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  1. In regard to finding pics you download to your hard drive - a window gives you a choice of where to download, at least on the old viewer, and I choose 'desktop.' That way the pics are right there when I look for them.
  2. It's not so simple as to download to your hard drive and then send back to SL. When you save pics to your inventory and then send them to your desktop - they are automatically ready for your profile, and will not look squashed. I usually send pics to my hard drive because it's free and I'm not using them for profile, but when I want a profile pic I save to inventory. But I'm using the old viewer and so have few problems with anything. I tried the new viewer but was put off by the number of warnings, windows, redundant messages and so on. And now to hear you can't use pics from inventory for your profile? That sounds just like the new viewer - way fewer options and a lot more limits.
  3. Just wondering - if someone, say this poster, really has little interest in the subject of offensive sim names, why bother to post? I think it's a serious subject, but of course not everyone does. Why join the conversation just to disparage it?
  4. As far as I know from the technical people at SL, this problem is an ongoing one that can't be solved by the individual. It has to do with a glitch that causes the physics to register as full, or something like that. It is not due to a land or avatar problem, but is an SL system problem. From the date of this post it's likely this avi's locale has been fixed, but the issue is still around in SL, and now I can't rez on my homestead sim at all. If I understand things, all I can do is wait, and the same for anyone out there with this problem.
  5. Lately I've been getting the following message when I try to rez objects on my sim 'ToxicInvRezAttemptFailed." Been there five years and no problems like this before. This is not only a new problem but a new and wildly weird message. There are hundreds of unused prims on the sim, and the problem is intermittent, so is not something I can control with settings.
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