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  1. The SL permissions system is too simplistic for what it tries to be. Builders who use full perm do so with very different intentions: resell, but don't give away give away, but don't resell resell/give away with reduced permissions only resell/give away full perm only any of the above other than "don't resell", but pay X L$ or Y % to the author for every sale So unless you like it when people get angry at you, you should obey the notecard, and contact the author if there is no notecard. It's unclear to me if it is legally required to obey the notecard - we all give Linden Labs permission to copy and display our works, and it could be argued that it's not you but Linden Labs doing the copying, which would mean those terms in the notecard are void. Note that there are quite a few full perm items around that have been copybotted from reduced perm items - for those it's impossible to contact the real author, because SL will show the copybot user as author. Also, assuming you're not looking at a copybotted item. you need to use "inspect" to determine who the real author is, since SL will otherwise show you the creator of the root prim (or the person who last linked the whole thing, I'm not sure). Adding an invisible prim is an old trick to pretend you made something you did not make. Writing these copy permission notecards can be quite a challenge... Recently I accidentally claimed copyright of two textures from the library. Fortunately I could fix it before any sales.
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