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  1. Wish: Group settings set in the Viewer will be overridden by these group privacy settings. "Everyone" means that the information is available to the whole Internet and can be picked up by search engines. "Second Life" means that the information is available to all Second Life Residents who are logged into the website or inworld. This is the default for all existing Residents using Viewer 2.5. "Friends" means that only your Second Life friends can see the information on the web and inworld. "No One" means absolutely no one aside of Linden Labs will be able to see anything whatsoever on
  2. Like Us on Facebook: Facebook is the best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life, share ideas, and get the inside scoop on inworld events, contests, machinima releases, PR activities, fun discussions, and more. Come join over 111,000 people who have “Liked” our Second Life Facebook page. Facebook as the best place to find out cool things going on in SL? I know so many people, myself included, who do not own FB accts for very good reasons and never will. FaceBook is FaceBook, Second Life is Second Life... two different entities with different platforms. To say FB is th
  3. Greetings and Welcome Mr Humble! I'm sure you realize by now you have your work cut out for you at the Labs, but with that impressive resume and the experience under your belt, you give us, the customers and residents, hope for a better future for our incredible world. Thank you for taking the job and I wish you the best of luck!!
  4. April, that is absolutely not a silly question because it happens to be the very problem. Live Chat walked me through it and we found that while I did set the land to group, I did not deed it with the other land. So there you have it, the problem and the solution. Thank you very much!
  5. Thank you again, Ella... I suppose this is the best answer out there. *heads to support*
  6. Thank you, but that now begs the question as to how I restart the sim. I don't own the sim... I own most of it, but I don't own the whole thing. Thank you again, Ella! P.S. And yes, ALL the parcels are in the SAME sim.
  7. Hmmm... that's what i thought it was supposed to do, but it's not... it's like the parcels are in different sims... the prims are not melding... My main spread is a quarter sim with 3750 prims, I purchased about 8000 more meters with about 1800 more prims. (Off the top of my head here, those numbers are approximate) and so I should be showing about 5500 prims, but I'm not. On the quarter sim, it shows 3750, then on the parcels it shows 1800... separate primage. All the parcels are in the same land group as well... but I can't govern the new parcels through the About Land on the main spread
  8. I recently repurchased a few plots of land that I used to own in the same sim as I reside.  The repurchased parcels are in the land group with my main spread... but I notice my prim count did not rise.  Has anything changed concerning land policies?  Before when I would purchase parcels in the same sim, the new primage melded with what I already had and the overall prim count rose.  This time it didn't.  Any ideas? Thank you very much for your help.
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