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    You must purchase the product before you can review it.

    Tari Landar wrote: I feel bad for the commerce team, they get grief because LL can't be assed to fix things. The above are one and the same. The commerce team IS LL and have (had?) staff accountable for maintainance and development. If there's no development (there doesn't appear to be), then one should question why not, it's not exactly finished and there remains plenty of low hanging fruit. No doubt everyone is busy with Sansar and from a future business perspective I can understand that except that it's all too common to chase the new shiny and not deal with the actual revenue generating product properly. I have empathy with the support staff who are not in a direct position to effect change but the commerce team is (was?) comprised of developers too. (I used the past tense on two occassions there because there's no current or recent or in fact vaguely recent evidence that there are developers actively engaged in Marketplace)
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    Tari Landar wrote: That said, her initial post didn't sound nearly as snobish(to me) until she clarified when someone tried to explain that bento is something *we all* have the capability of having...and she claimed that such a thing must be exclusive "because many are not". Nope, my comprehension was that she was saying that it seemed that Alwin was in a club (i.e. venue, not clique) that must have been exclusive that she didn't know about. Whatever, it doesn't matter!
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    You must purchase the product before you can review it.

    In a way i'm rather smug that LL's very bad decision to faff about with the last names has also bitten them with their name handling, just like it does for everyone else.
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    Tari Landar wrote: This type of elitist snobbery is the best kind. Why? Because it's the most hilarious. Or maybe I spent way too much time laughing about this, it could just be me. You don't even understand bento, what it is, how it works, how it's been implemented. Hmm, that wasn't my take from Amber's post. I believe that what she's getting at is that she'd like to be in an environment where all the avatars have animated faces and articulated hands. In other words, she wants to experience what we all experience daily in real life, facial expressions and gestures, as in hand gestures, not SL annoying junk. If that's what someone's understanding of "Bento" happens to be then perhaps the phrasing wasn't what met with the interpretation of others but that shouldn't matter. I didn't feel excluded or an underclass because I haven't chosen to rush out and buy Bento enabled stuff and i'm as interested to see how it works out instead of stiff fingers and blank faces but since I'm not even invested in mesh avatars, it's not going to be something that will bother me either way. To the OP, go ahead, make your dream, set up a club or other such venue and good luck!
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    Suggestions, Marketplace and Sim Fees

    Pamela Galli wrote: Torrie Mint wrote: Your Awesome :smileytongue: My awesome what? Too subtle. The other point which is clearly beyond the comprehension of some is that giving extra prims to those who may not use them is like offering extra free minutes for my mobile phone. I have only used about half the prim count on my homestead and giving me more didn't actually do anything whatsoever for me. I'm not complaining either, just pointing out that unless you need and use each and every single available prim, slapping on another extra load "free" doesn't actually change the financial position for me whatsoever!
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    How to update no modify creations to modify?

    Pixieplumb Flanagan wrote: Zoran mentioned that some of his products are 3D models - I thought that with rezzable items they needed to be rezzed in world to change the next owner perms properly? They do but it's not clear to me from the post whether it's that the permissions on the MP listing are the issue. If the items are boxed, the actual object permissions are somewhat irrelevant and it could just be that they want to bulk update the details on the pages for the listings.
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    Most expensive thing to buy on SL !!!

    Callum Meriman wrote: The Putin Gatcha is 1 billion Lindens - L$1,000,000,000 The autostrip poseball is 1 million Lindens - L$1,000,000 Quiz questions: which one of the above got to top selling items in MP? Which of the above has highlighted that MP buyers don't understand the listing requirements? Which of the above has demonstrated on several occasions that LL staff de-list compliant listings erroneously? Which of the aboe highlighted poor design of the MP solution?
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    Lost L$1500 on the MP - just tough luck?

    Sassanach7 wrote: She also has a funky mess of symbols on either end of her name just to make it difficult to find her in a people search (unfortunately for her, I'm like a sniffer dog - can find almost anyone or any thing). Now that's just paranoid though. What you're referring to there is the display name and should NEVER be used as a reference to an account name. Other than stating that display names are up there among the singularly most dumb moves that LL has ever made, someone can change their name regularly so you should never ever consider a display name as anything more than the colour of the T shirt they're wearing on any given day. Always use the account name. You cannot have unicode characters in an account name and an account name will never change for an account, unless LL changes someones name.
  9. Sassy Romano

    Lost L$1500 on the MP - just tough luck?

    Sassanach7 wrote: Also don't understand why neither myself (the buyer) or my friend (the gift recipient) can leave a review. Bad programming.
  10. entity0x wrote As I suggested earlier, if we just got LL to take commissions from inworld sales as well, this would no longer be an issue, I also would like people to acknowledge this barely qualifies as 'anti-competitive', even if LL is involved, and that either the policy is clarified, or changes made so that everyone is happy. LL had a plan to implement their own vending system which wouldhave linked to the Marketplace Direct Delivery system as it was at the time. They wanted to charge a commission to sell via that vending system. The plan never saw the light of day. Even today, you would expect a HUGE backlash if they wanted both land tier payment and then commission for the sale on top. You see, this is one reason why i'm against the idea of merchants saying "I charge a bit more on MP because of LL's commission". They have had to pay LL for land tier already so selling only on MP delivers LL no benefit without a commission system and yes, it's a fair amount. Both land tier and commission are just costs of sale. As for barely qualifying as anti-competitive, it's LL's rule - theirs to enforce or not. By the way, my L$1,000,000 poseball makes no claim to being of higher quality just because of the price, yes people have flagged it for "inflated listing price" (incorrectly) and the MP listing carries the apology text from LL for incorrectly de-listing it. It doesn't matter what the phrase is interpreted as elsewhere, LL define it explicitly in their TOS for use in conjuction with Second Life. I'm not debating the definitions, nor rights or wrongs, just trying to fill in some blanks as like some others, I have a lot of history in this area.
  11. entity0x wrote: So this is anti-competitive in the context of against Linden Lab itself? That somehow offering sales inworld to get customers to visit is an intent to cheat LL out of commissions? LMAO. It's another thing to claim that the marketer is doing it to avoid commissions specifically, which I don't believe would be the intent in many cases. That thought never would cross my mind, as I think the commissions LL charges are quite fair, I personally wouldn't have a need to avoid them, and wouldn't even enter my mind should I have done the same thing by charging less inworld for incentive for people to visit. (and is not anti-competitive in any way to their peers at all). Ok, now, you're starting to understand it. It NEVER was about being anti-competitive among peers, it has always been LL's position (hence in their TOS) that it's anti-competitive to LL and their commission structure. As for people reducing inworld to avoid commission, YES that's exactly why a lot of people have done it in the past. Certainly not exclusively but that was very much a sentiment when LL took over the Marketplace. You weren't around at the various inworld meetings when Pink Linden took over and it was a case of pitchforks at dawn to the point where LL has pretty much never engaged with merchants inworld since. Only for mostly closed meetings. At the time, many merchants were incensed that LL should dare to ask for commission having just bought out the only remaining alternate viable marketplace which at the time was XStreetSL. Now, just to illustrate this, say I was to sell a poseball for L$1,000,000 on Marketplace. LL would take a commission of L$50,000 on that for a Marketplace purchase. Around $200 US. If I were to offer it inworld with say a reference in the listing to suggest "cheaper in store", would that be fair for me to use Marketplace for the purpose of advertising only? That is why LL have the statement in the TOS, it's their TOS, their game and their rule to enforce or ignore. I'd like to point out that my inworld price for the poseball is the same as the MP one (Personally, I don't care whether someone prices differently inworld, it's not my issue to worry about but the reason for the objection is from LL for the simple reasons above). Entity, one more thing...for the love of <insert your chosen deity>.... PLEASE could you write, think, proof-read, think, proof-read again before posting? It seems that LL have yet again broken the forums and a new email is sent per individual change, which means that when you make half a dozen or more minor alterations, those of us who take an email feel, get a new email per change anyway!
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    Time to crack down on DEMO listings in SLM?

    Callum, there's a difference between liking the fact that a demo is available vs liking demos. There should never be a reason to look for a demo first, a demo of what? Any sane search would be to look for an item of a specification which may include a search to return only those with demos available. Demos being returned as stand alone listings as they currently exist is the result of a broken implementation in every sense.
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    Why No-Mod?

    At this point, I propose that everyone counts to 10 and someone rezzes a no copy/no mod campfire and we can all have a group hug and sit around singing while roasting copy/mod marshmallows, while simultaneously hoping that everyone else turns up in the same dress as me such that I can snag the other 500 texture variations in one go! *beams, ducks and runs*
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    no more support on windows xp?

    LLIAMAH wrote: Well - let this violence will remain on the conscience of those people who makes it and supports it. Do I have any choice? Of course you have a choice. Your options include (but are not wholly restricted to):- Complaining to Microsoft and demanding support for Windows XP to be maintained Use a different operating system. Windows is not the only choice. You may not like *this* option but you could also pay Microsoft to support you on Windows XP but it will cost you tens of millions of $ so is probably out of reach. Having worked for an organisation that paid MS for such extended support, there are those who pay. Form a consortium: "Worldwide Organisation of XP Users" and proceed as option 3. However, complaining to LL about support of a platform that they themselves are not in control of and is out of support isn't going to advance as that's pretty much standard practice for any software company and so given that they're not going to support Windows XP, option 2 is probably best, as has already been suggested by another poster.
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    unrigged mesh

    Correct. It is not bound to an armature with vertex weights to a bone.
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    Do I need to buy a land if I want to open in-world shop?

    Yes, you can sell on marketplace only. As for not knowing anyone, you just go and ask. Many people are approachable if you ask appropriately, see what people can offer, the worst answer you can get is "no", which is no worse that before you ask.
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    Do I need to buy a land if I want to open in-world shop?

    Well.. you don't have to buy if you can find someone to let you start for free. Someone was kind enough to do that for me when I started. You don't need to start off in a grand way, product quality surpasses the need for a fancy store (in my view) and renting a mall spot is still an inworld presence, there's no need to over spend in the early days. I started with L$1000, of which half was spent on textures and a script, the rest was mall rent for two weeks (after the initial free bit before I had really got going).
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    How To Advertise Your Store Or Product Using Sock Accounts

    Pamela Galli wrote: Or even better, have LL send out an email advertising your store to everyone in SL. Oh c'mon, the breedables market needed a boost back then right? Then LL realised they had made a boo boo... So they did it again although my memory forgets what the more recent one was?
  19. Since LL will have effected the change of name, it's up to them to make sure that related services such as a Marketplace shop still work. In other words, NOBODY here can help you, open a support case with LL.
  20. Sassy Romano

    Why No-Mod?

    GERI01 wrote: Sassy Romano wrote: GERI01 wrote: To have all the variations from all the other resellers, it is then a simple matter of ripping their textures. Enlighten me... how would they go about that "simple" process of obtaining ALL the textures from all the other sellers. (hint: it's NOT a simple process to get all the other textures!) You do of course know better than this. You see someon with the same dress model, you have the texture in your cache, and it is yours to steal. Precisely my point. That got me ONE texture. You said "to have ALL the variations from ALL the other sellers" So what you're saying is that I just need to wander around SL trying to find each and every version of the same thing BY CHANCE and then i'll have picked them up. Technically yes it would work but geez, 20,000 regions... that's a hell of a lot of random wandering. Really then, what we're saying is that you might by chance find another version but even then, it may not be the one you want so it's not really much of a serious issue is it?
  21. Sassy Romano

    Account Security

    Already asked for but "security" for LL for their customers isn't really something they appear to understand. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-18201 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-5753
  22. Sassy Romano

    Why No-Mod?

    GERI01 wrote: To have all the variations from all the other resellers, it is then a simple matter of ripping their textures. Enlighten me... how would they go about that "simple" process of obtaining ALL the textures from all the other sellers. (hint: it's NOT a simple process to get all the other textures!)
  23. Sassy Romano

    Why No-Mod?

    Red Godde wrote: There is the condescending tone I was referring too. As it happens, you do not have a better understanding of reality, your opinion is not reality, your opinion is not superior to anyone else's. Step of the podium you put yourself on. Red, I tend to disagree. Penny has made it quite clear that it's her belief that many creators are choosing "no modify" based on misunderstandings and I concur with that. In fact it prevails throughout SL. Examples:- "The scripts are no mod so the object has to be." The number of times i've had that conversation in the days when resizers in every prim were prevalant and couldn't be removed due to the no mod object. Discussing with the creator and explaining would often turn a light bulb on. "The sim is laggy so we put the shopping mall in the sky to reduce lag", a belief that proximity of scripts causes lag the nearer they were to the avatar. (As a test, put Excel in the top right corner of the screen and put a benchmarking piece of software in the lower left... see if the benchmarking software returns a different result if you put Excel nearer to it!) "The animations can't be changed inworld so there's no point setting them to modify". Well yes there is, some animation scripts can't handle long names, being able to change a name fixes that quickly and simply without compromising anything about the animation. Best one yet though, a full perm seller of mesh, including the .DAE believed that the format couldn't be edited externally in Blender but only uploaded into SL, believing this was protection. No, in that case, it was a buggy DAE export function in an earlier version of Blender that didn't include some of the data blocks in the DAE export. She really didn't want to listen and wouldn't export it in a later version of Blender so I just had to waste about 8 hours manually patching up the file to make it editable - as it should have been. Penny is just asking creators to use modify if it's not in conflict with their commercial reasons and not fuelled by misunderstanding. Since it was my reasoning that you picked out, as mentioned before, I understand and accept a creators commercial reason but lets not be dragged down silly diversions due to misunderstandings when there is no other objection. As a creator and customer, I prefer modify and as others have said, if there's a choice between equal products, the one that gives me the most flexibility will be my choice. It's up to each creator to choose their path, hopefully an educated one.
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    Why No-Mod?

    Gadget Portal wrote: Not sure which thread you're reading, but most of the people responding here are content creators already. It just so happens we have a better understanding of reality than the ones you're talking about, is all. Regardless, the permissions system is what it is and although many of us prefer to offer modify to our customers, as customers ourselves and as frustrating as it may be, we still have to respect the decision of creators who wish to choose the "no mod" route.
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    Why No-Mod?

    entity0x wrote: I understand why a customer would love that freedom, but on my end, why bother doing all sorts of stuff, and doesn't this defeat the purpose in the end? If a creator isn't thinking "I'm making cool things" and instead shifts to "make things for ultimate user end use.." when did this change? My view is simple but then the bulk of my products are not. Therefore I consider that the value in the product is the sum of the parts and not one sole element. As such I expect (and encourage) people to modify, extend or whatever to their will. I'm not the greatest texture artist by any stretch but that's just one element of what I offer and so where appropriate, i'll include layered .PSD's, the UV map of the mesh item and where necessary, customisable HUD to help people get their textures onto the item. But as I mentioned, textures alone are just one aspect, i've always aimed at any of the system things to be extendable through designed in functionality. Yes, sometimes I cringe when I see a solid black texture but then you can apply the same solid black texture to something with normal mapping and advanced lighting and it turns from flat black to luscious latex! If someone wishes to make a conscious decision to set their items as no modify, that's their choice and the customers to buy or not. What does bug me is the misinformation around when some people make an item no modify because they're led to believe the type of examples in Penny's original post. The one I think she missed was "I have to set the object to no modify because the scripts inside are no modify". Heard that too many times.