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  1. Victoriana & Co is a long time community within SL offering free housing to those who need it. Currently we requested a L$250 one time fee at rental, however this is being waived for the month of December, so joining the community is totally free! Housing remains 100% free for those who are actively using it. Please come by and check out our notecard with the application and rules for joining. 




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  2. The beautiful Canterbury Cove Community Island has limited rentals available and filling fast. A tight knit community that enjoys island living with beautiful beachfront views, mountain retreats and beautiful nature. Residents get many perks including very affordable pricing, resident mall with free shop kiosks for residents, exclusive group gifts, hunts and more. Enjoy a quiet life with friendly neighbors. 

    Prices are as follows 

    L$10/wk - 50 prims
    L$50/wk - 125 prims
    L$100- 200 prims

    Visit us here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Caldonia/129/141/21





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