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    Is it possible to ...

    Try to contact AWM Mars in-world -- I know he can help you on that matter.
  2. Steve Beck

    Teens Go Surfing!

    I like this place where the film was recorded -- Ocean Shores Surf Beach http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean%20Shores/199/12/21 Basically the premises offers all kinda waves available in SL: EPIC, Teahupoo, Joaquina, Sunset, Pipes, Fluffies, Malibu and Waimea. There are surboards available too: SSi, HP5 and LSD. I used to surf very often in SL, but I do not have a lot of time these days. A place where I used to go almost everyday for surfing was the Weather Channel Island Unfortunately the facility does not exist anymore. It was the first SIM with Epic waves in Second Life. The only thing that I have from those good times (Jun 2007) is an old video I recorded there, with a very old hardware, so the quality isn´t that good:
  3. Steve Beck

    Teens Go Surfing!

    Cool! Where in Second Life do you like to go surfing?
  4. Teens go to the Amusement Park!
  5. Steve Beck

    Second Life and You - "educational" movie

    It is a very well done film! Congratulations!
  6. My paid tier level is US$25, I hold 4608sqm (4096sqm plus 512sqm from my Premium bonus allowance). I know that group owned land can have 10% more land, but I am not sure how to calculate it. Is it 4608sqm + 10% = 5068sqm? Thank you!
  7. There is nothing wrong with your laptop; its specifiations are more than enough to run SL properly. How about your internet conection? Is it wireless?
  8. Griefing Attack Footage at Second Life is a film made during a griefer action. Basically the griefer rezzed a box, which contain a script that emits sounds and particles (textures). The main problem with this kind of attack is that the box emits too many particles using too much server resouces, causing crashes in some SIMs. The griefer was reported to Linden Lab.
  9. Steve Beck

    Devolp viewer 3.0 1 of 4 cores pegged at 100 %

    I am runing Second Life 3.0.1 now among other 4 programs. SL is responsible for 10% of CPU usage on my PC.
  10. As placas da GeForce têm o indicador de performance no segundo digito, no seu caso, `3`, e o SL pede placas não inferiores a ´6´. Assim uma placa GeForce 7600 poderá ter resultados melhores.
  11. Steve Beck

    Premium membership fees and land rent.

    When you get a Premium membership in SL you have to choose how you want to be billed: Pay Pal or Credit card.
  12. Steve Beck

    Breath Control (Video)

    Cool! The voice sounds great! How did you performance the voice? Which device have you used to record it?
  13. Steve Beck

    Rendering video - question about settings

    When you start a project on Vegas 7, you have to tweak the settings to get HD quality on Youtube.You can set your project to 720p or 1080p in Vegas 7 - both will do HD on Youtube. Mind that after completing your project you also have to tweak the settings for rendering the film.
  14. Steve Beck

    Linden Lab Server Locations?

    Isn´t it 3 simulator per serve? So there should be at leat 100.000 servers just for the SIMs.
  15. Steve Beck

    Second Life Viewer and Ambient Occlusion

    Hi Painter, Before you activate Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field, make sure you have set the graphics to Ultra, then in Avatar Rendering, check the Hardware Skinning option. It should help!
  16. Steve Beck

    I'm not able to fly properly

    Perhaps you are wearing an attachment like those to help fly above Lindan Lab limts, have you checked it? Is it happening anywhere, or just in a particular land?
  17. Steve Beck

    Animation Forum Category!

    I am listening reggae here, so no stress at all :matte-motes-wink: I tend to be a bit technical tough. However I prefer to avoid hard stuff in this forum, as it is already messed up. Anyway, it is obvious that Animation and Machinima are related in so many ways. Here they are grouped into a sub-category: Creation Forum, which is a sub-category of Forums. The point is that both Animation and Machinima are [or should be] a sub-category themselves. If you are talking about Machinima, then it is correct to say that Animation is a a sub-category of Machinima. The same does not apply to Animation, as Machinima is not a property of Animation. While Machinimakers need Animations to make Machinima, Animators do not need Machinimakers in order to make their Animations, eh?
  18. Steve Beck

    Animation Forum Category!

    LL people have problems with categorization, not just here in the forum, but at the marketplace too.
  19. Steve Beck

    how do i switch from my paypal 2 my credit card?

    In Billing Information, click on ´Delete and Update Credit Card Info´.
  20. Is SL a program that require memory pages to be open longer or a program that require heavy memory read and write back and forth?
  21. Steve Beck

    Second Life and Memory [RAM] behavior

    Poenald, thank you for your response to my post! I have posted here because I want to find out, and share what is the best memory config to make machinima. Perhaps I should have mentioned it somewhere. The wiki ink you´ve posted is for residents who work as a developers in SL, basically merchants. As you are into cars business in SL, perhaps we could make a machinina on that? I have made one outside SL, have a look:
  22. Steve Beck

    Is SL plataform like a game or a 3D app?

    What are the differences between a game and 3D app?