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  1. Thanks you! I waited a day and i gave my money back, because the sales have failed. Greetings and again thanks you for the response!
  2. Hello people, how are you? I have bought some items today and i dont received them inworld yet, what i can do? I'm looking at "My Founds" section and i see this: Account Balances L$L$20  Available for Purchase    $0  Available for Withdrawal    $0USD$0.00 Active L$ Holds: CreatedRelease DateHold TypeAmount2010-03-13 09:06:00Pending Marketplace sale ID 31535735, or on 2010-03-13Unavailable for use52010-03-13 09:22:34Pending Marketplace sale ID 31536636, or on 2010-03-13Unavailable for use52010-03-13 09:52:49Pending Marketplace sale ID 31538368, or on 201
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