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  1. Hey all. I was just looking to get opinions about the Legacy Perky body! How do you feel about it vs Maitreya Lara? Pro's, Con's? I have the demo I'm going to try, just wanted to know other's thoughts
  2. So I was on Seraphim earlier scoping the events and I saw some hair...................It was a cute little bob with a beanie/knit cap that looked like it had little horns I think and for the damn life of me after perusing Seraphim for an hour I cannot find it again!! Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  3. Velours Valeska might be interesting ;o)
  4. Awwww thank you and I did search for the name after I wasn't able to choose it. I really wanted to keep Valeska and officially change Avalyn to Velvet............no hate on Avalyn, but for various reasons I've gone by Velvet for years and was so excited that I would be able to have it officially (I should have known better lol) I have tried different spelling of Velvet and might go with Velvvet, but for $40 bleeping dollars it seems stupid to not get exactly what I want :o(
  5. So..............I want to keep my last name, Valeska and change my first name officially to Velvet which I have used for years! Despite the fact that I'm willing to pay the nutty price of 39.99, I am told that Velvet Valeska is not available...............What the FECK nuts am I doing wrong?
  6. An Update About Second Life Sign in to follow this Followers 21 Entry posted by Linden Lab · February 13 5,105 views There’ve been quite a few rumors about changes at the Lab and their possible effects on Second Life and Tilia. The truth is that we have made a few operational and personnel changes to ensure that we continue to stay strong for the next decade and beyond. This means that we had to say goodbye to a few employees, but at the same time we also strengthened our team by bringing back some heavy hitters who will help make Second Life better than ever. So, Second Life is still here and still strong. We’re continuing to invest in its future and you’ll see the results of our commitment this year as we roll out a new mobile companion app, new Linden Home themes, performance and usability improvements, and a number of other new features and enhancements. The ability to change names will be available in the next few weeks, too. These changes reflect our commitment to making SL strong for many years to come. To infinity and beyond! This was posted back in mid February, a longer than "the next few weeks" in my opinion
  7. Thanks for the help everyone, hair bought!
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