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  1. So are they there yet? Lindens, are the bigger prim sizes coming soon? Please? Do I sound desperate? Do I sound impatient? :smileyvery-happy:
  2. As I only like old music I go to vintage clubs and run one myself. Places such as fantastic Flashmans in Esoterica and The Vault. But most of the time I hang around in my own club 'Der Keller'. It is small, dirty, old, damp and smelly but has some superb 1920s music on stream without any advertisements. Happy Hour every day at 2 pm slt, vintage dances in the system, only people in 1920s clothing. The bees knees.
  3. Duché de Coeur circa 1780 Authentic The Duché de Coeur is a friendly and romantic land inspired by France during The Age of Enlightenment (17th-19th centuries). Dresscode is optional but encouraged Roleplay is optional Mature rating (though 2 of the 14 sims are PG) Inworld: Duché de Coeur Information Centre Website: Les Amis du Coeur Group Deadwood 1876 Authentic Western themed roleplay sim Strict Dresscode (free clothing provided) Mature rating http://www.theroadtodeadwood.com/ The 1920s Berlin Project Authentic Weimar Republic themed roleplay sim Strict Dresscode (free clothing provided) Mature rating http://www.1920sberlin.com/
  4. It would be ideal if the badge had one standard size, always the same, if all the info was displayed or not. This would make it much easier for us to make cool badges and we could turn off all the extra info without losing size of badge.
  5. As a professional RL timetraveler I can tell you that it is very important NOT to stand out or intervene. So if you do it right, nobody will ever suspect you are not one of the locals
  6. Thanks! I spend ages looking for something like that.
  7. (continued from the old forum) The best bit about second life to me is the possibility to do what I've always wanted to do but never could; travel back in time. But as someone who is obsessed with history, I am not looking for romantic, fantasy versions of the past. I want to feel like I am really there, the real past, the gritty not always pretty past. I understand that many others prefer the nice lovely version of history, but its not for me. So let us use this topic to share LM's, descriptions and names of Historical sims.There was a list on the old forum but I can no longer find it. :(And yes of course I will insert my own sim in the list eventually, I am subtle that way ;)I would like to create a chronologic list of Historically themed sims, each sim rated as authentic, fantasy or something else we may think of.Example; Deadwood 1876AuthenticWestern themed roleplay simDresscodeMature ratinghttp://www.theroadtodeadwood.com/What do you think?Wouldn't it be great to have a (hopefully long) list of authentic & fantasy Historically themed sims like this?Just copy paste and add your own or other sims you've visited.
  8. I've started making a little badge here for the forum but it would be handy and nice if we knew how big we need to make the background if we want it to make fit exactly. I tried making a snapshot and use that to make a fitting badge, but that doesn't work. Any advice?
  9. I hope that larger prims will just cost 1 prim, otherwise we will just stick to using those megaprims we already have. I expect mesh to cost more but hopefully not much more. If they do, nothing will change. Unless they give us more prims per sim
  10. I agree, you would think that it would be less work to impliment and also it would be better for LL's image if they released two seperate improvements at different times then two at once.
  11. Not bad but there were 3456576688 other things I would have liked LL to give priority to.
  12. They should add 'patience' to the requirements to play SL Can't wait either.
  13. Personally I am only interested in authentic Historical roleplay, so the more realistic and accurate, the better. It allows me to use SL for timetravel.
  14. Because we get these new forums I thought I'd mention this subject again so we can chat about this promised feature. Some time ago LL announced that they would allow us to make prims bigger then the current maximum size of a prim of 10 by 10 by 10 meters. Not sure how big they are going to let us make them but it would possibly save us a lot of prims and also would make the megaprims useless. SO, what is the last news on this, when can we expect these prims, etc, etc.
  15. Last week a Linden finally looked at my tickets... that have been open for OVER HALF A YEAR. Let's hope this is a good sign and shows someone finally has decided to take us all a bit mire seriously.
  16. It would be nice to be able to automatically BAN someone AND all their alts. Because that would be a good reason to know someone's alts, if he or she is a griefer.
  17. Remember, it could always have been worse, a LOT worse. There are horror stories of people losing entire cities that took them many months to build and hundreds, sometimes thousands of RL dollars. And you got a reply on a ticket from a Linden in a very short time, unlike some of us... I've been waiting for 4 months for any kind of reply on my tickets....
  18. If you owned the house or some of the things in it, it is not gone but probably returned to your 'lost and found' folder. Find yourself a sandbox and rez the objects in that folder, you may find some of your lost stuff there.
  19. It is nice that some people have had good experiences with support, so have I but many months ago. As we all know support has changed drastically over the last couple of months. I wonder if the people with good experiences have tried live chat support or sending a ticket recently.
  20. Good idea! I am a landowner and have a premium account yet I have been waiting for any kind of reply on my tickets and AR's for NEARLY 4 MONTHS! And Livechat just keeps telling me to file more tickets... My tickets would not be helped by any new 'self service' tools you may provide so my problem would still need a QUICK reply from someone usefull (with other words, someone else then the ones at live chat support at the moment). The real sollution would be to hire more people to help with support or to get a lot of experienced SL residents to createa a sub-support department. When people need support they are first connected to some of these residents, I am sure that in most cases these can be of more help then the ones working at Live Chat now. If they help someone they get a tiers discount, make some linden dollars, or some other kind of reward. If they can't help they are transferred to live chat support that has some new people working on the issue... better ones then that are there now. And if they can't help, then and only then they will be told to post a ticket, a ticket that SHOULD be answered within 24 hours.
  21. Education is THE only really good thing about SL for me, LL should make life easier for anyone who wants to add a bit more to SL then just virtual naughtyness and shopping.
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