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  1. 2 Full Sims for sale, full transfer, each 300 US$ or 77000 L$.

    Both are private estate with land capacity of 15000 prims and highest possible performance.

    Tier due dates are the 16th and 17th of each month, which is paid directly to Linden Lab.

    I want to sell them before the due dates to not pay another month,

    which is why these regions are offered at this low price.

    (saves you a whopping 700 US$ compared to buying through the land store and is as safe and good as buying it from there.)

    Transfer fee included.  (Includes also renaming and moving).

    If you have never bought a sim before, no problem, I can guide you through the process.

    Contact Alice Klinger with any questions.

    You know you want this great deal, and I want a quick sale, so contact me anytime! :-)

  2. Today i would like to mainly suggest a contact feature right on listings.

    Ideal would be if it opens the contact form of the online profile when someone clicks on the seller name.

    This one: https://my.secondlife.com/de/inbox/messages/new

    And it fills seller name as receipient in right away, because that with the dot and two names, might be confusing for new residents since the change to display names. So it needs filled in right away for those, to contact the right person.

    In addition, a "contact merchant" button that opens the same form to write a message to the seller would really be helpful to reflect to customers who to contact with questions or redeliver requests.

    Please though, make this "NOT" come from same email as the purchase information.

    I had to filter those out to get deleted right away because they flood my inbox with useless information, and sadly can only be switched off by switching offline IM - To-Email off as well so... that is another thing that sorely needs improvement but i will get to that.

    I do get the My Second Life profile messages fine and can easily recognize those and tell them apart from the spam so the contact needs to come from that page please as this already proves to work!

    Reasoning: While it is great that new residents seem to find the marketplace really early in their Second Life now,

    most rate  the merchants badly for not delivered items, in lack of the knowledge how to contact anyone for redelivery.

    And it is really NOT the merchant's fault that items do not arrive ;-)

    Today i found this for the about one millionst time, and when asking the person why they did not ask me for redelivery instead rating bad right away, they gave me exactly that reason "i did not know how to contact you" so i thought it is time for this feature request.

    A "redeliver item" button for the buyer for quick self help is long overdue as well but maybe someone can at least begin to  think of implementing it.

    Would be extremely helpful. Even if only optional for those who sell copyable items anyways.

    You know, like the tickboxes on the listing form for "needs unpacking" etc, and then it shows on the website "can be redelivered" when you tick that. Or something similar.

    And then make a timer on it so that the system does not break down while people get impatient and click it a couple hundred times or something like that lol.

    Big things start with small ideas. ;-)


    Thumbs up and comment everyone who wants any of these features too!



  3. I got that email as well, and while i was also hoping the DD success rate should have been much higher compared to Magic Box, after all the hard work and implemented features, i am glad we are kept informed about the progress by email in addition to the forum postings.

    Just two issues with the email itself.

    1. It was sorted into my spam folder because of the headline with "important account information" which is currently a very wide spread scam mail header.

    2. The text was html which is why I could not even check it properly without opening. And, I usually do check emails before opening if they look any suspicious to me. So plain text for business emails would be alot better.

    Just wanted to get my feedback out there, because the ticket I sent in about the email issues directed me here.

    On a side note, I believe there was no migration date included because not all problems that were promised to be solved are solved yet.
     It seems it was only meant to encourage more people to do the migration of items that already can be migrated.

  4. Just a few comments on this: 1. I saw the announcement just today, while i was listing things daily the past few days. 2. I could not participate, since it is too short notice to make space and time for it. 3. I would be happy if there was more public information about how this will work in practice, so that possible problems or options can be discussed. 4. If I understood the so far public information correct, the program would make boxed items unneccessary, and instead send folders from the merchant to the customer. This might really bloat inventories of merchants, and I doubt it can be done reliable since the inventory never fully loads for anyone anyways which is why I have my important stuff always rezzed inworld in prims. 5. A redelivery option for customers would be alot more urgent in my opinion, and not only in mine, and I doubt with any method all deliveries would arrive safely all the time, so back up solutions like a redelivery button would be good to have. This redeliver option should be "opt in " for merchants on their listing forms, and visible for the customers directly on the listing if the merchant opted the respective item in for redelivery. Customers then could have things resent from their transaction page if the item was marked for this option.

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