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  1. So I was doing a search last night for MM boards and lucky chairs inworld and here on the forums and I was getting no where real fast! All the places I used to frequent "back in the day" no longer exist so I was wondering. . . . What are YOUR favorite places for MM boards and lucky chairs? I was also looking for active MM groups but had no such luck there either!
  2. I had someone TP in on me when I was in a store, they had a bandana over their face, holding some kinda dirty harry pistol and demanded I give them $500L. . . . . I couldn't stop laughing. He was so cute with his demands in Caps!
  3. Is Viewer2 Linden ticket supported? I thought I read in another thread that it wasn't help supported yet?
  4. Thanks for the info! I will have to check into it. I guess I also have some heavy reading to do to get caught up on all these things that have happened since I have been gone.
  5. This is also the message I get when I start up Viewer2. I close the box out and when I click log in, it acts like it's going to log me in but it doesn't and then that message pops up again with a login failure message. I don't get that message on the regular linden viewer. What could be causing this and how do I fix it so I can see what all the cool kids see? LOL
  6. Thanks for the replies!! I don't run Viewer 2 not because I don't want to, I run Viewer 1 or whatever the standard Linden Viewer is because I have no choice! LOL My system is just too crudy to run Viewer 2. I have it installed but I get some kind of media plugin error and it doesn't allow me to log in! I guess I will post about the error in the viewer forum and see if I can get it resolved so maybe I can log in. I'm actually not very wise in the ways of viewers. I have been gone for about 2 years and even when I left, I was still using the standard linden viewer. . . . it's all I know. Maybe someone can give me a quick tutorial about them. Are there any for low-end machines that make running SL easier on not so great graphics cards?
  7. Ok. . . so I have been away awhile but I noticed a few things I have bought recently (mainly shoes) have an added alpha layer. What is this and because I'm not on viewer 2 do I need this? Many thanks!
  8. I reccomend: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/5144 or: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/4356 They are partners and make (IMO) fabulous low prim houses and they also have a rezzer inworld so you can walk thru and purchase there if you like!
  9. Thank you for the reply. . . . . The house has too many goofy prims so a friend is making a better one for me!
  10. So I'm usually pretty good at aligning textures but the house I just rezzed is giving me a problem in that department. I need someone to help me fix the textures on my house and tweek them so all the prims look the same! I can pay you a small fee of a couple hundred linden for your trouble! Please contact me in world!! Thank you :-)
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