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  1. Looking for 2 hours of Halloween music tonight, October 30th, 2019 from 6:30-8:30 SLT. Would prefer minimal to no gestures and such, just a chill time during a costume contest. Message Sonya Iceghost in world with your rate for the time frame and any questions. Thanks!
  2. Before their disappearance, the Tal’ek Ros(Human term for anything magical) helped the humans wage wars against each other by creating the beastfolk. Rather than destroy their creation when the humans were no longer able to control their weapon, the Tal’ek Ros sealed their realm away from those who could wield any sort of magic. With no magic, and no memories of the Tal’ek Ros, humans and beastfolk were forced to coexist and build their own myths. Recently, shifts in the earth have fractured the seal put in place by the Tal’ek Ros. A rift has opened, and answering the call of Akema, the one who first explored it, others of all magical ability are coming to see the land where they have been forgotten. The First Demoness warns that their return must remain a secret,before she allows any to stay. Those who threaten to reveal, face expulsion back through the unstable rift. Politics, greed, despair and conquests. All levels of society share a city where trading in flesh, energy and souls has become an economic boom for the inhabitants. There are still those who believe gaining money through selling human bodies willingly or otherwise is a sinful practice and do not welcome it as much as those who gain from the endeavors being a success. Dark/Victorian/19th Century/Gothic/Steampunk/Supernatural/Mid-Fantasy/Adult Visit Us @ Harlot's Circus! Race/Class Info Flickr
  3. We have hired someone, and thank everyone who responded! I have saved notecards for future projects so we might contact you again.
  4. Seeking builder to complete project of Role Play sim build (Mainly using pre-fab buildings) with a theme of Victorian/Dark/Steampunk London styled city. Some aspects are already in place and we need someone to finish up and polish. Please contact Sonya Iceghost or Phox Sillanpaa in world with questions or information about your interest and rates. **Seeking someone who has time to complete project within 2 weeks at most**
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