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  1. Sweet, I figured they'd do something was wondering if they already had
  2. Are there now, or are there going to be public "boat launches" where residents not lucky enough to get a houseboat can enjoy the water too?
  3. The Bellisseria region isn't even on my option list at all..i have 4 available regions with only 512s on it
  4. *pokes her head in* Sorry I was looking for the forums...
  5. Actually i think there is a problem with the LindeX...my orders keep failing to go thru and i see several others saying the same
  6. Come on....what is up with these advertisements? It makes the whole site look cheap and ugly. Is Linden Labs really hurting so badly they have to sell ad space on the web page and now the website login page?
  7. Got the Explore now button, entered email addy and clicked....reloads to the intro and keeps giving me "Explore Now" Guess it doesnt like IE9 Beta =P
  8. How about the complaint the vast majority have with the sidebar? It CANNOT be disabled in the official version.
  9. Until there is an option to turn it off it is still one of the things i hate and keeps me from using v2 (no fullscreen being another)
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