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  1. I have a thought how about fixing the support tickets you have now I have been waiting 3 months for mine to be fixed oh and it was supposedly escalated to high priority 1 month ago. tsk tsk no wonder most of the old residents like myself quit coming as much. Premium doesn't help you get faster service I used to be premium it took me 6 months to get a response once I am not going to pay for support that slow so I went back to basic you want me to pay for premium show me a good reason to. I found a work around for my problem but would still like the original problem fixed. Nice job guys ask yourself again why you had to lay off Lindens and why traffic is getting lower. We have been telling you for years. LL's fully deserved this comment promising something they have never given. Update I called billing over this and expressed it the same way as I have written here and was hung up on. I was told they will not respond to sarcastic calls. Well you never responded to nice ones so you left me little option. Nice doesn't work paying for your acct doesn't work sarcasm doesn't work so tell us oh great LL's what does work?
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