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  1. I'm sure if your last name is Linden, you can probably choose any name you want :-p
  2. Marx.Dudek wrote: I do think this is a bit much. Some creators charge L$1 simply because it makes it easier to track trends. Since most hair and skin designers use non-scripted vendors, they rely upon LL's transaction history to tell not only what people are buying, but what people are thinking about buying. By charging L$1, they are able to filter out L$0 transactions (which includes every notecard, every landmark, every resident-to-resident inventory offer, etc. etc.). Designers certainly are not getting rich off of demos, trust me. LOL i dont think anybody is saying that designer
  3. I really dont see the point in charging 1L$ for anything unless you're gonnae sell a million of them
  4. I don't think making it easier for one to filter their transactions is a good enough reason to charge 1L$ for demos, thats just stupid and selfish . Not very smart at all . The OP has a very good point ... a RL shop doesnt charge for you to try on clothes . why should people do it in SL?? And if it was simply to bypass the dDeliver as gift option not being available ... why not refund the 1L$ to the customer? does that happen? Btw ... what's a green bum ? PMSL @ that one
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