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  1. Good idea!

    I am a landowner and have a premium account yet I have been waiting for any kind of reply on my tickets and AR's for NEARLY 4 MONTHS!

    And Livechat just keeps telling me to file more tickets...


    My tickets would not be helped by any new 'self service' tools you may provide so my problem would still need a QUICK reply from someone usefull (with other words, someone else then the ones at live chat support at the moment).


    The real sollution would be to hire more people to help with support or to get a lot of experienced SL residents to createa a sub-support department.

    When people need support they are first connected to some of these residents, I am sure that in most cases these can be of more help then the ones working at Live Chat now.

    If they help someone they get a tiers discount, make some linden dollars, or some other kind of reward.

    If they can't help they are transferred to live chat support that has some new people working on the issue... better ones then that are there now.

    And if they can't help, then and only then they will be told to post a ticket, a ticket that SHOULD be answered within 24 hours.

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