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  1. I really don't know. I know last week, I think it was Patch who was in-inworld chat saying they would have to start being more sneaky about releases. Then with 2 very early releases Monday and Wednesday, I'm wondering if part of the "sneaky" won't be to do a surprise release late today... I'm going to keep trying. At least for as long as I can today!
  2. Congratulations, Moe! Get the toast 'cuz I'm jelly! 😀 In other news, in-world chat says Derrick Linden has left the area.
  3. @AngelinaMuircastle If you have a name ready to go, Bellisseria might not show up unless you click the dropdown menu.
  4. Abnor Mole is in SSPE231. The closest sim with red borders is Limevale. Update: It looks like he's getting SSPE231 set up. Blue bounding boxes have been put in all of the houseboat plots.
  5. I'm in San Alejandro right now. No moles or Lindens anywhere in sight. Red borders still up on all of them.
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