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  1. Thank you for the advice and info. I don't think I'd use it now though; the group's history suggests politics that I'm not eager to be exposed to. My only interest is in the source, and I can develop for it without drama.
  2. Communication is all I could ask to be done, and considering the thread title it was my hope that I could do that here. If I knew who to contact in Open Collar to plead my case, then I wouldn't be posting to an open thread about it.
  3. I don't know how you could call it random when the thread subject couldn't be more pertinent. Could you please be helpful and tell me what what help my case? I've expressed myself as best as I could here. I will answer any questions you might have about the situation, other than giving names, unless the moderator concerned volunteers that information.
  4. I was just banned from OpenCollar for reasons I can only guess at. I think a name I mentioned was a tender subject for a moderator for some reason. I never met the person and only received their product second-hand, but it motived me to investigate OpenCollar and study the source for myself. After reading through it and finding many features I had intended, and a development philosophy I wholly identify with, I am legitimately interested in support and development of the source base. I'm not naming names here because I'm not out to get anyone; I just want to resolve a misunderstanding and put it behind me. Then again, I may have been banned for an unflattering characterization of SL conventions (camping and greet/invite bots) that are at best a necessary weasel. I had guessed there wasn't enough will to challenge these, but I didn't expect anyone to hold them to heart.
  5. I'd made plenty of animations in Poser 8 in the past, starting again with Proser Pro, and though it's been a long time the import process is familiar to me. I'm trying to port the standard bvh's into Poser Pro, but every avatar anim (except for the T-pose) its tilted ~3 degrees backward. When I port the same bvh back into SL, it's similarly tilted. It can't be a problem with the model import, because the Universal Poses included with Poser work fine, both on the Poser stage and ported to SL. So I can produce new animations without the avatar poses, but having reference animations to work with would be a great help to relearning the craft.
  6. I see that animations can now be uploaded in .anim format, and searches turn up tools and glowing reviews for doing so, but no collection of avatar animations for the format. The bvh files are easy to find, but if the .anim format is superior and bvh has gone unsupported and unupdated for years, couldn't anim files be provided? I've already searched all the viewer's directories and file caches, but couldn't identify anything resembling animation. Are they available somewhere obscure?
  7. All Preferences pertaining to transcripts are grayed out and uninteractive, every single one, though the user settings files all show them going to the correct Roaming/ path, and I can edit it to save to a new path. IM and Group logs are saved correctly but conversation.log is always blank.The transcript button in the Conversations pane only displays an empty log, even while I'm openly chatting. conversation.log actually is updating; it did so while I was viewing it in Notepad++; but updates only replace nothing with functionally identical nothing. The broken interface support I can work around, but the failure of chat logging concerns me. FOLLOW-UP: I used FS primarily, but had the same problem on the SL viewer. Neither were creating the chat.txt file in their user directories. But the Preferences for 'Log and Transcripts' have inexplicably become functional so I was able to check 'Save nearby transcripts' and create the chat file. I have no idea why; there hasn't been a client update since the problems mentioned above, but now all logging and transcripts Preferences work. I hesitate to call this solved as the issue appears to have been resolved without my understanding of how, so there's still no answer that others might find applicable.
  8. I'm an adult, so yes. The Maturity Guide says adult activities are permitted behind closed doors in Moderate lands, and I think that implies that I won't be held responsible for someone else's disregard of my reasonable expectation of privacy. I'd prefer to see that clearly expressed in the policy, though.
  9. Many of those contraints appeal to me. WIthin a month of moving into my current parcel, the place had become an eyesore, littered with billboards and skyboxes and discos and casinos (that really dates me, doesn't it?) and camping chairs and horrendous home design choices. There was no sense of community; everyone who wasn't trying to lure people in were sealing them out. To move into these Linden homes requires a commitment to the aesthetic, and I can be satisfied with the guarantee that In a month the view will be the same as the one I moved into. All I need is a stable structure with an ambiance I can sit with guests in, and a reasonable expectation of privacy without having the lock out the rest of the world. To have the prim overhead covered would be ideal for a workshop; I can design as many homes as I like, I just don't need to plant one there. The visual consistency also promotes a sense of neighborhood community, whether neighbors take advantage to communicate or not. There's no guarantee that the people around me would be the kind I would welcome as guests, but that's a risk you take anywhere you buy rather than rent. I'd prefer an Adult home, but do you know of any with the benefits I've described? Is that something LL would ever offer to premier residents?
  10. Is this down for development or redevelopment? I've got the intro tutorial, the M.O.M, and my curiosity. I see out of order signs and my only in-world lead is "Now get out there and stop Dr. Talpa!" I've already completed the Paleoquest, so now I'm back at the Isles, hunting. Is there a solvable puzzle to be solved here yet?
  11. Heh, I didn't even give those California style apartments a second look. The Lindens can find better architecture by looking out a window.
  12. I hadn't thought much of the idea to hold out for better until now. But I'm curious what kind of plot you have that you're basing your comparison on. I'm not even certain what you mean by 'constraints', so I'm sure that your definition of mileage varies.
  13. I can't imagine how that could be policed, but conferences held at my home have been all about creative collaboration or general operations details. I only discuss the commerce side in IM's or at the vendor. My workshop isn't a showroom; anything there is in prototype . I isn't forbidden to plant a jevn server there, is it?
  14. I moved into in a parcel in 2006 for free with my premium account, and I'm considering whether to take the offer to move to a home in the new neighborhoods. I've toured around them a bit, and I like the visual consistency of the architexture and landscaping. The land around my current home is >90% vacant now, which should be a minor consideration because it'll be the same workshop/conference room regardless of what's around me, but a newly populated and pleasantly designed neighborhood looks attractive. Are there any other benefits to relocating that I haven't considered? Or benefits to keeping the relative solitude of my current home?
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