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  1. I know you say this in jest, but it would be preferable.
  2. I'd feel like I could plan. If that was my number, I'm basically not getting a new home. Now I could evaluate whether a premium membership was worth it for me or not. Not to be overly critical, but there is a bit of 'bait and switch' when the new premium prices were released, and the new homes were dangled as a possibility. I'm not bitter about my year membership, and I understand the constraints. I had to wait for my Tesla too. lol. But I was on a list, and could plan for when I was getting my new car. Personally, if I had a huge number, I'd get by in one of the old homes. They have value. But I can't, if I want to hold out dreams for a new home.
  3. Those of you lobbying against a list do not understand the concept of planning. If they had a list, and I find I am #6,752, I would set up shop in an older style home and not worry about it. When my number got to #100 or so, I would abandon old home, and be ready to move, when I got the notice I had a place. As it is now, I can't use an old home, and also have a chance at a new home, because you can't play the 'refresh the screen game' while still having your old home. Waiting lists have been used by colleges, RL apartment and condos, etc. etc. quite effectively for decades. They actually work and serve a purpose. When going to a popular restaurant, do you make reservations, or just drive there each evening, hoping there's been a cancellation, and you'll be seated? If you call and they say, "our first opening is a week from Tuesday" you say, great, I'll take it. Now you know to go somewhere else between now and then. And I understand they won't be able to give a date because their production process is more art than science. But seeing where I am on a list would allow me to gauge reasonably when I might expect a home, and allow me to enjoy my full premium benefit while I wait. Yes, I could just take an old home, and not worry about it for 3 months, but there is no reasonable expectation it will be a better situation in 3 months. Many have done the math on these blogs, and it could be years before the supply is equal to the demand. So I'm stuck hitting f5 as many times as I can squeeze in during my real life, and my second life, if I ever hope to have a new home. It's a silly way of doing things. A list would be much more professional.
  4. So, for those of you who refreshed and got one, does Bellissario come up in the default, displacing Meadowbrook, so I can just hit refresh over and over, or do I have to go down and check the pull down menu to find it?
  5. What a waiting list would accomplish if giving a time frame when we know we will get our new home, freeing us to live in an old style, until that date.
  6. What a waiting list would accomplish if giving a time frame when we know we will get our new home, freeing us to live in an old style, until that date.
  7. So basically, the only people who will get to live in Bellisaria are those with the skills to have their computer auto sign them up for it. That doesn't really seem fair. I know I keep going back to this, but what about signing up for a waiting list, and having someone give us an estimate of when we can expect to get our home?
  8. Yes, I'm not really complaining about not getting a new house. I mean I am, I want one, lol, but it's more about the lack of process so I can't plan.
  9. If I inhabit an old home now, I can't check to see if there are new homes available. I'm hopeful I'll hit refresh one of these times and get a new home. I can't try while I inhabit an old style home. If I knew that I would not get a home until 'x' date, I would inhabit an old home and wait patiently. As it is, I have to be ready to strike on the off chance a refresh gives me a shot at a new home. What was I promised? When I signed up for premium, LL was touting the new homes as a reason to upgrade. By not knowing when I might get lucky, I can't make use of an old home, without giving up my chance at a new home. That is what is frustrating, the lack of a defined process.
  10. So basically planning work product with a global team of employees, like every other company in the world? Come up with a sign up, or lottery or SOME system, so that your customers don't have to guess and hope. Could you imagine if Walmart or Amazon said, "just keep hitting refresh to see when our store is open"? I am not giving you grief that it is taking a long time. I am upset that I have no way to plan, so I have to leave old housing options abandoned so that I'm ever ready on the chance that I get lucky and hit refresh when a new home is available. If you told me "Your home will be available on Sept. 3" then I could get the full value of my premium account in an older home until Sept. 2, then abandon it, and wake up to Christmas morning of Sept. 3 and get my new home. Under the current system, I don't know how much of my premium membership will be basically wasted this year as I wait for a New home.
  11. I love the idea of a lottery, or really almost ANY form of sign up. The idea of randomly checking my browser, or tasking a computer full time to do automated searches for available new homes is ludicris. This is my *SECOND* life, not first. I can't do that. The real frustration for me is no ability to plan. If I could sign up, and it spits out, "you get your new home Sept. 3, 2019" then I could fully inhabit one of the old homes and get the full value of my premium membership, and abandon that home on Sept. 2, claim my new home, on Sept 3 and transition. As it is, I really am being robbed of my premium payment.
  12. Thank you so much! That is very helpful information!
  13. Yes, I'm following that post that has not been updated in 20 days. I guess what I'm saying is, I would like an update. Regular updates. So that we can plan.
  14. I have been following the blogs. It was rumored on the blogs that Monday is the day. It would be fine to wait for an official announcement, but the houses are all gone 15 minutes after an official announcement, so we have to try as soon as a new rumor hits if we want any chance at a new home. I just wish that there was an 'abandon current land and move to "x" option on the premium land selection site. Then we could see whenever a space became available.
  15. I abandoned my home on hopes that a houseboat or even one of the traditional suburban houses would be available. No luck. It's crazy that the only way we have to see if new homes are available is to destroy our current home, give it up, and try to find a new one, see one is not available, then pick an old home again, reset it up, give out new landmarks to our friends, and wait around until the next rumor to try it all again.
  16. yeah, I did that, not getting any updates. Not even a vague eta. It makes it hard to plan my second life. I got premier mostly for the new homes.
  17. Any update on the houseboat availability?
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