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  1. No it won't but that's not Toy's rant here which is about marketplace delivery failures which will be addressed with DD. 

    That page about capping has also changed, the old page always referred to object to avatar inventory transfers as getting capped while avatar to avatar did not.  That is still my belief to be the case.

  2. Toysoldier Thor wrote:

    I think removing Inventory Gives from the caps would go a long way to addressing many of the SLM delivery failures.

    They won't spend any time on this for SLM because direct delivery will render the effort uneccessary as has already been stated by others.

    Whether it's right or wrong there are many other features that do require attention that will not be fixed by direct delivery, such as inventory offers going to trash when you have busy set. 

    What about access to transaction records older than 30 days?  That would be a huge benefit and there's no excuse for not doing it.  LL will have it all in their SQL database, it's a mere SQL query to retrieve it, ask about that one while you're on.

    There are many limits in SL, any software will have constraints for various reasons, some arbitrarily chosen at the time, others that come back to bite and some that are later realised to be plain silly and some that are based upon calculations around the storage required data processing.

    Here are the limits for SL

    It is what it is but this isn't one that's required to fix Marketplace, DD will address this.


  3. It hasn't scammed anyone, the money hasn't disappeared, you don't have to refund anyone.

    Money goes first to Marketplace Linden, then if the sale fails, it will refund but it can take up to 8 hours.  If it fails to do this, then the published resolution is for the customer to file a support ticket and there is a category for delivery failure.

    In some cases, LL support is faster to resolve this than some merchants who never bother to reply.

    That is the end of the drama.

  4. No need to write a ticket, just read the guidelines:-


    Adult Content Is Only For 18+ Year-Old Residents.

    • Strong sexual content, including:
      • Depictions of anatomical nudity, including exposed genitals and/or female nipples.
      • Sexual avatar animations, including ones depicting explicit or highly-realistic sexual intercourse or oral sex.
      • Content or items intended for use in, or primarily associated with, erotic or sexual roleplay.

    Regardless of whether there is nudity, the word "sex" in the title, if the items is intended for use in erotic or sexual roleplay then it's adult.  sex bed...what do you think?

    This then puts lingerie in the same category.

    Equally, the marketplace is infested with NON adult items coming up when Adult only is chosen.  That's equally unacceptable and is nothing more than wrong category spam.  If people have made the conscious decision to search only for adult content, they shouldn't be seeing page after page of freebies which are unrelated.

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