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  1. Thanks for the help everyone, hair bought!
  2. Yeah I have several YumYum and I don't recognize this
  3. Love this hair can anyone help me locate it? Thanks!
  4. Thanks everyone! I was able to tint them with my Genus hud!
  5. Good morning all! So I bought some new eye lashes from okkbye at an event, but when I put them on they're white. The ad showed typical black lashes and didn't mention anything about tinting, so why the hell are they white? Am I missing something?!? I really like the lashes, but not if they stay white......any suggestions?
  6. Ok top pic is my Genus baby head and bottom is my Genus Classic.............I prefer Classic, any thoughts?
  7. Finally decided to try my Genus Baby head...........I really like!!
  8. Hello, can anyone help me out here? I was messing around with hair bases and now I have some hair bits on my head that I can't seem to get rid of (see pic below) I put on my Catwa master hud and cleared my hair layer (I tried upper and lower) and as you can see I still have weird pieces sticking around :o(
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