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  1. thank you kylie for sending me to that other thread, seems to be caused by running sl in my secondary monitor rather than the main one, i am inworld now, sl on the main screen and everything works ok
  2. if this works here is a picture of what i am talking about. changed hair and hair base, nothing seems to work. this happens by the way in, so far, firestorm, phoenix, impru and singularity
  3. Hi, recently got a new computer and a new video card. computer is an HP pavillion p6, amd dual core 2.4g processor, 6g ram, win7 64bit. .video card is an nvidea geforce gt430.everything works fine when i play everquest2 but in second life all i see of my av is an empty head of hair with eyes and sometimes teeth floating inside of it, and shoes, the rest of the avatar is invisible. i have read on here others saying they use the same card and it looks fine so i was wondering if anyone might have an idea what is wrong here?
  4. just wanted to say i miss seeing what people are talking about when i log on to my dashboard. why cant they put that back on there, searching around for the threads is a bit more difficult. ( yes, hehe, i am lazy and should learn to do it, but i dont want to !! )
  5. if you bought off the marketplace look in your account-order history. should tell you who you bought from, item id#, purchase order id#. inworld open search to find the sellers profile then open a new notecard in inventory, type a polite note saying what you bought ( item id/order number) and that it was not delivered.close the note, name it something like "notecard from <you> to <whoever>" then drop it onto the area in profile that says offer inventory.then just give them a day or so to respond, most times i have run into this they have responded favorably within 24 hours
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