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  1. I am female in both lives! Funny thing is I'm medium blonde in RL, but I prefer brunette in SL!
  2. Do you know this cute hair? Thanks in advance!
  3. I knew you guys wouldn't let me down............serious kid in a candy store vibes lol. Excited to check all these place, thank you!
  4. As the title says I would love to know about peoples favorite home decor creators! I love places like What Next, but I'm sure there are a lot of other creators that I have yet to discover and I'm in a major decorating mood lol. Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. Thanks everyone! I went to ITGIRLS and did a redelivery there and that got it sorted for me!
  6. Ahhhhh thank you much appreciated!
  7. This might not be the right place for this, I'm not sure. Went to Level event today and bought (I thought) the Wasabi x Itgirls hairbase/ponytail hairstyle "Valley" . However it's nowhere to be found in my inventory and when I did a redelivery at Wasabi, it doesn't show up. I tried to re-buy it though and it tells me that I've already purchased it and refunds my money and tells me to get it through redelivery. Never had this happen before and its a little frustrating. Anyone have any thoughts on this? I guess I'll have to contact the creator?
  8. Morning! I really like this hair, anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello! This is an ad pic for the current round of Cosmopolitan. The ad is for the skirt, which is cute! But I also like the top.............does anyone recognize it? Thanks for any help!
  10. I have always gravitated towards light colored eyes in SL, but I LOVE these dark eyes so much!
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