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  1. That's a really good story. I think stuff works out well when people are realistic with their expectations.
  2. The story about the husband dying on the wedding day... Sorry to be so jaded, but I've heard this tale before. Did he truly die in RL? Or did someone log in as him (or another avatar) to break the devastating news to you online? If he truly died in RL and you went to the funeral and everything, ouch, that is a terrible tragedy. If someone told you online that he died and that's all you have to go on... sometimes people lie about that to get away from commitments. Which is a childish and hurtful way to do it, but it's happened in the past, to other people. I've had SL friends "leave the game forever" and abandon their old avatars, many times - only to find out they never left, they created new avatars and are still in game, up to their same old tricks. It's hurtful to think that people would abandon their friends like that, but it happens, and SL makes it easy. I just try not to take it personally when it happens. People have their own reasons for doing stuff, I think it's a fear of being accountable for something no matter how silly like a host job or whatever - and it's usually not because of anything you did (one of my catch phrases that I use all the time in RL as well as SL is, "It's NOT all about you").
  3. I wasn't looking for love in SL but found it anyway. I met my current RL partner in SL, and we have been together in RL for over 4 years. It does happen, and some people can have very nice relationships inside and outside of SL. It's an untruth to make generalizations about SL and say that everyone in it is bad or a liar or that SL is some kind of evil empire full of men-who-pretend-to-be-women etc. My experience is that people who've had unrealistic expectations of SL (and then their little fantasy bubble got busted by someone they trusted too much) say these things. Most residents, I've found, are actually halfway decent people. And you can mute/ban the jerks when you find them. Too bad you can't do that in RL!
  4. It's hard to make generalizations about SL... scroll up a few threads and there's a bunch of people on here talking about how their SL relationship went RL and how happy they are. I happen to also fall into this minority - I wasn't looking for a relationship in SL, but it happened anyway. I fell in love head over heels in '07, and we ended up together in RL in 2008. Things worked out great and we're still together and happy. RESULTS NOT TYPICAL. So, if you ask me, you can probably get what you want out of SL - but only as long as you have something to offer someone else. (That's true in the real world, by the way.) Here's the hard truth: Nobody cares about what a "nice guy" you are. Nice guy? Go help Grandma across the street. How will these hypothetical females BENEFIT from a relationship with Mr. Nice Guy - and I don't necessarily mean LTR dating, this can apply to the short term as well. Are you funny as hell? Not just by your own definiton. Can you genuinely make people laugh? Are you the life of the party at clubs? Can you spark a conversation and get people to talk instead of gesturebating? Build you some social skills if you haven't got some already. Are you loaded? Having Lindens means you've got the discipline at some point in either life to acquire and maintain wealth. Ditto with owning property in SL. Can you build? I mean decent building, not slapped-together prim structures. Or maybe you can script or animate stuff. It shows that you're smart, patient and have focus. Do you look decent? Or are you just wandering around noob places with the noob skin and no AO and the freebie organ poking up from your hips? Do you respect yourself? Or are you whining and broadcasting on open chat how SL is fake and sucks and everybody in it sucks and you're all buttdevastated that nobody will open up a skype window with you the nanosecond you IM them with 'hi' because you think life is a movie and you're entitled to free Skype-sexin's on demand? What I'm saying is, if you want someone to skype with you and "have fun", you've got to make it worth their while, because there ain't no Salvation Army of Skypesex. SL is not a charity. And the way you word your questions, suggests to me that you don't understand women very well yet. Take it from the old man: It is well worth your time to get to know and respect the women you meet AS HUMAN BEINGS, and not female-shaped cardboard cutouts that you want to stick your noobdick into. You will all benefit from the friendships (and perhaps more) that result!
  5. Yep. As I said before in the thread, our relationship started in SL and then we moved in together in RL a couple years later.
  6. I thought about throwing a party, but the weird thing is that none of our old friends are in SL much anymore, I don't have a club or anything, and I don't know any DJs that know any of the music we like AND who can keep the music going and stay off the damned mike. (DJ DRUNKY MCJIBBERSON IS IN DA HIZZOUSE, WHO IS UP FOR 2 MORE SOLID HOURS OF JAY-Z AND SKRILLEX WHILE I SHILL FOR TIPS AND MISPRONOUNCE ALL Y'ALLS NAMES!??!?! LET ME HEAR YOUR BEST GESTURES!!!! HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!1111!!!) So even though we met in SL, I think the party might have to be somewhere else. We're together in RL now anyway. That honky drove out to visit me and never left and that was over 3 years ago.
  7. ..with that said, I still wouldn't recommend SL as a dating service in general... for all the reasons stated in other threads in this forum. But sometimes stuff does work out. I guess it takes patience, honesty, and trust... in epic proportions.
  8. Or how about just turning off voice and not using it, ever... that way you don't have to hear everyone else breathing, eating, yelling at the kids, and watching TV.
  9. I found a pair of mesh pants I like (Wow, baggy pants that actually look like baggy pants and not lumpy Legos stuck to your legs - what a concept!) so I started wearing them around. Sure, the Phoenix users all baawwwwww at me because all they see is a box, but I haven't been kicked out of any clubs or anything like that. I think as the technology matures, more and more people will be able to see mesh clothing and objects. It's just a matter of time. Protip to the Phoenix users: Don't send me snapshots either. I know what it looks like to those using an outdated client. Deal with it, or just Derez the box if it hurts your poor widdle eyeballs to look at it.
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