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  1. Modo is a great modeling tool, but rigging wise for SL, I suggest Maya or Blender with Avastar. But I would like to see a video on this mather from the SL modonauts.
  2. As far I can tell they aren't compatible, I don't know the reason, maybe I am doing something wrong ,I did test on top that was rigged , I try to upload in sl that top, skin weights was good as shown here: http://grabilla.com/04319-d5367df1-0922-4d57-91a5-abe37d9419e3.html# Then I open in Modo and export without any changes and I try to upload but the skin weights were grey out as shown here : http://grabilla.com/04319-30619c32-c04a-4929-bac0-d1d748093b5e.html# Looking forward to see if anyone has successfully upload a rigged model from MODO
  3. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to rig clothes for SL in Modo and if anyone has tested with succes?
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