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  1. Any news on the new Automated Notification Service for direct delivery. Is it ready for prime time? Has anyone been using it?
  2. The Knowledgebase article title "Selling in the Marketplace" needs to be updated to include information about how a merchant can use the Automated Notification service.
  3. Thanks so much for this explanation of the approach for supporting ANS. The user created document on the WIKI is also very helpful. The treatment of the "Region" and the "VerifyKey" is a little disjointed. These should also be included comments in the section titled "Basic ANS Transaction Record" since they are also included with each notification. In any case thanks again to the Commerce team. Those of us who need ANS will probably need to support duplicate ANS messages until all products are migrated to the Direct Delivery method.
  4. After searching the release documentation on direct delivery, I see no information about the Automated Notification Service or ANS. So what happens regarding ANS when we migrate items to the direct delivery method and delete the magic box? do we still get notified?
  5. As some of you know, A recent update to the second life marketplace included an advertisement service on most web pages that serves HTTP images while the page is served with HTTPS. This has caused a problem for customers who use Internet Explorer because they get a security warning dialog pop-up on every page that they visit. I did an assessment of the potential impact that this might have on merchant sales volume. We assume that some customers using Internet Explorer might turn away from the marketplace as a result of the security warning. According to StatCounter Internet Explorer represents 45% of all web browsers globally. According to W3Counter Internet Explorer represents 39% of all web browsers globally. This means that between 40% to 50% of all marketplace customers are impacted by the premature release of the new advertising server. As stated earlier, Many of these potential customers are likely to turn away from the marketplace without completing a purchase because of the nuisance effect and because of uncertainty regarding the security of their purchase. To my mind Second Life merchants should have started seeing the impact in reduced sales volumes for the last week. In addition to Internet Explorer some customers who use Google Chrome will also experience a similar user experience. I cannot understand why the advertisement server, in the state that is in today, is more important that second life customers and second life merchants. I sincerely hope that the staff and management at Linden Labs are treating this issue as a high priority. More than a week has passed and still there has been no resolution.
  6. Ishtara, A page that mixes secure content with unsecure content is inherently unsecure. Just because a few other sites make the same mistake that Linden Labs has with the marketplace does not make it an Internet Explorer problem. Linden Labs and other sites that make this mistake should make a correction by deciding which pages are secure and which pages do not need to secure. They should then implement the web standard such that secure pages have all secure content.
  7. As you said ToySoldier, it would be best if Linden Labs fixes this problem rather than expect thousands of visitors to change their internet explorer settings to compensate. I am still having a hard time understanding how Linden Labs quality control could allow an issue like this to be released.
  8. I am not so concerned about my own ability to navigate the second life marketplace web site. I am concerned about the ability of potential customers who need to navigate the site in order to purchase products. If they are presented with the nuisance effect of the security warning dialog then many will turn away. As I suggested before, the impact is to approximately 50% of all users in the world
  9. I am disappointed that the April 2011 release has broken the second life marketplace for Internet Explorer users. A customer has to constantly dismiss the security warning dialog box for every page in the marketplace that contains an advertisement image. As many of us know Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser in the world. This means that over 50 percent of visitors to the second life marketplace cannot now navigate the site without the constant nuisance effect of this dialog popup. I opened a live chat with second life support and was told that they cannot address the issue. The live chat representative suggested that i adjust my browser security setting. Since this is not a fix for all users who are impacted, I was directed to open an JIRA bug report. After creating an issue (WEB-3795) in the second life JIRA for this problem, I want to post this thread such that marketplace team and other merchants can also be notified. In my humble opinion and as an experienced web developer, I believe that this defect is an emergency for Linden Labs and also for all merchants who, like myself, sell items on the second life market place. Imagine that more than 50% of all potential customers, who use Internet Explorer as their web browser, will now be turned away from the second life marketplace because they are constantly being presented with a security warning pop-up dialog window for every page that they visit. I sincerely hope that this issue will be addressed in the near future.
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