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  1. I'm just very very quiet! I used to create a lot of extra stuff that I never put up for sale, mesh in the way that I had to do it was very time consuming. For example one product for other creators would have been 5 models (back in the standard sizing days). I had to create 25 models which for the end customer was just ONE item they'd use. I was never very good at finishing work and as creators know, it's quite easy to get the first 80% done but the last 20% can take 80% of the time. As a result, I waited for the tools to become available for fitted mesh and by the time that Avastar
  2. Welcome, I hope you enjoy your visit. Remember to look right when crossing the road but you can cross anywhere you like, there's no jaywalking law.
  3. Ok, he didn't, I am asking why. Convince me as to why it's a good thing... What have I missed that's convincing, the *must* be something?!
  4. Again, I didn't suggest anything, merely described what's possible. Having said that, you need to reread the definition of theft. This isn't it. You may also want to campaign about the way the viewer works, creature a JIRA etc. It puts textures on the client, what happens next is beyond your control.
  5. First point, the texture is there, what people do with it is up to them. I didn't suggest it, I said it's an option. Subtle difference. Yes the maps have value to the creator of the texture but my question wasn't answered. If the item is unique and they're only a match for that creation, if the merchant had no interest in making a change, I'm asking why not allow the customer? They have value to a customer, even a monetary value if desired. No demand here, the question is simple and genuine. "Because I don't want to", while an answer, isn't particularly convincing and while I ac
  6. Well, one option would be to save the supplied texture from cache, since the viewer will have ever so nicely downloaded it. That provides an instant reference for both UV and AO shading. But let me ask this, why not offer the UV and AO maps anyway?! If the mesh is truly unique, then they have no value to anything else anyway. If the mesh is template (and readily available), the modding inclined customer will seek the original FP mesh if it's that important and get the maps that way and not buy the no mod item in the first place. I accept that people selling template mesh will likely
  7. didn't we used to be able to delete our own posts when making an accidental double post? Oh well, it has been a while.
  8. I'm a little late to this thread but I always took a different approach. Along with offering the item as modify, I include the AO map and UV map for the mesh clothing that I created and where possible, detailed instructions for modifying and scripts for injecting those custom textures into a complex item. Textures were never my excitement and I knew that most of my customers liked to play around by linking items (yes even rigged mesh has a reason for linking items), adding scripts and so on. As to someone making my stuff look like complete garbage, there's an opposite to this. If by me
  9. It's going to be a complete hoot, I know i've got knives out for a handful of select companies from whom i'll be extracting my pound of flesh! This is good: Companies being required to respond about the data which is held about a data subject at no charge. Presently there's provision for an admin fee to find out what data is held in DPA, superceded by GDPR removes this charge. This is not: Best of all and frankly the most ridiculous is that a data subject can have a passing conversation with a toilet cleaner, a canteen worker, a pond cleaner etc. and say "please remove all my data" a
  10. I can't identify a data subject from a marketplace receipt. Avatar, date time, product, L$. Where's the data that relates to a naturally identifiable person that a merchant can use?
  11. I would suggest that Casper's text is somewhat too broad. Specifically, from the regulation:- For the purposes of this Regulation: ‘personal data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (‘data subject’); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural
  12. Noooo Innula, YOU need to ask VM for your money back since they clearly delayed you by 2 seconds compared with me!
  13. Well what an unhelpful bunch on this forum since nobody has actually answered your question! The answer as to why is because of poor bandwidth between the server hosting the download and you. Now, I just downloaded it in 8 seconds and benchmarked my speed (between me and the nearest speed test server) at 378Mbps, this isn't the full answer though because that doesn't test the speed all the way to the Firestorm server but it would give me an idea as to whether the issue is within my control. Go to https://www.speedtest.net and see what result you get but clearly "They" have nothi
  14. Others have given plenty, my main advice is simple:- "Do what makes you happy!"
  15. There's your problem! You own two niche phones with small overall market penetration. Next time perhaps choose a device which has the dominant operating system.
  16. Umm, I think anyone paying for CBT and "talk" therapy is definitely well into the role play aspect. Just sayin'
  17. It's a shame that the "works with" thing on the listing is just so inadequate and that there's no sensible way to specify "accessory for" and a pick list (plus freeform field" method of stating all the other products that the item works with. I'll get back under my rock (or bridge, depending on your point of view!)
  18. You could try a dynamic DNS provider or it may be the port that's upsetting it or that you're not specifying a page to process it. It has been too long since I did it last.
  19. If you want to disallow a review that says "I do not like it" 1 star, then by the same logic, reviews that give 5 stars "I love it!" should also be removed. Neither follow the essence or guidelines of the review system. Would you be wanting to have the second example removed?
  20. Based on my RL experience, there seems to be a trend where the definition of "Rude" is being taken as any opposition to their desired expectation or level of entitlement, e.g. "Can I have? Can I do? I need..." "NO" "That's rude!" This is particularly evident amongst a certain age group. Given that the above represents a typical vocal exchange, one can see just how easy it is to also take from that their understanding that unhelpfulness also occurred at the same time.
  21. At least it wasn't a single vendor promotion of breedable bunnies, nobody would be so daft as to promote a single merchant. Oh wait...
  22. No reason why not, same principles apply - additional rotating demo prim etc. Although you'd need to make the demo no mod, don't forget that part!
  23. In defence of this, that doesn't actually surprise me and shouldn't be taken as clear evidence unless they're clearly writing information which cannot be substantiated. I released a product for the first time in probably a couple of years. Several of my long standing loyal customers immediately left reviews. None since. I have rarely received reviews sometimes gaps of years between reviews and the number of reviews compared to the number of purchases is massively one sided. What would be a better indicator would be to be able to view the other reviews of a purchaser. We could do that
  24. Hold on, let me grab my popcorn. You have to wait a little longer sometimes for the fun contentious threads to kick off.
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