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  1. I saw an article out of China within the last couple of weeks....Dogs are no longer considered a 'renewable food source' and have been reclassed as pets.....cats however were not so lucky....
  2. As a person who has had much trouble with the gastric system...do NOT PUT THIS OOF! It is life threatening to ignore this and really...going to the hospital is probably the safest place you can go with the screening they do now. Don't let a condition that can be fixed now degenerate into something that can kill you..believe me I have nearly died twice from gastric issues and it is not fun at all..pain you cannot imagine.
  3. There are many highly detailed aircraft available very cheap or even free. Flying has been one of my passions from very early on in sl, with many amazing creators out there. Check the MP, I have gotten several free aircraft from there. And there are many 'airports' where you can rez and fly adjacent to huge areas of LL ocean, especially around Blake Sea
  4. I think that, given these trying times, it's nice to sit back and just take in the grandeur around us. In that spirit NASA created a little app called "What Did Hubble See On Your Birthday?" Enjoy! https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/what-did-hubble-see-on-your-birthday On Feb 26th Hubble saw a Bubble (Wait..Isn't that a chewing gum.....) Bubble Nebula An enormous bubble is being blown into space by a super-hot, massive star. The Bubble Nebula is roughly seven light-years across and is located 7,100 light-years away in the constellation Cassiopeia.
  5. Oh I know, just throwing out an example, I love our British Friends =)
  6. This may not exactly be a "This happened today" thing but I think it merits posting here =) https://www.nasa.gov/content/goddard/what-did-hubble-see-on-your-birthday
  7. If you look at history "Yankee Doodle" was a slur directed by the British at their American subjects before the Revolution and the colonists took it as a badge of honor so it makes sense that the same would happen nowadays
  8. Funny...I have a last name, been in SL almost 13 years and never belonged to a 'Tribe'. I feel left out and demand my name be changed to Resident...oh wait...I can do that....
  9. My partner and I were looking forward to choosing a name together but this batch is....sorely disappointing after the amount of time it took to get here
  10. Sweet, I figured they'd do something was wondering if they already had
  11. Are there now, or are there going to be public "boat launches" where residents not lucky enough to get a houseboat can enjoy the water too?
  12. The Bellisseria region isn't even on my option list at all..i have 4 available regions with only 512s on it
  13. *pokes her head in* Sorry I was looking for the forums...
  14. Actually i think there is a problem with the LindeX...my orders keep failing to go thru and i see several others saying the same
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