to bind it to an armature and add vertex weights such that it moves with the avatar skeleton.  MD can also result in very high topology and needs work afterwards to reduce it, there's a very easy tendency to be able to create what could be considered "realisitc" clothes but which are too complex to be practical in SL, not that this stops people.  The latest avatar de-rendering thingy does become an issue though.

    Blender also can do a similar function of stitching parts and performing a physics cloth drape although it's somewhat more work, MD does make it fun and easy.

    Blender is free, MD isn't.  MD alone won't be enough.

    I didn't include Maya here as a) I have no experience of it and b) it's not free (aside from educational discounts which preclude you from commercial use anyway).

    If you want to make mesh clothes, you're going to be in the realm of Blender (assuming you want a low/no cost entry) whatever.

    There are plenty of modelling tutorials, it doesn't matter if they're SL specific for many of them but I suggest that you also look for tutorials on Avastar, which is a NON free plug in for Blender, specifically aimed at SL and is created by an SL resident with very active inworld support.  It's less than a months subscription to MD, I don't know why people expect the efforts of others to be free, it's not expensive in my opinion and totally worth it.

  18. Bear with me here but why *exactly* do you seek this as a mesh item? Attach/detach by itself doesn't drive the need for it to be mesh. Why is an applier method an issue why is attach/detach of a copy of the body with the stockings applied not an option?


    Just for giggles, I created a fishnet dress in full mesh, for myself. The number of triangles in it makes it somewhat unfair to others around with regard to render, hence why it's just for me, when I know where I'm going to wear it.

  19. I can't help you with your support issues but if all in this era why you're still paying as much to call the US?


    There are many ways to route your calls over internet voice providers, it costs me just pennies per minute to call the US from the EU.


    I just checked, 2p per minute which is much cheaper than calling any local "non geographic numbers" which companies typically use here for the purpose of call centre routing.

  20. Um, long names are an issue with poor scripting and won't limit putting the animations into a different dance system. One that can deal with names too long for a button. It's not difficult to script this correctly and is no different to creating a dialog menu with buttons containing the names of nearby avatars, which can be longer than allowable button text limits.


    If your chosen system can't cope, take that up with the creator of that system because it still is as simple as taking the animations out of the Henmations system and putting them in something else.

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