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  1. The only reason I wasn't super into that idea, is because of the need to 'pull over in a rez zone'.. and of course then having to contend with "oh no, we were here longer than 10 minutes, the boat derezed because no one was sitting on it anymore". Rezzing out a cuddle blanket, or other piece of furniture specifically for that purpose, works okay.. but, it's not an ideal solution, and only works when over land with more forgiving autoreturn and rezzing rights (which most ocean space in SL, isn't.)
  2. Frustratingly, I've been around most of the options several times before. I guess the Linden Premium Freebe kind of spoiled me a bit. For this decision, it came down to trying to find the closest match to all my wants. A robust, detailled mesh build, with good quality. I wanted something that 'felt like a real place'. Lots of animations, and the ability to adjust the positions. (I'm short, there's a number of kids in my family.. adjusting is key) Some romantic "PG+" animations. Cuddles, smooches, that sort of thing. Room for at least 6. A long, slender design. Excellent, modern vehicle controls. I visited Trudeau, but their supply of boats mostly are cabinless. I really did want that sort of "RV on the water" home-away-from-home feeling. As I started looking around (checking out the most popular marketplace listings) I realised that there's just not very many people making "SAIL" boats in that class. The few that are, are excellent, but, there's not a lot of choice. Tons of powerboats and luxury yachts.. but not many sailboats. It finally narrowed down to the Bandit 60, or the MLCC Loonetta. The Oceanic was more of the hull I wanted, but being sculpties, it lacked in detail, in ways that the Loonetta excelled. The Bandit 60 was pretty much everything I wanted. 2 Bedrooms, room to spare, animations up the wazoo and PG+ animations too, and a gorgeous long boat. The Loonetta by comparison was short, stubby, and limited only to individual animations (no cuddles anywhere). The detail was amazing, but it was such a small boat, and it really lacked the 'romantic' element that, to me, was kind of a deal breaker. And then I checked the prim counts. The Loonetta clocked in at 32 LI.. (38 with sails deployed). The Bandit 60, on the other hand, clocked in at 139LI standing still. I had to settle. I wasn't going to get everything I wanted in a single boat, and I knew it. I ended up choosing the Loonetta. I wish it were modifyable. I wish I could go out and cannibalize my favourite couch for some cuddles, then transplant them into the boat. I wish it were modifyable so I could link in a rezzer for a few poseballs, or whatever, while the boat was stopped, but I can't. What I can do, is create a "Cuddle blanket" that can be rezzed out in the bedroom, when the boat is stopped. It's an imperfect solution, but it's possible at least. Similarly, I wish it were mod, so I could add 'item givers' to the boat. Click the glasses, get a drink, click the first aid kit, get a life jacket, etc. I can rez out a giver, but it's not the same. That said, it's a really nice boat. It sails beautifully, and it meets most of my criteria, without breaking the bank in terms of prims needed to rez the thing. In terms of "renting a slip".. the number of prims was a big deal (renting 40LI versus 140LI.. big difference. The animations it does have are certainly serviceable. I like that you can resize the wheel, and the steering animations are incredible. It's an A+ boat to sail.
  3. I've had a few sailboats in my time in SL, but most of them have been freebies. The one I've really liked most though, was the "Linden Premium Gift" boat. I find the controls, and the mechanical aspects of the boat to be fantastic, but the mesh is crude in some places, and the animation engine (and animations) leave a lot to be desired for me. The best part about the Linden boat is simply how it moves, how you can 'set the wind' on the hud, and just let the boat go for a while, without constantly mashing down "W" to keep moving. It's a graceful, peaceful ride. But on a vehicle I'm going to spend an hour or more sitting on at a time, (often with company), well, the animations, the 'sunbathing' the 'cuddling' etc.. for me, it really does need to be on it's "A Game".. and not something where you have to stop the boat in a rez area in order to rez out poseballs. I was really disappointed to see that the Linden boat was a Mole build, because that meant I couldn't check out the creator's store to see what they are making now-a-days, because for when it was made, it was a really promising 'first try freebie'. So, with all that said, I guess I'm shopping for a boat. I'd love to find a nice boat where PG hanging out is an option, and there are times when a little bit of romance wouldn't go amiss either. Something that's an actual vehicle, of course, without poseballs, and with the same sort of graceful pace that the Linden boat offers. Any suggestions?
  4. You can also include a URL in the text of the group notice. Many (if not all) Viewers will make such links clickable. Linking people to a blog post (for example) can be an easy solution to this situation.. and on your blog you can have both the full text, and any images you want as well. I know in some advertising groups where commercial announcements are permitted, very often the notice will have a link to a new item's blog post, or a link to the item's marketplace listing, and then a notecard attached to the notice. Inside the notecard may be images, and attached inworld landmarks as well.
  5. The maximum uploadable image size is 1024x1024. When skins and clothing layers are composited by the server (Baking) the output file that is sent to the viewers is only 512x512. Every avatar you see (that is wearing system skins/clothing layers) is made up of a 512x512 head, a 512x512 torso, and a 512x512 legs texture.. maximum. Use the 1024x1024 avatar templates.. that's really all the detail you're likely to need. These are the most helpful ones I've found: Robin Wood's UV Templates
  6. It's part of the same animation that holds your hands up in a cameralike position when you take the shot, and the sound that plays when the picture is taken. It's like a 'System Gesture" that everyone has loaded.. unless you use the "Quiet Snapshots to Disk" feature and take snapshots directly to your HD (COMMAND-`).
  7. jordanit0, I am also experiencing the same problem, with an added twist. A number of items are listed for me to switch the item listing to.. but none of them are the newly uploaded 'updated version' of the item I'm selling. Edit: It seems that hitting the "Sync Marketplace with Magic Boxes" button did the trick for me. http://i.imgur.com/8EmEXBS.png I pressed it, waited a couple of minutes then opened a fresh browser tab with the item listing I wanted to change, click the "Edit Associated Object" button, and voila, the new version was listed in the pile of items.
  8. Mesh hair is awesome, and it's really unleashed a lot of creativity amonth the hair makers, but I'm finding a huge amount of the more recent hair offerinhs seem to be, well.. long. I'd really love to find some shorter, "sassier" hairstyles. I'd love to find something like this: http://i.imgur.com/YUQ4Z2z.pngor this: http://i.imgur.com/euwOERl.pngor this: http://i.imgur.com/q1ZLOZq.pngthis: http://i.imgur.com/HbDicqY.pngOr even this: http://i.imgur.com/PRB4zXm.pngAny suggestions?
  9. Can't be done. Warning: If you make someone an owner of a group, you won't be able to kick them out of it later. Be careful to whom you assign that role. Knowledge Base
  10. Amethyst Jetaime wrote:That would be OK if they paid their staff a decent salary instead of not paying at all or even making you pay them by taking a percentage of your tips.. This right here is why I stopped working as a dancer. The whole control freak "we own you" attitude really turned me off. It's also why I won't help club owners make profit splitting tipjars. Back when I did it, we all rezzed our own tipjars, and we used to give a portion of our tips to the club, but it was all voluntary and on the honor system.. and if you couldn't afford it, it wasn't a big thing. We were a team, and a group of friends.
  11. Or even faster, just click this link here: http://get.secondlife.com
  12. Also, just check to make sure you're wearing 1 skin, 1 shape, 1 'hair layer' and 1 'eyes layer'. Sometimes the system can forget what skin, or eyes, or 'hair layer' you were wearing.. and if you're not wearing all four "Body Parts", the system doesn't know how to render you properly. If you are wearing all 4 body parts, try replacing them. The hair layer especially.
  13. I seem to be having the same problem. Looks like it's account specific, as my main account can't log in, but my alt can. This looks like the type of thing that LL will post about in an hour saying "Unexpected login maintenance, some users may be unable to login, please refrain from rezzing no-copy items" etc. In other words, it's time to take a break, watch a movie, or just relax for a while and try again later. Edit: You know, I did check grid status, repeatedly.. before posting, and I certainly didn't see any mention of the issue. There's something weird about that site, I think they delay the appearance of posts for some reason, somehow.
  14. I'm assuming that you're looking for the "Camera Angle" slider that used to be present in the Preferences. There are some contols for this on the "Move and View" tab of Preferences, but most of these older controls were moved to debug settings. Accessing these can be a little complicated. Penny Patton goes into great detail of the process in a step-by-step fashion on her blog: http://pennycow.blogspot.com/2012/01/improving-sl-camera-short-version.html The settings she outlines will allow you to raise or lower the third-person follow-cam, as well as change it's default distance from you, and where it should center by default in relation to your avatar. As a side-note, you can also use the debug settings to customize the "Front view" and "side view" cameras as well.
  15. ReplicTuaniOne wrote: I don't get it, i have paypal because we DONT use a creditcard here in the Netherlands, so i got paypal, got money on paypal and want to pay with that money to get money on SL, but noooooo, i need to add a creditcard on my paypal acount to get money here... Why is that? common, make it a lot easier by just accepting paypal... Or are there other ways to pay instead of a creditcard? These are the payment methods currently accepted by Linden Lab: I highly reccomend reading the whole knowledge base article. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Billing/ta-p/700037#Section_.3 This is what they have to say about the paypal verification issue. Often the initial agreement can't be set up due to an unverified PayPal account. To use your PayPal account with Linden Lab, it must be verified and be capable of making instant transfers. Linden Lab does not accept e-check (bank account) payments through PayPal because they cannot be processed quickly enough to match the instant delivery of virtual goods and services. Therefore, we require that you have a credit card on file with PayPal as a backup payment source, OR that you pay with your PayPal balance in USD. Without a sufficient USD balance in your PayPal account, you will not be able to use it with only a bank account. Be aware of your monthly limits. By default, your monthly spending limit with PayPal is set to US$250.00. You can easily raise or lower that limit. See Using PayPal for more information. You can find information on how to convert your paypal balance here: http://tinyurl.com/kg7tg44
  16. Are you using the most recent version of your viewer? Have you tried the most recent version of the SL viewer? Is the viewer you're using SSA/B Compliant?
  17. On the affected leg.. Assuming that the leg bones are keyed, are any of the keyframes in the same position as the leg bones are in the T-Pose/Frame 1(0)/reference frame?
  18. Change to another "outfit" (if neccessary, use one of the ones from the library.. use the "Replace Outfit" option in the menu, not "Add To". If that doesn't fix it, quit the program. Manually delete the cache folder (most likely located at c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\SecondLife (might be "Firestorm" in that last bit). If your OS refuses because "some files are busy" or something like that, restart the computer and try again. Once that folder has been deleted, re-launch the SL application. BEFORE logging in, go to Me > Preferences > General and ckick the "Show on login" checkmark next to "Start Location: My Last Location". Click "OK" FInd the "My Last Location" bar at the bottom of the login screen, and type "Omidyar" into it, then login as normal. (this can be any 'water sim'.. I just pick Omidyar because it's memorable to me). From there, let SL load for a few minutes, and see if the avatar loads correctly. If not, try changing avatars again. This is certainly no guaranteed fix, but it's something to try. Sometimes (for reasons I've never understood) the SL application (whether official of third party) fails to properly delete the cache. Doing so manually can sometimes get around a particularly corrupted file or something that the operating system just won't allow a program to delete. It sounds like an error I've seen associated with the "Character Test" debug tool, where basically the character test files have gotten "sticky" and won't come off. This is why I NEVER suggest that people fool with that debugging tool, because it is very old techniology, and was never intended to be used in this way (and doesn't play very well with the 'new' method of tracking which items and layers are considered 'worn'. If it is that Character test bug, the best advice I can give is "relog, try again".. it may take 10 times or more. Try different sims, different outfits, and stay the heck away from that "Character Test" option in the menu, it's certainly not going to help you fix this. It might help if your friend downloads and installs the official SL viewer, and uses that to get the av's issues sorted out... then he can go back to the third party viewer of his choice if he so wishes.
  19. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: You can use local textures instead, in the "pick texture" window when you edit a texture, choose "local" instead of "inventory". Good to point out a couple of caveats. 1) Your friends won't be able to see your local textures. They'll just see "unloaded grey". 2) local textures will auto update inworld when you change the local file. Make some changes in photoshop, save over the old file, and the results will automatically load in SL for you to see! 3) You can use these local textures on skin and clothing layers too, but as of today, only you can see them. (the new avatar baking method is all server-side, so it doesn't see your local textures, and it can't include them). 4) If you crash or relog, the viewer will forget your local textures. This can be good, because all you have to do to find out if you've replaced all the local textures, is relog. it can be bad though, because you'll have to re-add them every time you relog if you're working on a long project.
  20. the impression I've gotten, from people in the know about such things, is that the CHUI may well be inextricably tangled with many of the new features (and new features still to come).. and so TPVs may be forced to implement it as-is, or with slight tweaks. I admit, I don't KNOW for certain, but it may be only a matter of time before we're all using it, regardless of what TPV you use.
  21. Well as someone who uses prim nails.. I have to admit what I like most in nails is modify permission. While some nail makers have taken to fitting their nails to multiple stock hand sizes (0, 10, 20, 30) I often find that the way one set of nails fits one skin, may not work so well on a different skin. There's a lot of potential drift in terms of where the "painted on" nails will appear on the fingers, and very often I need to adjust a prim thumbnail or pinky nail, to overlap the painted on ones properly. And with the advent of mesh hands, gloves, and full body replacements.. hand-fitting the nails can be essential. If you're going to do them in mesh. I HIGHLY reccomend not doing them rigged. Or if you do offer a rigged set, offer a non-rigged option as well. As for whether "all the nails on one hand should be one single mesh" I'll leave that for you to decide, but the more options you give end users to perfectly-fit them to their specific situation.. the happier your customers will be. A good tintable "glove" layer that just covers the fingertips can be great to include for advanced users as well. Copy permission is pretty much essential, so I can fit one set to one skin, and then fit a second set to another skin. As for features.. I love having some jewelry attached.. and the more I can customize, hide, show, recolor, etc.. the better. There's a great set I have from "Mandala" but they're no-modify, so I'm stuck with exactly the colors and jewelry they set on them, and can't even color the parts. While "painted shiny" nails are among my favourites, it's also great to be able to texture the nails white, and then apply tint color and the SL "shiny" setting, for some outfits. French is an absolute must. of course. While long (crazy long and curved) can be super fun.. there aren't enough 'very long' nails for sale. the market could always use more. Short, or "realistic long" nails would surely be popular.. probably moreso. One other thing... I'd love for there to be a quick hide/show control, that lets be either hit an FKey using a gesture (or if the hud can "zip" to a minimized mode.. a small button there) so that in the heat of 'the moment' I can simply hide my nails when an animated piece of furniture or equipment makes my hands animate.
  22. From a historical perspective, SL users have rejected all attempts to get them to link their Second Life accounts, to their realword identities. Due to it's original lack of free account options, SL became an anonymous, adult playground.. where people could act upon their fantasies, and become whatever they wanted. Lots of men in RL made female SL lives, and lots of people explored relationships and sexualities that they felt their real lives couldn't accept. The "First Life" tab, used to be the last tab of the profile, an afterthought for those who wanted someplace to say a little something about their real life identities. A few years back, this was moved to the front of the profile, and nowadays lives at the bottom of the main page of the profile. A lot of us oldtimers still don't feel comfortable putting much there, especially in a world where people can get fired for what's on their facebook or twitter. Newer users coming here in a post-Facebook, post-iPhone world, might have no compunction putting their whole real life up on display in their profiles.. while others may be more secretive. For personal privacy reasons perhaps, or maybe they operate several 'blind' alts, where one person at one keyboard might have several SL "characters". here's my profile, since I'm going to talk about it: https://my.secondlife.com/winter.ventura From a personal perspective, I don't use the "Real World Biography" sectionfor much. I provide a few simple facts that people might find useful, but nothing exactly "deep". (answers to the standard "ASL" type questions, mostly, and a link to my blog). I've got a picture in there, but it's just an older profile picture I don't use anymore. I wish I could say that I'm proud of my profile, but it's just a mishmash of information that I've tried (and mostly failed) to organize several times over the years. My life is fairly sloppy, and things just don't fit into nice neat boxes. -- Do I frown upon people who put real life pictures in their profile? Yes and no. Too often, I've seen people post pictures that were OBVIOUSLY not them. I've also seen more pictures of exposed penises than I'd care to. But the thing I hate the most, is when people put a first-life pic in their "main" profile pic. To me, that just screams "I don't get what SL is all about, I just came in from facebook". In fact, the "looser" the picture there, the worse impression it makes on me. If you're dressed up and looking nice, I might accept a RL photo in the "Second Life" section.. maybe you came to SL for work related issues.. or at least you're making an effort. If you're duckfaced and high, with your hat on sideways, I am unlikely to even reply to your IMs. Move that pic to your "Real Life" photo section, and put in ANY picture from SL in the "Second Life" section.. and you instantly gain like 50 points in my book. Taking a decent photo of your avatar isn't hard. All you need to do is master moving the camera using [Alt] + [Left Mouse Button]. Go someplace nice looking in SL, turn your back to a decent view, move the camera around so we can see your face, and hit [CTRL] + [ ` ] to save the snapshot to your computer's HD... then pop over to https://my.secondlife.com/settings/profile, hit "Profile Picture" and upload your new screenshot to your profile, free of charge!
  23. Ela Talaj wrote: "That second script, I don't have a lot of control over" is not very clear. Do you have modify permission on it or you don't? If you do, it should be fairly trivial to insert linked messages to send to your script after each llSetAlpha() or llSetLinkAlpha() call. Then you don't need any change event, just go by these linked messages. no, I don't have modify permission. I can control what it shows and hides, but I can't control whether it sends linkmessages or not.
  24. That's pretty much exactly what I tried.. the problem is that for whatever reason, these changed events queue up while the setting is happening, and when I go back and flip the flag to false, and end the function, the changed event fires with the queued changes. I was shocked that changing states didn't solve the problem, but I suspect there's also some latency between "do thing" and "detect change" that's allowing it to detect the changes after they've ended.
  25. So I've got a real puzzler here. I made a script, which is supposed to work with another script. that second script, I don't have a lot of control over, but it would be able to hide or show various parts of the linkset, including what I'm going to call "straps and buckles" Now these straps and buckles, being hidable or showable on demand, presents a problem, in that I have some "lock" prims, which are hidden or shown by the script I'm actually writing. The locks attach to the buckles, and when the buckles are hidden, the locks need to be hidden too, whether the script says it's "locked" or 'unlocked". So I've written a function, which triggers on CHANGED_COLOR.. it scans the linkset for any strap prims.. and on finding them, determines whether they're visible or invisible, and then acts accordingly to hide or show the locks, based on the current state of the "locked" variable. That's all working beautifully.. but here's the problem. When the script I'm writing turns those locks visible or invisible, that linkset change is in fact, triggering the CHANGED_COLOR event again! Which results in my script checking for the presence of the strap prims, checking their visibility, and then checking for lock prims, checking their visibility, comparing that to the locked variable, and if they're the same, it does nothing... ending the loop. My problem however, is that this process is needlessly "hot". The second check is completely unneccessary. I've tried changing to a different state to make the changes, I've tried setting a variable "settingLocks" to true while making changes, and then false when done, and filtering the changed event based on that.. but no matter what I try, I just can't seem to get the script to ignore the change. My workaround (checking the current visibility of the locks before deciding if they need to be changed) is fairly rudimentary.. Is there a better way to go about avoiding this recursion problem?
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