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  1. well if you mean that translators oftens tranlate weird things , then i agree totally ... i prefer use my bad english then a translator because of this problem lol
  2. RudolphUkka wrote: I think a lot of * drama is caused by * pretentiously enthusiastic people attempting to * communicate in a second * language in which they have inadequate * competence causing * misunderstandings which escalate because the * recipients of these * miscommunications also have a different * mother tongue, and the consequent * Chinese Whispers effect, magnified by the culturally dysfunctional consequences of the * Sapir Whorf Hypothesis generates multitudes of * opportunities for the generation of * emotional over-reactions. But that's just my * opinion. *** Rudi *** Strange as i've seen many many dramas beetween people having the same native language , seem that misunderstanding exist beetween them too ...
  3. 3 Armix Portal wrote: The dramas ? was , are and will be till then the clan leaders will understand : not they are the power , the power it is the clan itself, each member matter and the members value not depend on they rank . This should be a team game and each team should play fair . Not everything is to get a high position on the bloodline page , some of us forget this and doing everything for "numbers" My dear Morag as we did till now and we will try to do in the future too , we will sweep the mess from our garden. Huuugs wait , we have a Garden ? ? lmao JK , hugs u tight beauty <3
  4. Leaf Quar wrote: yes this would be a very very very good idea, as a lot of new peple in sl would get encouraged to stay in SL more to play this characters rathr than being regular boring people... and FREE WINGS with angel or demon hud and youve got most people sold would make hunting a lot more easier if you can promise people free wings IM me lol , my autoresponse send free wings *winks*
  5. Cyzicus Xue wrote: When the sunlight starts to irritate my eyes, I go to World> Environment Settings> Midnight Love it Cyz <3 hehehehehehe !
  6. no it's just tant we get a lots of people confused about the both clans wearing the same name nothing more ..smiles , it was a good opportunity to explain that our clan merged and doesn't exist anymore under this name .. nothing wrong in this , or ?
  7. Lushon Criss wrote: Hello can you explain please how to quit bloodlines and get your human soul back. Thanks in advance for any help in this matter. hello Lushon, Once you entered the Bloodlines game there is no way to " get your soul back to you '' but you can wear a garlic necklace, once activated, this necklace will remove you from the data base, and your name wont shop up on the bloodlines webstite anymore. you can contact me Inworld if you need that i send you one of those necklaces
  8. Yes Casey , you are , and by the way , may i claw you ?
  9. Kyle Lynch wrote: My experience with bloodlines players are that most of them are rude and selfish. there are a few that are decent folks but so far, they are in the minority. I know that some of you bloodlines players will read this and either think "i'm not rude" ...if you are camped out at a freebie place and send players who are shopping there bite requests, your rude. No talking, just a bite popup. and for new players just learning SL, they will unknowingly press the OK not understanding what it means. this type of action has turned me away from bloodlines. Its gotten so bad that shops and even entire sims have posted NO BITE/NO BLOODLINES signs. Many Clans, Hordes, Packs , Families , totally understand that this kind of bad behaviour give a very bad opinion to people inworld about the Bloodlines Game, and all these families teach their members to play in a fair way without attacking everyone blindly .... All Bloodlines Players aren't Rude, some are . please don't take all the communauty in your comment about some very rude players . only a few of us continue to hunt blindly in welcome areas or freebies shops. Most of us only bite motivated people who ask to play our Bloodlines Game ....thanks a lot for your understanding
  10. Some of us are used to live their second life in a different way , and they choosed to roleplay in a demonic or angelic way ... Do you think that these creatures have their place in the bloodlines game ? please give your opinion :) * We are Legion for We are Many *
  11. Agrees to Librancien and thanks him , then points too: the " the Fallen ones clan" has Nothing to do with the clan we were used to lead called" Fallen Ones Horde", and that we merged with Adeternum dark realm to create " Adeternum Fallen Dark " *my name is legion for we are many *
  12. no no , i was more meaning drama ""beetween " different clans .. wich is more then usual, sadly . my question is , couldn't we be all be friends with all clans ? as we are all a communauty sorry if my english was bad on this one
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