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  1. The situation with the bodies is rather depressing. My partner loves the Aesthetic body even though he doesn't wear it like a musclehead, but it's harder to find clothes for it. I understand that people's time is valuable but I really wish there would be more offerings for other bodies, at least as one-offs. If a creator can make a freebie, they can make a body for people with other brands.
  2. This head does not look very good as a male head, with a few exceptions. It looks infinitely better as a female or youthful/kid head.
  3. There are a few people that do make stuff fitted for Alice, when you do a marketplace search include Alice as one of your search terms. I was not fond of the original shape of that body, I'm glad it's gotten a good overhaul.
  4. Have you tried using the neckfade in the HUD plus the corresponding neckfade in the folder? The rigged neckfade will go higher up to blend a bit better.
  5. This started showing up with Maitreya, too. It only occurs at high altitudes, when the rounding numbers are jacked.
  6. Side-grade is fair, mostly. Breasts really are an upgrade, like Janet said. The alpha cuts are also an upgrade versus Maitreya. I wouldn't call it an end-all be-all like some people have said. I make liberal use of the deformers because I won't be able to get upgrades to most of my old clothes. It helps me in the transition as I build my wardrobe going forward for Legacy compatible clothing. I like this body, I want to wear this body. But I can't upgrade everything at once.
  7. Just Because, Vanilla Bae, Zara Kent, Asteria Chaton, Masoom, Cynful. It's a good idea to join the Legacy Releases flickr group and see what the designers are releasing. There's a large list of stores on their website, meshbody.com.
  8. I caved and bought the original Legacy when there was a mild discount (should have waited for Black Friday). The shape of the original Legacy bodies (normal and pregnancy) are lovely. Legacy has a much fuller bust with a more natural shape than Maitreya, the nipples don't point up to your teeth like some other bodies and with good physics, they drape really beautifully. It looks better, to my taste, but especially so at the high and low ends of the spectrum. The Perky is, I think, actually more comparable to Maitreya's shape, but much prettier at the larger numbers than Maitrey
  9. The Eve head from Absolut Creation is a very versatile head, with lovely facial features. It wears Omega skins really well. It's not as fully featured as the leading brands but it makes some really lovely pictures. https://flic.kr/p/Qz3Hrc
  10. The Skinnery and DeeTalez are great shops and I think I recall seeing an Asian skin here or there. But yes, tweak your shape as much as you can first.
  11. Glad you like it! It is a nice interface and is useful for SL sculpties, although it is not a master of that. It is a good vertex modeler and has a lot of functionality, but it is lagging in development a bit. Still, for the vast majority of what you need in a good modeler, it has it. And it's highly affordable. Thanks for posting that link.
  12. Hexagon is something that Daz purchased several years ago but didn't do much to support. They've probably taken the tech and put it into Carrara. It is a decent modeling program with a pretty good interface. There are more tutorials for it out on the Internet than on Daz's site. GeekAtPlay, especially.
  13. We've managed to staff our main positions but we are looking for more players. We need our business owners - the blacksmith, apothecary, seamstress, baker, and physician. We could also use some soldiers, and some clergy, as well as regular residents. So far we've got a small but talented group of players with great prose. Come in and see
  14. You mean you want an established place that has lots of children. Mystara has a kids group, but membership and activity fluctuates all the time. Good luck finding what you need, but keep in mind that most sims are empty and if people don't stick around, it stays that way.
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