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  1. Alli&Ali Designs and Wonderland Beach Events plan to grow further, and are looking to hire a Marketing Manager. For further information, click the board in the landing zone or IM Alice Klinger. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wonderland%20Beach/200/127/23
  2. Maybe the creator of this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lumiyaviewer.lumiya pays too high bribes to keep the monopoly? Just a guess of course ;-)
  3. You could promote your Mall at my B2B Fair to attractk business owners. Set up has already started, and there are still several ad spaces in the malls category available. Fair will start at the 15th December and run for a whole month. Best to set up asap. Landmark: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wonderland Beach/72/130/28
  4. 2 Full Sims for sale, full transfer, each 300 US$ or 77000 L$. Both are private estate with land capacity of 15000 prims and highest possible performance. Tier due dates are the 16th and 17th of each month, which is paid directly to Linden Lab. I want to sell them before the due dates to not pay another month, which is why these regions are offered at this low price. (saves you a whopping 700 US$ compared to buying through the land store and is as safe and good as buying it from there.) Transfer fee included. (Includes also renaming and moving). If you have never bought a sim before, no probl
  5. Today i would like to mainly suggest a contact feature right on listings. Ideal would be if it opens the contact form of the online profile when someone clicks on the seller name. This one: https://my.secondlife.com/de/inbox/messages/new And it fills seller name as receipient in right away, because that with the dot and two names, might be confusing for new residents since the change to display names. So it needs filled in right away for those, to contact the right person. In addition, a "contact merchant" button that opens the same form to write a message to the seller would really
  6. I got that email as well, and while i was also hoping the DD success rate should have been much higher compared to Magic Box, after all the hard work and implemented features, i am glad we are kept informed about the progress by email in addition to the forum postings. Just two issues with the email itself. 1. It was sorted into my spam folder because of the headline with "important account information" which is currently a very wide spread scam mail header. 2. The text was html which is why I could not even check it properly without opening. And, I usually do check emails before opening if
  7. Just a few comments on this: 1. I saw the announcement just today, while i was listing things daily the past few days. 2. I could not participate, since it is too short notice to make space and time for it. 3. I would be happy if there was more public information about how this will work in practice, so that possible problems or options can be discussed. 4. If I understood the so far public information correct, the program would make boxed items unneccessary, and instead send folders from the merchant to the customer. This might really bloat inventories of merchants, and I doubt it can be done
  8. The web commerce is rising impressively. So far so good. Inworld the picture is a whole different story. Concurrency seems in decline for quite a while, even over the usually strong winter season (in the northern part of the world). Viewer 2.0 still is a concern, and seems to not find much appreciation. One bummer of it is still the "keep" and "block" options when people receive things. Nowhere it is told that "block" would mute the sender forever and how to help this problem in case the person wants to buy or receive items from this sender again without knowing they blocked them. Alot of
  9. yay for window color and transparency options!!!
  10. Ok so I signed up for it and all that, but it looks too complicated to me. The old banner ads clearly displayed what we get for the money, I do not quite understand it in the new. Spreading banner impressions over a certain time period is definately cool, but all the new interface and short cuts and then I need to load my credit card to buy it, well I gave up because usually my card is not loaded, and I could not determine what I would be getting for which amount of money. Self service is all cool but the interface for buying should be as clear as the old. Maybe with an email after purchase
  11. YAY!! Configurable sidebar Thumbs up guys, that was really an important step. I am all for configurable stuff. Makes it easier for everyone to adjust their workspace to their needs. Thank you :-)
  12. Ohh that looks like awesome news! Group problem solved looks like the best of all to me. That would be cool if i do not need to make separate groups for every role and can actually moderate our too big group again to chatter with all our fans.
  13. Will we see redelivery option for customers of the new Marketplace? That would help all sides alot and increase sales if there is a resonable safe way to receive and redeliver purchases in self-service quickly. At least for copyable items...
  14. Wow that is cool! This set up would have been the perfect solution for all sorts of organisations instead of the "behind the firewall" option. Just a few questions: Why not simply allow the teens access to everything PG rated and also to buy PG rated items? From a merchant point of view i would like that. From the perspective of a teen resident it would be desirable as well. At least I see not the problem to be honest. Maybe enlight me? :-)
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