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  1. The web commerce is rising impressively. So far so good.

    Inworld the picture is a whole different story.

    Concurrency seems in decline for quite a while, even over the usually strong winter season (in the northern part of the world).

    Viewer 2.0 still is a concern, and seems to not find much appreciation.

    One bummer of it is still the "keep" and "block" options when people receive things.

    Nowhere it is told that "block" would mute the sender forever and how to help this problem in case the person wants to buy or receive items from this sender again without knowing they blocked them. Alot of my customers click a vendor for a demo, and if it takes a bit longer they click a few times more and at some point they get 2 copies and hit "block" on one of them and never get anything from me again and write me angry messages why purchases fail or they can not get the freebies anymore.

    Another concern is still that obviously "Friend" shows up first before the rest of profiles load, so that people are getting bombarded with friend offers. And while friends are nice to have, most established residents would  like to know a person before they friend them, and decline the offer of the suspected bad mannered stranger. My suggestion to solve the mess would be to make the "IM" button available before all others, and the friending button should only be available after everything else loaded. That way more conversations have a chance to happen even, and nobody feels surprised by friend requests from strangers. I have often taken the time to ask newbies why they send me a friend offer, and they said all the same: "because i thought i can only contact you after friending" and "all other options were greyed out".

    These are surely not the only reasons, but the ones that bug me daily and many times so I thought I would mention it. If I were a new resident with above said problems, my frustration level would not exactly want me to login again where it looks like I get ignored or scammed over. While in fact, it is just a problem of the user interface ;-)

  2. Ok so I signed up for it and all that, but it looks too complicated to me.

    The old banner ads clearly displayed what we get for the money, I do not quite understand it in the new.

    Spreading banner impressions over a certain time period is definately cool, but all the new interface and short cuts and then I need to load my credit card to buy it, well I gave up because usually my card is not loaded, and I could not determine what I would be getting for which amount of money.

    Self service is all cool but the interface for buying should be as clear as the old. Maybe with an email after purchase where to login to upload the banner to and view statistics. And a notcard inworld that we should check the email for the link. Just an idea how I would like it best.

  3. Wow that is cool!

    This set up would have been the perfect solution for all sorts of organisations instead of the "behind the firewall" option.

    Just a few questions: Why not simply allow the teens access to everything PG rated and also to buy PG rated items?

    From a merchant point of view i would like that. From the perspective of a teen resident it would be desirable as well. At least I see not the problem to be honest. Maybe enlight me? :-)

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