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  1. Me too - literally. It's the way I intentionally live in RL. But the discussion wasn't about cards and other things on any day of the year, as you described. It was specifically about Valentine's Day, and doing something specifically for Valentine's Day, because it's Valentine's Day.
  2. Aah. I read the op. Then, when Selene suggested joining the firestorm group, I read it again - very very carefully. But not carefully enough, because I completely missed the last short sentence.
  3. Obviously, Valentine's Day can be celebrated in any way that the celebrators see fit, or not at all. Bradford does make a very good point though. It would be a pity if all it ever meant to people is a day to give nice cards to everyone. If that's what it's become to some people, then it is no longer in the nature of romance (the very reason for Valentine's Day), which is a shame because, for those people, any genuinely romantic statement is gone. Even so, valentine cards smack of romantic feelings, so giving them to everyone is rather silly, because the statement they make simply isn't true. Therefore, whilst agreeing that everyone can use Valentoine's Day as they see fit, I disagree with the 'all give all a card' idea, because the message the cards convey is actually false. A friend of mine told me about her 13 year old son's experience this year. Three of the girls at school wanted him to be their valentine. That's what Valentine's Day is about, whether anonymous or not. It's about romatic thoughts and feelings. It's not about all-give-all a nice card today, so that nobody feels special to anyone and nobody is left out.
  4. Ah. So you know the OP. The op made no mention of firestorm or any viewer.
  5. I didn't mean that Catznip has/had anything to do with emerald. I meant the fact that a 3rd party viewer (emerald) was used unscrupulously by one of the developers could be the reason why some people might be wary of any 3rd party viewer that doesn't reveal the source code. Using a 3rd party viewer is giving totally unknown people (strangers) the ability to do whatever they want with your computer - which is what one of the emerald people actually did.
  6. I changed my post. I was inadvertantly thinking that I was in a different thread. Sorry.
  7. The reason is possibly to do with memories of Emerald.
  8. Ah, the good ol' days It takes me back to the time when a guy decided to open a low prim furniture store in direct competition with me AND using my well-established and very succssful store's name - PrimSavers. It was at a time when influencing the search rankings was very easy if you knew how to do it. So I took steps to keep his store down in the rankings. I did it by promoting my own store and a few departments of my store, and also by promoting other people's stores without their knowledge. I pretty much controlled the top 10 results, and his store never got up there. His store didn't last long inworld, and he resorted to selling only from the marketplace. He didn't last long there either. Ah, the good ol' days
  9. It's nothing to do with places deserving higher rankings. Every place owner has every right to take steps to achieve higher rankings.
  10. Correction: The original 'festival' HAD nothing to with Santa Claus or even Jesus, but it does now. That's why it's now called Christmas.
  11. Traffic may still play a role in the web search. It did when LL used the GSA for the web search. But only the legacy search ranks places on traffic. In fact, it ranks only on traffic. It can be made to list places alphabetically, but that's listing, not ranking. So... It's been quite a few years since I used to manipulate the web search rankings for my own benefit, but I doubt that much has changed since then. Assuming that to be the case, and also assuming that LL still produces an HTML page for each place that is listed in search, this is how to improve your rankings. It is the place's HTML page that is ranked in the search results. The search engine has no idea what your sim is about, so you need to arrange that its HTML page contains that information. You need to arrange that it includes your main searchterms prominently. You can see a typical page at http://world.secondlife.com/place/7e5ab0f7-84d3-8ba1-55b1-f84162af292e?lang=en-US The searchterm I searched on was 'low prim furniture' (old habits die hard ) and that place was listed near the top of the results. 1. Decide on the most important searchterms that you want to rank highly for. Just decide on one to start with. 2. Find where your sim ranks when searching on that searchterm. 3. Include that searchterm in the parcel's name, preferably at or near the front (the sim's name in your case unless you've divided it into parcels). 4. Include that searchterm in the parcel's description, even more than once. 5. Wait a few days and see if the ranking has improved. It should have done. Notes: If your sim is about something that isn't included in its HTML page, then it can't rank for it (unless inbound links are still possible. More on links below) because the engine has no idea what a sim is let alone what happens in your sim, so you need to place your main searchterms in the page. I used to know a lot about the parcel HTML pages when I was manipulating the results, but I don't now. They probably don't actually exist and are dynamic (created when requested). I don't know if the items that are set to show in search that are listed in the linked-to page are actually in the HTML page that the search engine indexes, or if they are only shown to a searcher, or if they are in the page but not indexed. It's easy enough to test. If they are included in the indexed page, then items that are set to show in search can also be used to push searchterms up the rankings. I've an idea that those items aren't indexed by the engine - because that's exactly what we used to do. The most important element on the HTML page is the page's Title tag. It's not the main heading. In fact it's not printed on the page. The page's Title tag is the parcel's name. Similarly, the parcel's description is put into the page's Description tag, also not printed on the page. But the most important of the two is the Title tag. That may be confusing, because the parcel's name and description are printed in the page. But those that are printed are not the HTML tags. The text is repeated in the viewable part of the HTML page. I won't explain why the Title tag is so important, because it doesn't matter. Also, I can't guarantee that it's as important as it used to be, but it's good to assume that it is. It's probable that LL has made use of links to a place's web page. The GSA did when LL was using that, and the engine they now use (a freebie Apache engine that emulates the Google engine) almost certainly uses them. The difficulty with using them in SL, though, is that there are no natural sources of links to web pages. They used to exist in SL, and they could be manipulated with great effect on rankings, but whether or not that's still possible, I don't know. If it is, then it's THE most important way to manipulate your rankings, even more important than the HTML page's Title tag. I won't explain why links are so important because I don't know if they are still possible or not.
  12. Offended that my mind played that trick on me, but flattered that it was intended for you - which it was
  13. Streuth! I meant ChinRey, of course, but for some reason Coby came to mind at that time.
  14. It wasn't mentioned until not long before this post, but, traditionally (in my lifetime, anyway) Valentine cards were given to a love interest anonymously. So not knowing who send it, Coby, is in keeping with that tradition. 'Love interest' isn't really accurate because, although it can be a 'love' interest, it is also a 'fancy' interest. Note: It wasn't me who sent it, although, in your case, Coby, it could easily have been
  15. I'd never heard the 'flounce' until it was mentioned here. You can call it what you like. I don't bring it up, but I'm happy enough to talk about it when someone else brings it up Oh, and it's not drama. It's purely matter of fact. But do feel free to call anything whatever you like
  16. Let's get this straight. I said at the very start, some time ago, that I'll be quitting SL when my second avatar's annual premium is up, which is in March. The 18th of March to be precise. In other words, I'm not due to quit yet, so this is not a long goodbye. I don't bring it up, or draw it out. I'll quit when I'm due to quit, and not a day sooner
  17. I'd stopped after I read her top post in this page. I didn't see the need to respond to that one.
  18. I wondered if I'd posted it, but I didn't look.
  19. Whatever. First it was BilliJo that you suspected and warned me about. Then it was the moderators who you were helping me to deal with - one in particular, although I don't know who that is. Why don't watch TV instead. You really should have stopped when it became clear that you made a mistake.
  20. Oh I saw it. I hadn't forgotten. It's just that you invented a scenario and then tried to help me through it. Sorry, Luna, you can't get out of it. You really should have stopped early on when it became clear that you'd made a mistake.
  21. Another lie. You're on a roll. I haven't been hurt by anything here. That's all I've said.
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