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  1. The Eve head from Absolut Creation is a very versatile head, with lovely facial features. It wears Omega skins really well. It's not as fully featured as the leading brands but it makes some really lovely pictures. https://flic.kr/p/Qz3Hrc
  2. The Skinnery and DeeTalez are great shops and I think I recall seeing an Asian skin here or there. But yes, tweak your shape as much as you can first.
  3. Glad you like it! It is a nice interface and is useful for SL sculpties, although it is not a master of that. It is a good vertex modeler and has a lot of functionality, but it is lagging in development a bit. Still, for the vast majority of what you need in a good modeler, it has it. And it's highly affordable. Thanks for posting that link.
  4. Hexagon is something that Daz purchased several years ago but didn't do much to support. They've probably taken the tech and put it into Carrara. It is a decent modeling program with a pretty good interface. There are more tutorials for it out on the Internet than on Daz's site. GeekAtPlay, especially.
  5. We've managed to staff our main positions but we are looking for more players. We need our business owners - the blacksmith, apothecary, seamstress, baker, and physician. We could also use some soldiers, and some clergy, as well as regular residents. So far we've got a small but talented group of players with great prose. Come in and see
  6. You mean you want an established place that has lots of children. Mystara has a kids group, but membership and activity fluctuates all the time. Good luck finding what you need, but keep in mind that most sims are empty and if people don't stick around, it stays that way.
  7. Hi Ace, I just opened a medieval historical sim (no fantasy) and we're looking for more players. We do not have a meter. We are very young - just a month old. You can see the premise here: http://lightbridge-rp.org. I'll be happy to answer any questions. Cristalle.
  8. Welcome to Lightbridge, a new historical medieval rp sim! If you enjoy the Tudor Era, this may be for you! The sim is set in English-controlled France near Calais on the cusp of the year 1529. The fictional city of Pont de Lumière (Anglicized to "Lightbridge") is a secondary port to Calais, one of several garrisons providing defense to Calais. Calais is an important nexus of trade and diplomacy at this time, having hosted the infamous Field of Cloth and Gold in 1520, strengthening ties between Henry VIII and Francis I of France, as well as another treaty between Henry VIII, and Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor in the nearby city of Gravelines. What makes us special? We’ve done a good bit of research into English-Controlled Calais and we’ve picked a time and space that are unlike anything else in the SL rp community. RL events of the time will affect our roleplay, including the many RL feast days scattered throughout the year. And although our focus isn’t on physical combat, our combat dice bonus system is also designed to reduce the absurdities of dice play. Sound interesting? Visit our website, Lightbridge RP,and learn more about us! Or visit us inworld. We are happy to answer any questions. IM Cristalle Karami or Scarlet Quercus.
  9. The how to upload is in the Wiki. You will need to use the Mesh viewer or Kirstens' S21(6) to log into the beta grid and upload the mesh. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh Look at the series of links on the right hand side.
  10. You might be having a problem with the cache. There is a weird cache interplay between viewers. Try cleaning the cache of any other viewers you may have, and then restart viewer 2. Just open the older viewer(s), clear the cache in the preferences, shut down the viewer, restart it and shut it down. Then try logging in with viewer 2. I had this problem when viewer 2 came out. It was something weird between Emerald, Cool Viewer/Rainbow, Kirstenlee's and maybe even the official one and viewer 2. Had to clean them all before I could log in. Right now, I'm using the Dolphin Viewer for viewer 2 and I'm adapting.
  11. I did the FBX conversion first to the 2011 format, then to .dae in the Autodesk converter. That failed. I tried a straight import into Google Sketchup, saving as .3ds and exporting to COLLADA. That didn't work either! So, thinking about how I had made these objects and first saw them in Blue Mars, I tried going back to Daz Studio, and found a method that works. Here is the flow that I find works, using Hexagon as a modeler: Model in Hexagon, save as .obj. Import into Daz Studio. Export as .dae. Import the Daz Studio .dae into Google Sketchup. Export as .dae. Upload into SL. --- I don't know how to fix the issue with one-sided models and flipping the triangles, I haven't dabbled enough with the programs or read enough/seen enough tutorials to understand what exactly that means and looks like.
  12. Well, it seems that the problem is with the exporters. Autodesk's fbx conversion tool was useless, and so was Daz Studio. Google Sketchup worked, though.
  13. I uploaded models successfully and could see the geometry in the preview. But when rezzing the item inworld, I saw nothing - something rezzed, and I had to zoom out while in edit mode to find it. I rezzed the object but it was apparently invisible with no shape. It had a bounding box but it did not render correctly. I used Hexagon to model, saved as .obj, converted using both the FBX Converter at one time, Daz Studio with another and still got the same results. I thought I could just scale the object, that maybe it was too small. But scaling it larger did nothing. What could be going wrong?
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