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  1. These Bloom freckles (not make up in the classic sense I know lol) are awesome!
  2. Thank you everyone for the fabulous suggestions!! I'm several thousand Lindens poorer and LOVING all my new make up!
  3. Like the title says favorite make up creators for CATWA?? Thanks for any help!
  4. Thanks so much, appreciate the help!
  5. Anyone have an idea where this romper is from? Thanks for any help!
  6. Child avitars in SL are not actual, literal children.......you know that right? It drives me bloody nuts when someone says don't curse "because there is a child here". No there isn't for *****s sake.
  7. Hey all.............anyone recognize this very cute hair? Thanks for looking!
  8. Anyone have an opinion on what Bento sex beds out there are the best regarding animations? Thanks for any input!
  9. The only thing is I'm a Doux freak and I have a ton of their hair so I thought it might be theirs but I can't find it at the store and the blog post doesn't say if its from an event :o(
  10. Well damn, I should have been more resourceful! Your a doll, much appreciated!
  11. Not Found is another one you should check out I think
  12. Anyone have an idea where its from? Thanks for any help!
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