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  1. Yes. That will open another text screen of which includes F1 - F8. Usually your desktop is on the F7 one. So Ctl + Alt + F7 to get back to the desktop. Those other screens are very usefull to do background text only stuff. You can open say F3, log in as root and switch quickly to it to run an apt update or install or something.
  2. Hi Emma. Just to let you know, I only see the top half of your banner. (Barely see the top of the word under Emma). Check the banner size limit.
  3. Thanks for your input into this thread Drongle.
  4. As always: Start here machinimatrix.org One thing to remember though is you don't learn to sculpt, you learn the 3D app that outputs the sculpts.
  5. I've left a couple of times too. For me, it's a build up of frustrations from the forums going whacko to search problems, through marketplace fiscos and a miriad of other problems that build until an "I'm leaving SL" announcement. I would reckon most have said it at one time or another. Most dedicated creators that is. For creators, things have to go well enough throughout a product life cycle. And in SL a creator has to do it all. All of it. Design, create, market and sell. It's actually a very difficult road. Success means not having to pay for SL out of ones own pocket. Above that is all joy. And then there's the equipment. My pc was 7 years old which barely ran SL at all and when it did it was at lowest settings. But I,m about to order a new PC. Fast and shiny and able to run whatever I want at full tilt. Mesh is near and after a long break I might just return to create for SL. So once again when frustrations build and I just can't take it anymore, I will come to the forums, start a new thread, write down my purest thoughts and declare that "I'm leaving SL" for the umpteenth time.
  6. Music identicifation. Like This (Tunatic) ? Seems common on phones. So which other viewers have it? Your pc could easily do that separately. I guess it would be ok but don't really see why LL needs to add more stuff into an SL viewer.
  7. It's competition people! The Linden is marketing against you. I suggest merchants have their own "Double Dash", "Triple Dash" and "Quadro Dash Deals" Mark Make up some prices content and join in the fun.
  8. I don't understand. You want creators to supply you with products to sell and you will give a commission?
  9. Looks like you'll have to buy Maya if Blender is no good for you. Maya has ALL the bells. Someone will be along soon to light your way.
  10. Excellent work Mr Obscure. Thank you for your efforts. If I ever get a new machine that runs SL I'll give this a go.
  11. This type of question is up there at the top with a couple of others. It's clogging up the forum. (you know..) It needs a serious look at! Seriously. A link "IN THE MIST" to an FAQ
  12. Yes there is. It's the first stop for all new prim builders. Lookup: Ivory Tower of Primitives.
  13. Thanks for that.. Been a long time since I tried to search for land and many changes inbetween. As you say, no fun with that search. I have not followed all the threads regarding search but the lack of a proper search in the viewer leads me to think that there will be a land marketplace alongside or in with the new MarketPlace.
  14. No... Didn't get it worked out. Just can't figure out how. There is no search for land in the viewer search window. I just picked a number... And next day, sold the 3072m of nice private beach for L2950. (Which cost me over L30,000! HOORAY.. a nice tidy loss.. again!)
  15. Thanks Peter. Eventually I did click into that bar and indeed, it did show at what altitude I was at. So in order to move to my desired height I had to click the bar, go up, click again, go up a bit more, check, it was very tedious. But as you point out, I can set that bar to show the coordinates. I'll check and do that next time I get in.
  16. Can't seem to be able to find this either. It used to be at top of screen. Where is the x y z location info in Viewer 2? (Linux, if it makes a difference.) So I can see how high I am.
  17. I went to sell my land to teir down as I can't afford land anymore because my sales have died. From 40 or so to 2 or 3. Where do I search for land with viewer2? I wanted to check  prices and the $L p/sq meter. I set it at 3 and no bots showed up. Less than 3L/m!  But I bought it at 11! I opened the search but there's no land search. The website land sales is not for small mainland parcels. OK. It's easy as pie, but where is it ?
  18. You're right about the rubber. It's been called "rubber banding" in the past. Happens with all things editing. Been happening to me lately too but it used to happen all the time. Data from your client is not getting through to the servers and back to your client in time so the packets are dropped hence rubber banding. I have tried these things: (some have been mentioned. I'll sumarise) Check your net connections, reboot routers and do ping and speed checks. Just to check because it can be from your side. Examine the packetloss you have in the Statistics floater (Ctrl Shift 1) Tyken Hightower Don't use the little arrows (spinners) to adjust numbers, use exact numbers in the edit boxes and tab between them. It seems worse on the ground so I've taken to building on a sky platform when I can. Cinnamon Lohner And that's where I have stayed for over 3 years. You cannot build over 4096. Log into beta grid. Inventory will be saved. Money won't. Build in another sim across the grid somewhere. Buy a 512, in another quiet sim, to build if my sim is laggy. Run a home-test-grid (OpenSim) and import with a Second Inventory. Logoff and do something else. Persist and grumble. Check the SL Status page just to be sure. http://status.secondlifegrid.net/
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